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Cheerleading Hacks! | Totally Teenage Twins!

Cheerleading Hacks! | Totally Teenage Twins!

– Hi I’m Caroline. – And I’m Oliva. – [Together] And we are
your totally teenage twins. – And you’re watching Squared. (writing) (bell ring) Welcome back, this week guys. Hopefully you guys are
having an amazing Thursday, I know we are cause we’re posting. If you you guys are new here, I’m Caroline. – And I’m Olivia. And we post here on Squared, – [Together] Every single Thursday. – So for this weeks video,
we’re going to be doing – [Together] Cheerleading Hacks. – We’re so excited, so
before I get into this video, be sure to give it a, – [Together] Big thumbs up
and click that subscribe button, down below. – Let’s get started. So we are going to be doing
four hacks and our very very first one is to, – Paint your bobby pins that
will match your cheer bow. So if you’re a cheerleader,
you know that you want your bow to be nice and like up straight and when you’re jumping you
don’t want it to flop around. But it might be a downturn
that sometimes you have like ugly brown bobby pins. They just kind of ruin
the prettiness of the bow, so the trick is, to paint
them with acrylic paint. One matching each side of
your bobby pin, or of you bow. – Number two is to put
polyurethane on your box. – So for our cheerleading
group, for football sideline, we stand on
boxes and we have a wooden top and you decorate it. You don’t have to decorate
it, but I paint it a pretty, like I painted
my name, and then like a little like, paw print or whatever, and some people’s I notice
when you step on it, it scratches off and that’s no fun cause it is a lot work to paint with a stencil. So you just give it a
quick coat of polyurethane, which is like a wood, what do you say, like an enamel type sealant thing. – It’s kind of like a
varnish or like Mod Podge but more
– Oh yeah, that’s a good way to put it. And it’s clear and I did
three coats and just a quick tip, you have to like wait
12 hours to dry in between so make sure you have
– So don’t do it the night before.
– a good bit of time, yes I do it. But I mean it’s rain proof,
waterproof, scratch proof, and then if your feet get
on it, you can just wipe it away and there will be no skid marks. It’s really the perfect thing.
– Perfect. Number three is to use a
Magic Eraser to clean off the bottom of your white cheer shoes what way they always stay nice and white. – Cause they can get dirty really often and you’re probably going to have water or a water fountain,
especially in competition if you, I mean you just
want to do a quick fix, just put a little bit on it
and just scrub, scrub, scrub and they come right off
and it’s super great. – Especially if you train
on the track or if you like go on the field, half
the time you have a turf field so definitely could
– Yeah. – Add up quickly. Number four is our fourth and final one and this one is the pack
an empty water bottle. – I find myself all the time like, “Oh there will be a water
fountain, I won’t be thirsty.” But like, you get thirsty, or
like maybe you didn’t think that you’d be doing that,
but then you do like your whole competition
routine, you’re like, “Oh my Gosh, this is like really bad.” So just bring an empty
water bottle, it’s light so it won’t slosh, it won’t
leak and it won’t go moldy, it won’t go sour-y. You don’t have to wash it,
just an empty water bottle and you can fill it up
and it’s really great. – [Caroline] And even like in school when you’re walking around. That’s any sport, that’s just life in general.
– I know and they sell some like where they’re thin
and then they expand. I spent two hours looking for one online but I couldn’t find them
but in Target, in the store they have them and also
those are really helpful, like you can put other
stuff inside of them. You know if you’re worried about rip. – So those are our hacks. I hope you guys love this week’s video. If you’re not subscribed to
Squared, be sure to subscribe, and be sure to give it – [Together] a thumbs up. If you wanna see yesterday’s
video, you can click right over here, if you
want to see the other videos we post on Squared, you click – [Together] Right up there. – And if you want to see our main channel, you click right over there. Bye guys and we’ll see you next Thursday.

30 thoughts on “Cheerleading Hacks! | Totally Teenage Twins!”

  1. I always have an empty water bottle in my locker at college, I also keep cereal bars too just because if I've missed breakfast or need a snack throughout the day they're always there. Totally off subject from the video but Caroline, I love your lipstick, it's such a pretty colour and it's so flattering. What make and shade is it? ❤

  2. Hey I was wondering if you do high school cheer or all start cheer. I do All-star cheer and I will do high school next year.

  3. Hey girls I'm 11 am I too old to start cheer xxx I love you guys so much xxx I would mean the world to me if you replied

  4. Cool video! You guys are so lovely and thank you for sharing inspiration to all the other girls out there who wants to be the best in cheerleading. GIrl power!! Keep up the great job!

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