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Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: G-O Go

Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: G-O Go

Next cheer we are going to learn, is going
to be a really fun one, it’s got a cool foot motion in it. It’s going to be really easy.
We’re going to go ahead and learn that first. Basically your feet is just going to alternate
forward and backwards. Like so. So once you get your rhythm going like that ,just keep
it up throughout the whole cheer. And hand motions are going to be like so. We are going
to take our right arm and pull it up, punch it down, for g-o. So we are going to do. G-O.
So you have a nice x in front. So let’s try that with the foot motions. G-O. Now we’ve
got our hands crossed in the front, pull them out into a low v. Go up to a t, go, go bobcats
we are going to cross them in front, and then we are going to pop out to a high v for our
last go. So lets take that from the top, just the arm motions. G-o, go, go , go bobcats,
go. Now we are going to try it adding the foot motions in as well. G-o, go, go , go
bobcats, go. G-o, go, go , go bobcats, go. Go ahead and do that from the back as well.
G-o, go , go , go bobcats go. Just make sure you keep your foot motions at the same tempo
as your arm motions. It adds another interesting level to the cheer.

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  1. Shes wering our high school colors…cant wait to join the team in 2more years!! But ima hav tryouts on 27 soo..practicing!

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