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Cheerleading Q&A | Sophie

Cheerleading Q&A | Sophie

[Intro Music] Well hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel, or if you are new,
hello welcome to my channel, my name is Sophie. and I am on a new camera… Can you tell? Can you tell? Oh yeah
Oh yeah I got one! So for today’s video,
I thought that being that the cheer comp season has for sure started,
in both the USA and the UK. I thought it would only be right to do a cheer
Q&A. So I asked you over on all my social media
what kind of questions you want me to answer and that is what I am
going to do today. So, let’s get into some questions. So the first question we are going to answer
is, Who was the first person you did your first
ever basket toss with? And I have 2 answers to this. I have 1 as a base as being the base,
and 1 as being a flyer. So the person or people that I did as a base,
would be with my London Eclipse Cheerleading team which was the first team I was ever with. I don’t remember the whole stunt group,
but I know that I was with Leila Reid who is now actually with Unity. And she competed with Team England ParaCheer
last season, who I am on with this season. And yeah, I remember it was her and I asked
her and she reckons that the flyer we had was a girl called Taylor,
we’re not really sure. I don’t remember. It was like 5 years ago now. But the people that I basketed with as a flyer
would be on my current team, Sapphire Elite. And it would be with,
Maria was my back who you all know. And then I had Charlotte and Rhiannon who
you also know as my bases. And I had a girl called Libby as my front. And I love them all to death,
they are like my family. What is you favourite stunt and tumbling pass? Favourite stunt I think would be rewinds and
full arounds. I don’t know, I just really enjoy doing
them. Yeah… I just love doing inversions because they’re
a bit harder and you really have to work together as a stunt
group. I love stunting so much. Stunts is my absolute favourite thing to do
in cheer. My favourite tumble pass….
that I can do… not very much. But my favourite tumble pass to watch would
definitely be like the rewind tumble passes where they rewind backwards. And like,
I just love watching tumbling, I just wish my body co-operated so that I
could tumble more. But hey,
I got my walkover!! WHOOP WHOOP
WHOOP WHOOP and I got my cartwheel back walkover which
I don’t know how that happened, it just happened and
I just need to get it consistent by showcase in like..
two weeks time. What is your cheer dream team? I have a few depending on the country. If we are talking in the UK,
besides Team England ParaCheer which I actually made this season,
it would be Coventry, like their Worlds Teams. I don’t know,
I’ve just always loved their routines and the fact that they’re such a family. And then if you’re talking in the USA,
it would probably be Cheer Extreme or Topgun. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite….. And then if we’re talking Canada then it
would have to be Great White Sharks. I really like this next question,
And it is what inspires you the most about cheer? I love cheer. And the thing that makes me keep going and
inspires me is, just the motivation and hard work that it
encourages. From such a young age as well.. It just encourages people to really work for
what they want. And never give up. And that there are gonna be harder times and
times that things don’t go your way. But there’s also gonna be some really really
amazing things, and you’re gonna see results. And I just love that it teaches you to have
patience and work for what you want, and to not give up. And to love each other. Respect each other. Work together and create such a family. And I just love that you can inspire someone
without even realising it in the sense that, what you’re doing now,
there’s a little girl or little boy that is watching you and thinking
I would really love to be able to do that one day no matter what level you are,
whether you’re level 1,2,3,4,5,6… it doesn’t matter. You’re still inspiring others to work hard
for what they want. So it’s like a little inspirational circle. And I love that about cheer. Next question is Cheer idol? I think i’ve probably spoken about this
before but it would definitely be Jenee Cruise. I think I’ve spoken about this before but
she has diabetes, and has always been told you can’t do cheer,
you can’t do cheer. Well guess what guys? She is a multiple time world champion. And she is doing just fine. She has shown that if you work around things,
and you’re determined, you don’t have to let anything stop you
and I freaking love that. Favourite cheer shoes? I love Nfinities. Not gonna lie. These are my favourite. And are definitely well loved…
and dying. But I don’t wanna change them. I do have different Nfinities but these are
my absolute favourite. I think these are the Vengance… Yeah. Vengance cheer shoes. Had these since I started cheer so they’ve
actually lasted me so well. Favourite thing about being on Team England? For any of you that don’t know,
I am on Team England ParaCheer this season which is… I still don’t know how I made the team but
I am very very happy that I made the team. I think my favourite thing aside from the
friendship side of stuff again, is that I have learnt SOO much from people
of all abilities. I just love the fact that,
there are people on that team that are fully abled,
have no disabilities, but they really respect that and they really
work with you to be able to make you feel included. And make you be able to achieve whatever it
is you are looking to be able to achieve. And hopefully we can bring home that guld… Gold.. Gold…. title. I’m getting very excited. But yeah I have learnt so much. And I love being able to see the adaptations
that you can make for things. What is the thing you are looking forward
to most this season? And I… I have a few things. With Sapphire,
it would probably be, Going out there with all my friends that I
have made or already had. And taking to the mat with a new level which
I’ve not competed with them before. Seeing my girls that I coach out on the mat,
Hopefully doing amazingly which I’m sure they will do. And also being able to compete my back walkover… I’m absolutely pooping my pants for it,
I am kind of excited because I did work so hard to get it. And then the Team England side of things,
would obviously be the World Championships. I am beyond excited for them…
and to experience that whole… world championships,
being out there with friends, meeting new cheerleaders,
like… I am so excited for worlds and being able
to take that floor and showing everyone, what we are able to do. No matter what our abilities..
and yeah.. I’m just full of excitement for cheer this
season. And the last question that I will be answering
for today is, what competitions are you competing at this
season. So with Sapphire,
I obviously have my showcase, and then we will also be competing at BCA
Nationals in Telford at the end of March. And we will also be at JamFest Liverpool in
June, and then 2 weeks later we will be at Future
Cheer Bournemouth. So those are the 3 competitions that I will
be at with Sapphire. And then with Team England,
We will be showcasing at Legacy in Birmingham at the End of March
and then obviously the World Championships. So yeah,
lots of competitions. I love competitions,
they’re like my favourite thing in the world. hence,
hence why i vlog them. Because you see how much fun we have. So I will be bringing you along with all of
my competitions. Worlds,
UK Stuff.. everything. You guys will be coming along because they’re
my favourite videos to film and they seem to be your guys’ favourite
videos to watch. So be on the watch out for that. And that is all for this video. So if you like this video,
please be sure to give it a thumbs up so that I know. And if you have any more questions,
please be sure to leave them in the comments below,
I love Q&A’s. So I would happily do more. Throw me some questions. And if you’re not already,
I would absolutely love it if you could subscribe. And we can have some more fun,
and learn and just enjoy life together. Get by life,
conquer life, love the world. And yeah,
I think that covers just about everything, so I will leave all my social media links
in the description box below, And until next time
Keep Watching Stay Strong
And Stay Safe
Bye Guys

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  1. I don't understand a single thing you said about cheer (and explaining it might be futile), but that's cool that you can do it. How do you keep up your nutrition, and avoid EDS joint problems and chronic fatigue? It's also really awesome you are being a mentor!

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