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Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Hustle

Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Hustle

The next cheer we’re going to learn is hustle
get to it. Hustle is a great cheer to do if you want to do ripples with your squad because
you can variate the motions to have them switch levels. First motion we’re going to do is
hustle, clap. So hustle, clap. Basically you just want to take your right arm, brush it
against your leg. Repeat with the left arm and clap together. Hustle. After that we’re
going to do a T position. Step back on our right foot. So far we have hustle, get to
it. Next motion you can do with the ripples. You can have of your girls go to a low V,
come on, cats we’re going to cross those right in front of our chest, let’s do it. Now the
variation on that, hustle, get to it, come on, cats let’s do it. So you can put girls
in a row and have every other girl start with the high V going down. Then you can have the
next girl over start with the low V going up. That’ll give you a nice ripple going on.
So from the top this cheer is going to be, hustle, get to it, come on cats let’s do it.
From the back. Hustle, get to it, come on cats let’s do it. And you just learned hustle
get to it.

24 thoughts on “Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Hustle”

  1. im a cheerleader, i never thot of the team ever doing that befor. think of telling new cheerleaders, who dont know the moves names, how to do moves? its not easy to get the team ready to practis. a videothat help exsplan the moves would be great!

  2. Wow…such negativity. Cheerleading is about unity and having sportsmanship. I think this is an excellent video, especially for beginners. I cheered back in HS, but i've been coaching a recreational cheear team for the last couple of years. My girls are very young and I think this is a great cheer to teach my girls.

    And as far as the girl who thinks people are "jelous", maybe you should learn how to spell JEALOUS first and formulate complete sentences. I'm just sayin' 😮

  3. Okay… really? This is What i think about those chain letters
    "Dont read this."

  4. i wish we could do that one at our school but all of our cheers they want the fans involved and at cheer factory it is mainly just the moves

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