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Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Score

Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Score

Now we are going to learn another offensive
cheer, score. We are going to start with our feet together. The first letter S we are going
to step our right leg out. As our right leg steps out we are going to take our left arm,
put it behind our head. It is as if you are in a high v position and you bend that right
behind the head. This arm on the right is going to go out into your low V position so
this motion we are going to hit on s. So we are going to go ahead and hit s for c we are
going to take our right foot and step behind us. Both of our arms are going to shoot straight
out and meet in the front, c. So far we have got sc for o we are going to bring our legs
out into an open stance and hit our t position so now we hve scor for e we are going to come
up to that right punch position with our left arm on our hip. So now we have score, score
bobcats score and back to your right punch position. Take that from the top. Score, score
Bobcats score. Now since these are chants we always want to make sure that we bring
it back to our clean position so we can repeat it two more times. From the back it is going
to look like this Score, score Bobcats score. Now you have just completed your score cheer.

6 thoughts on “Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: Score”

  1. well if it is that different it wouldn't be the same cheer at all, now would it? It would be a completely different cheer.

  2. i have a cheer called s-c-o-r-e score score but its with out pom-poms this is a very good version of score but is this cheer for varsity or jv

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