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Cheerleading | Battle Of The Alphas Ep 6

Cheerleading | Battle Of The Alphas Ep 6

Welcome back to Battle Of The Alphas! So anyway, this is the finale of the season. So last week, we had the guys
go through X-Park and Zachary won! [Zachary cheers] How is that even possible! Let’s take a look at replay! I don’t believe this! Swing your arm! Yes! [Techno music] [Whistle blows] Zach got hit! Zach out! Alright nice one! What the! [BOTA theme music] So we’re in the home of
CheerForce, and we’re going to be doing [Drum rolls] cheerleading! Let’s welcome our cheerleaders! [Upbeat music] [BOTA team cheers] Wah they turn eh! [BOTA team cheers] Let’s welcome our instructor of the day, TJ! Cheerleading is all about being positive, all the happy vibes, and being cheery right? Yeah. So what’s the original
intention of cheerleading? As derived from the name, cheerleading was to lead crowds at cheering for ball games for sports events. So at CheerForce SG cheerleading has evolved into a performance sport that includes lifts, throws, jumps and tumbling movements that are being choreographed
into a routine. What! Again? I hear the word “routine” again. Why! No! Do you think these guys have what it takes to be
cheerleaders? Of course lah! Looking at their, you know, their physique and the
muscles they have, I mean, definitely, they have what it takes to be a
cheerleader. He got no muscle! Have, have, have. But before that, we need to some quick tests. Oh! What! W-what test? So, for the first test it’d be your, vocal test. GG Wensen! He’s gonna ace it ah! So it’ll become louder
when you use this? Yup! That’s right. So from here- That means Chiou
needs to be like that. Ya the other way round. Ya man. Soften her voice. Go away! C-H-E-E-R-F-O-R-C-E CHEERFORCE! Oh! I forgot to tell you he’s very bad at rhythm. C-H-E-E-R-F-O-R-C-E CHEERFORCE! Stand a bit further. Ya this one siao one. BARIS SEDIA! You’re gonna blow me away! [Wensen takes a deep breath] [Silence] That was damn loud! It’s damn loud! Oh ya, ya, ya! That was quite good! Do again lah! Yeah blast it in her face! C-H-E-E-R-F-O-R-C-E CHEERFORCE! [Cheering] Why not you try? No no no no. I don’t need. Everybody clear the room! The second test will be a test on your flexibility. OK he do first! He talk so much! Do first! Push! Push! Push! Push! The baby is coming out! TJ, I help you push! [Xiao Ming screaming] Push! Push! Touch the toe! [BOTA guys cheering] Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass! OK NEXT! Wait! You go until the end lah. Touch the blue thing. This one. Ah you go first. Ah you go lah! You go next! There OK what! Pass lah! Pass! Pass! Eh he OK leh! Touch your heel. Eh only you eh! Touch my heels. There OK what! Xiao Ming! Thank you for this uh… It’s time to proceed to
the next segment. MISSION CARD! Thank you! Hijack. OK! Master and perform a
cheerleading routine. [Zach grunts] So does this mean it’s
teamwork or? Yes! Teamwork! YES! Wait! So it’s not a
competition this time? Together bro! Yeah man! Everybody’s a winner! He’s happiest! Eh! There’s a 2nd part! What’s the 2nd part? [Zach screaming] Not good for us bros! It includes her! NO!!! Eh! Who put this in! [Inaudible chatter] KYRIE! Now we begin with the warm up! Alright! OK! Where’s Chiou! Eh our host! Chiou! I’ll go find her! Wait! I’ll go find her! She’s inside! It’s not Running Man! [Chiou screaming] I don’t want! [Chiou screaming] My god! My ears! My ears! Must I really be involved? Hurry up lah Chiou! Don’t need lah! Here we have with us, Calleigh and Engracia who will be helping us with the warm up! We’ll start with the warm up
right now so heads to your left, we’re going to start stretching. This shirt is too small. Then cannot see my stomach. Change side. He ask you to change hands! Not change your position! You never tell me! I never wear sports bra today. Kenneth: Aiya nothing to see! Noisy eh! Cannot ah! I change spot with you! Very noisy ah I cannot
stand her. I don’t want!
I’ll go deaf! Then you go in front. Gonna stretch your lats and your shoulders. So hands in front. I got no lats how to stretch? Just sit back. Sit your butt down to your hips. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Chiou! Look at her! She’s so flexible! But you? I’m literally the same! Eh! TJ! I’m very flexible right? Not bad. That’s like a- NOT BAD! HE SAID NOT BAD! And I can go some more! This one looks like the seal you know? [Chiou mimicking seal sounds] I can’t tell the difference leh. You can’t seal the difference! Uh. OK flip side. Palms up. Fingers towards yourself. This one’s like the Planet of the Apes. OK! We’re done! Alright! Let’s move on
to training! Hoo! Are you ready Chiou? NO! Throw her in the air! Leave your mark on top. Eh! You don’t gang up with them ah! We are going to start with the first skill that you guys are going to be learning. Which will be your handstand. Handstand? Straight away do handstand ah? Eh! You must understand hor only these two cannot do. All these three can
do you know or not? Can can. Can give like beginners
standard one or not? Can! We’ll start from the basic. Like your baby- THE BASIC IS HANDSTAND? Baby handstand. So you start with your
lunge position. So with your front leg bend- My lunch position is outside because with the food. And she looks like she never had lunch also. You see this one like 17cm one leh! Here? And up. Good. Chiou. You see… She’s nervous. She’s getting nervous. I’ve never done a handstand
before. Kenneth:
Then you do a leg stand. Front leg. Yeah. OK If you’re less flexible, open up your legs wider. [Chiou laughing] That’s right! Less flexible! So from here let’s go. There you go! Good! Look at the packs! Wah look at the 6 packs. And down! I cannot lah! I confirm cannot one. Can lah! Confirm cannot one! Zach: Talk so much. Wait wait wait! You don’t pull my hand! I haven’t let go you want to put
the steering wheel. Aiya you go away lah. Zach: I worry for the floor. Kenneth: What’s this? I practising. [Chiou screaming] You need three people
to support you Chiou. OK [Chiou screaming] Count to 3, 2, 1, let go! Your leg! OK and down. Down. And push yourself up! Hands up. Yeah! Xiao Ming:
Muscle ache already! Muscle ache for one week
like that! So we will move on to what you’ll actually be using in
your routine. So it’ll be your cartwheel. So handstand, as per normal. Close your legs! Zach: Too eager. OK and open. And drop! I was controlling my fart, man! OK we try again. Eh your name is Wensen or
Wansen?Zach: Wensen. The last episode already
now you ask! For 5 episodes you call
him Wansen. WANSEN! WANSEN! WANSEN! WONDERFUL WANSEN~ WANSEN~ OK Cool. Don’t think too much ah! Just do! Am I in the right distance away? I’ll adjust to you. Don’t worry. OK cool. Chiou: Nervous ah! And down! No no no! Open your- Kenneth:
You think matrix ah? Zach:
You don’t need that much- Xiao Ming: This is like the
petrol kiosk one. OK I just floop! Floop floop ahhhhh! OK then I face here. TJ: Wait! The hips first. Xiao Ming: No you’re not
supposed to turn your hands! Zach: You’re supposed to face
there now! Wait! I face here right? She got a lot of air time ah when she’s doing it. Go to the back! She’s like some puppet being pulled around. TJ: Like this! Hands up! The other hand! Like that? Both hands straight! Straight arms! Where got like that one? Like that? OK! So I like that. Like that. Then like that. Later give chance leh. It’s easy lah, it’s easy. Don’t worry about it. It’s not easy! OK So from here, this hand. So your thumb is inwards. Wah! OK So Zach, put your hands
to the thigh area. This way. Yup! You got to help to lift her up. OK Shy Christian Boy! Look at him! Zoom in on Zach! No no no! Go back down!
Just close the legs! Zach looks so awkward! Close the legs! And let her down. Kenneth:
Butt’s in my face! No! Zach shy ah! I feel quite uncomfortable. Can we- Eh guys don’t- Zach: And fart! TJ: Close the legs! Wensen: Let it all out. Look at Wensen! Wensen got no kick eh! He’s like, [Chiou mimicking manly voice] Then when you look at Zach
he’s like. OK Chiou come! Zach: Siao liao. Come on bros. Come one bros! Get me up! So Zach you got to hug the knee. Zach hug my knee! Jialat. Kenneth:
Eh don’t lean too forward ah! Is like that ah?
Is it? Stand up. Eh! Hug properly! I’m going to fall down already! Hug properly lah! Need to lock up the knees! Eh! Wait! Wait! Wait! NO! My knee higher! So aim the middle of the
thigh ah. OK ready? Ready and Stop playing! 5, 6 ,7 ,8! 1, 2! What is this! Kenneth:
Split! Split! Zach! I don’t want Zach! Change! One more time ah! One more time! OK? Because you’re not
flexible enough. I thought you very flexible one? Now my fault! It’s obviously your fault what. You gotta lock your knees ah! Yes yes yes. I’ll lock my knees. There you go. Good. Stand on them. Yes. Scared for what? Ya. TJ: Don’t pinch her fats. OK and then switch! OK ready and 5, 6, 7, 8! I just relax is it? 1, 2! [Chiou making nervous noises] [Chimpanzee sounds] Suck in! Zach your elbows have to
be under your palm. Wah she’s very heavy. So what? I switch. OK guys! Move me to the door! Please! Let’s go! Throw her out let’s go! [Chinese music playing] My leg! My leg too big! Too big! Too big! 1, 2, 3, go! Wah you see! Hardly move one leh! OK Chiou! People like table like that ah! Zach: Support yourself. This one is the shaking you know the table normally got the 4 legs then the one thing missing. We all know what a table is lah. Chiou don’t explain lah. K come Chiou. Base! I don’t want! I really don’t want! OK I be liberty but TJ
be my base! Sorry ah bro. I don’t want you ah! Shake shake shake! See same thing! Look at her leg shaking! Like that? Yup! Yay! Higher! Wait! Wait! Leg cramp! OK ready? 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2! [Chiou gasps] What’s this called? Animator? Elevator. Eh a bit high eh. OK ready? 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2! [Slap] [Baby crying] Going back down ready. 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2! Ready. 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2! On 2 Kenneth! On 2! On 2 bro. Ready, 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2! Because different heights then when it goes
different heights it goes Who was slow ah? I know Wensen first. Then it’s Zach already. Come on leh! You look at that! No I saw Wensen first then
Zach eh. You slow. Lagging! So who was slower? The previous one he was slower. But this one I didn’t
really notice it. Zach: Safe answer.
Chiou: I noticed! It’s him! So on 2 you stand up ah! Push and stand. 1, 2! [Chiou screaming] Stand up! Stand up straight! You sure? Sure! OK! OK! OK! Suck my butt! 1, 2, 3! My hand. My hand. Yes, and down. Alright so you guys got
an hour to put up a routine and perfect the routine for the performance later. So good luck! See you! Bye bye! Kenneth: That’s it? Chiou: Wait wait! Come and help us! Don’t leave us with Zach! OK What routine? Freestyle routine! TJ! Can you replace Zach?TJ: You can do it!Wensen: Freestyle. You better show me how to train! The whole day complain
say never train. You better train now. He say he have a break! You come and sit down
and practise! You’re the lousiest one. You’re the one who needs
more training. OK see you. See you Chiou. OK Chiou, practise ah. We’ll be back to judge you. OK? Eh! Who wrote my name on
the mission card I’m going to kill the person! [Chiou screaming] This is how you sound like when you talk beside us. But it’s more like close up that’s why it’s very hard to
like grab right. So it’s really just “Kiap-ing”. Not bad not bad. How? Damn scary eh! You all the hands like planks
like that one eh. Got plank better than no
plank ah. Check this out. Ya all red already eh. Check out! Check out my arm! Oh my god! So painful! Look at this! Can you see it? Honestly from 1 to 10 right now, they are doing at about a
6 for me. How well is the team doing? Eleven! Eleven ah! If it’s just the
4 of us. If plus the other one ah
then maybe… Negative one! I’d say without me is zero lah. But with me is eleven! Who do I think needs to
buck up ah? I think it’s all across the
board right? We all know right? OK we go 1, 2, 3! Chiou! Of course it’s Zach OK! Whenever he’s the base right, it wobbles you know? How do you think they would
fair for the final challenge? Very hard lah. With Xiao Ming and Chiou. Cannot lah. We’ve come to the performance
part. And I’m a bit salty because I can’t be the judge this
time round. So TJ, please introduce your
judges. Yup so the judges for tonight We have Engracia over here! We have Kai over here! As well as Calleigh over here! And on top of that we have some supporters and friends from your SGAG office that’s here to support your performance tonight! [Cheering] Are you guys ready? Yes! C’mon! [Cheering] Battle Of The Alphas Let’s go! [Upbeat music] [Cheering] [Cheering] So basically what I feel that for your routine perhaps your stunts and your timing can hit more cleanly. But otherwise, the energy was
amazing! So please give yourself a round
of applause. [Zach shouting for joy] Timing ah! No doubt about that! Energy! Note your timing! Ya you got so much swag moments! I love it, really! That one part when you all were doing the tumblings,
cartwheels, I think you came in a little
bit too early. Timing! Chiou! Once again, you guys did really
amazing. Considering how you all put in
so much effort, You all are welcome to our
trainings, man. Woah! We got accepted! I would say overall I think you guys should have more confidence. More in Chiou. Chiou you need to have more
confidence! You are all very engaging with the audience. So well done! So how did we do? [BOTA team cheers] Magic number! Chiou: Oh! How about you? [BOTA team cheers] [Inaudible chatter] This is the only number
I have so… Oh, really? How come you only have 10? Impossible. They knew we were going to
do well. Oh! Ya! Ya! Hello my very good… very pretty. Oh! Everybody, wow! You all dressed up today hor? You all look very good leh! [Nervous laughter] Hi my staff! He just called you staff. He didn’t treat you as equals
OK! Because of that right we feel like you got a We feel ah. You got a 10! But divided by 10! It’s because of you lah! Just kidding! Just kidding! Give you 10 OK. We give you 10! [Cheering] Last but not least, our new teammates. Good job! Yay! Thank you! So just want to say a word of thanks to you guys, for being so patient and always catching us when
we fall! You know? [Chiou singing] Oh my ears. TJ, our instructor of the day as a token of appreciation, we have a special something
for you. Kenneth:
Thank you for your patience man! And with that, we come to the last episode of Battle Of The Alphas. For the last episode, we wanted to make it a bit more memorable you know, and to celebrate the fact that everyone is a winner! [Cheering] We’ve enjoyed making this
series, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed watching it as well! So thank you for your support and see you! Is this a printing error? And back down! I come down! How to? Wait wait wait! So what do I do? Chicken? Let’s go! Ha!

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