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Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Fight

Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Fight

Next cheer we’re going to learn is not a chant.
So we’re only going to do this one once. I’ll go ahead and show it to you to you to start
out with. Go, G-O, Bobcats fight, tonight, say win. Again, go, fight, win. All right,
so we’re going to start out with our legs shoulder width apart. We’re going to hit our
high V on go. After we’ve hit our high V, we’re going to do G-O. So basically we’re
going from our high V. Our left arm’s coming down to our hip, our right arm is circling
around. Let’s take that from the top. Go. G-O, Bobcats. You’re back up to your high
V again. So we have go, G-O, Bobcats. We’re going to pull these in to a broken T. Let’s
take that from the top. Go, G-O, Bobcats, fight. We’re going to just punch ’em straight
out to an X. So we’ll take that from the top. Go, G-O, Bobcats, fight. On the pause, we’re
going to hit our open T. For tonight, we’re going to come on in to a clasped position
in the middle. So we’re going to go ahead and take that from the top. Go, G-O, Bobcats
fight. Tonight, say win, again. At again, we’re going to come on and squat down. We’ve
got our fists brought up. We want the little donuts facing out. We’re going to squat down
with our knees. Say go, for fight, we’re going to punch up. We’re going to bring our right
leg off the ground. And for win, we’re going to step forward and put our weight on that
right foot in a setting position, and our arms are going to come out into a low V, and
you’re going to bring it back to the center. Now this is very important when we’re doing
this first motion. Go, on the pause, we want to make sure we keep this sharp, even though
it is a rotation. So we want to hit go, pause, G-O. Let’s take that from the top one more
time. Go, G-O, Bobcats fight. Tonight. Say win. Again, say go. Fight, win. Go ahead and
do that once from the back to make sure you have the right arms. Go, fight, win. Go, G-O,
Bobcats fight. Tonight, say win. Again, say go. Fight, win. And that one, since it’s a
full cheer, we’re going to just do that once, and save that for time out.

26 thoughts on “Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Fight”

  1. anyone know any good cheers cuz i am required to join cheerleading to get into cross country and track which i need for soccer so any good simple cheers that pwn XD

  2. i know a good one
    "Yellll, bring it! We got this game, back up. You know our name. The Stallions, hu, come get it ."

  3. Simply-O-Wow, Lik-eTottally-Freak-me-Out-I-Mean-Right-On. -Clapclapclap-
    Toros Sure Are Number One.

    Bring It On ftw. xD

  4. im sorry but ive been cheerleading for a good portion of my life and your motions should be tighter. Cause they look really sloppy. 🙂

  5. I appreciate these videos. Me and another mother are in charge of acheerleading squad this fall and I have not cheered in 20 years. Thanks for the help.

  6. like its a really cute chant but when ur trying to learn its important to repeat the same movements that u show the first time

  7. She Chanqed It At The End .. She Said Go Down On Aqain .. But At The End She Didnt Go Down Until Go.. Uqh

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