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Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: The G-O Go

Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: The G-O Go

First cheer we are going to learn today is
go bobcats go. This cheer is going to be started with an open leg stance. I’m going to go ahead
and show you the cheer first, then we are going to go over the motions. Go, go , g-o,
go, bobcats go. And then will be repeated three times after you got it down. The first
motion we are going to start with our left hand on our hip, we are going to take our
right hand, we are going to lunge out as we pull up, go, go. So basically you are taking
that from across your chest to a low v. Make sure you keep it sharp. So far we have go,
go. Next we are going to pull our hands up to form a box, we want to make sure we keep
it under our chest, my right arm is coming across my chest, my left arm is just coming
straight up like so, rest it right here. So far we’ve got go, go, g-o then we are going
to come back down to the first motion we learned, the half low v. Go, then we are going to pull
it up across as we come out of our lunge. The right hand is going to come straight up
on a diagonal. Make sure you keep your left hand on your hip where it was. Make sure this
top arm isn’t in front of your mouth, not in front of your eyes, but right comfortably
over your head. So far we have go, go, g-o, go bobcats. Alright and our last motion is
going to be really simple, we’ve got our arm up here, it’s going to pull down to a broken
v, and this arm is going to go up into high v position. So that transition is going to
look like this. Pull and pop. So the whole chant from the beginning. Go, go, g-o, go
bobcats, go. I’ll let you see it one time from the back to make sure you are using the
right arms. Go, go, g-o, go bobcats, go. And that is go, go, g-o,

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  1. @LDNballer
    You people need to stop writing rude comments on here if you don't like them then don't watch them

  2. @imdabomliketictock
    If you don't have any nice comments to make on any video please don't make them at all…. And if you don't like it then don't watch it

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    Dont watch it if it's so "Supid".. And if you dont have any good comments to make don't make any at all

  4. @diahanniah1 not rude….being honest it sucks…i watched out of curiosity and it sucked dnt worry i won't be watchinig again lol

  5. @LDNballer
    good. and it is rude writing anything like that is rude wether it's meant to be or not.
    And if it sucks so much why did you watch it.

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