Cheerleading Exercises | How to Improve Cheer Jumps and Stunts

Speaker 1: All right, for those of you cheerleaders
out there that are trying to work on improving your stunts, if you’re strengths lacking and
you not quite there and you can’t hold the specific moves, I’m going to give you a couple
of exercises and a little routine that you can do to start building up your strength
so that you can actually complete the stunts. All right, the first move is, we’re going
to do squats. We went over this a little bit earlier, we want to kick our hips back first
and then we want to go ahead and squat down with good form, chest stays up high and our
knees stay behind our toes. All right. Here we go. Go ahead and squat on down and go on
back up. Just like you’d do if you were lifting weights, you go on down and you come back
up. Good. Work for depth. You want to work for depth in every exercise. Remember, it’s
three sets of ten. We’re going to condense this a little bit so you can see the whole
workout. Go ahead. Remember, the knees stay behind your toes, so kick your hips back and
work with the resistance. The wider we have our legs the more the bands are going to fire.
So we always want to keep our chest up high and hands out front. Good. Let’s go one more.
Keep your weight towards your heels as well, we don’t want to be on our toes. So go ahead
and go one more. We’re going to start with the squats and superset
those with the lunges. All right. So why don’t we go ahead and start with the first, we’re
going to go right leg. Go ahead and go on out. We’re going to alternate sides, moving
to the left. Go ahead. Good. Count to yourselves, we’re going to get to 20. Now remember, it’s
important when we’re doing lunges that our knee doesn’t go in front of our toe, that
our chest stays up and our core stays tight. We want to try to strengthen our whole body
and use the bands to fire a little bit more muscles. The more we activate, the more we’re
going to get out of it, okay? Good. Make sure we’re standing out so our gluts fire. Good.
Squeezing your abs, squeezing with your core. When you guys get to 20, go ahead and stop.
Now remember, this is only going to be one set of everything, you want to go three sets
of ten, okay. So you’re going to go squats to lunges, squats to lunges, three sets of
ten. So it should take you about five to six minutes to get through that.
This next exercise, we’re going to do a side raise. It’s going to help strengthen your
gluts and your hips, okay. So go ahead and find a spot on the wall. You’re going to put
on the bands and we’re going to drag with our heel off to the side. Go ahead. So work
straight out. We don’t want to work forward, we don’t want to work backward. We’re trying
to target our gluts. Make sure you’re using your heel and not pointing your toe. The biggest
thing that a lot of people do is that they slowly drop their hips down. They get more
height if they turn their hips. Work to not do that. Keep going guys. We’re going to get
ten on each side and we’re going to do just this one continuous, no breaks in between.
We’re going to go right, left, right and left. All right, so go ahead and switch over to
the other side, give me ten reps there. Go ahead. We’re going to drive our heels, not
our toes. Think about your toe going to the wall over here. Good. Now remember, as soon
as it makes your hips buckle we want to quit going up, we just want to work on the resistance.

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