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Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Go Team Go

Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Go Team Go

Next cheer we’re going to learn is Go Bobcats.
These cheers are great because you can use them anytime. You can do it before the game
starts, the middle of the game and at the end of the game. This cheer is going to look
like this. Go Bobcats go Bobcats, go. So we’re going to start out in the clean position and
take our right arm and swing it across our body. Make sure this swing comes from the
elbow. Then we’re going to lock it back out into a low V position. So we’ve just taken
our right arm, swung it across our body and then with the elbow taken it back out to a
low V. So that’s going to be Go Bobcats. Now we’re going to leave this right arm in a low
V as we do the exact same motion with our left arm. So we’re going to hit Go Bobcats.
Now we’re in the full low V position. Let’s take that from the top. Go Bobcats, go Bobcats.
Then we’re going to hit two claps, clap, go. We’re going to hit our right punch. Let’s
take that from the top. Go Bobcats, go Bobcats. When you hit your right punch at the final
movement we go ahead and pop our legs out to a shoulder width position. Let’s go ahead
and take that from the top one last time. Go Bobcats, go Bobcats, go. And of course
you’re going to want to speed this up to an appropriate tempo for your team. Whatever
that tempo is make sure you call it at that tempo so everybody’s together on it. I’ll
go ahead and show you the reverse of it. Go Bobcats, go Bobcats, go. Make sure you return
to your clean position so you can repeat that two more times. If you want to add a leg motion
to that on it’s a really good one to do because you’re standing still for a good part time
of it. So you can go ahead and do the variating feet like we learned earlier. And just make
sure you keep your arms going the same tempo as your.

3 thoughts on “Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Go Team Go”

  1. i love this i sll ready got it peice of cake im like a cheer queen not only by this cheer but by my regular team go noles and wolves

  2. I need help here is my problem: Next wednsday my middle school(7th grade) Is having a cheer tryout i need an easy to do but looks complicated cheer so i can make it!!! I didnt even start and boy are asking me out xD!!! I WANNA BE A CHEERLEADER SO PLEASE GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT!

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