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Cheerleading Stretches – How to get your Scorpion and Heel Stretch

Cheerleading Stretches – How to get your Scorpion and Heel Stretch

Speaker 1: Okay. Hi again. It’s coach McQueen
and Megan. We’re going to work with the stunt strap. If you’ll show us that stunt strap
a little bit. It’s just a very little simple piece of equipment. This is going to help
us with working on flexibility, agility, and balance, and getting some good stretch.
A lot of times if you’re trying to do a scorpion or you’re trying to do a herkie, you’re trying
to get that leg up there, and if you haven’t properly stretched out, sometimes you have
a tendency to grab that foot and pull it up there and that could lead to an injury.
We want to help you stretch this out and we’re going to show you a couple of things. Megan,
if you’ll put that on. It goes around your foot just like that, and then she’s going
to stretch it out. Now, if you will turn to the side.
One thing that you can do is face me Megan and let’s and maybe if you’re just trying
to stretch out is to do some side leg raises. Pull that up like that. Now, pull that up
and hold that up at the top or as high as you can.
Okay. There you go. One thing that you can see that’s really going to help her easily
stretch out, but it’s also working that other side because you need to have balance, so
that, ultimately, what you’re doing is when you don’t use the stunt strap that you can
bring that leg up there, and you can hold it and you can stay there.
She’s going to bring it around. She’s going to climb that rope, bring it up. Let’s try
that again. Bring it up there. Climb that rope. Bring it up there and hold it. The key
is building strength and building balance and getting that flexibility.
All right. Now, let’s do a heel stretch, Megan. Okay. We’re going to bring that out there.
We’re going to work on stretching that leg up. We need to really stretch that hamstring
and that inner thigh and we’ll also work on that back leg for balance. You can hold onto
that. This is an assister. If you’re having trouble
holding those, this will really help you. Again, maybe go back against the wall. Now,
try it. If you are just starting out, let’s work on that. Let’s work on holding it, stretching
the leg out, and then we’ll step away from the wall and work on the balance at the same
time. It’s a very simple little tool; something that you can just have with you. Anytime that
you can do a little bit of stretching out, that is going to really help.
All right, we’re going to try another exercise. We’re going to have Megan sit down here and
we’re going to have her just work on some good stretching exercises, bringing that leg
up. She can work a little bit of balance, and again, we’re trying to stretch out that
thigh and that hamstring, that quadriceps, work on those gluteal muscles a little bit,
and she can reach all the way up there and grab that foot.
I know that probably most of you are pretty flexible. This is a good idea for any of those
that just want to add some training and for those that maybe are having trouble getting
it. As you can see, she can sort of climb the rope, bring that thing up and hold it.

72 thoughts on “Cheerleading Stretches – How to get your Scorpion and Heel Stretch”

  1. You can also use a belt or a piece of rope that works great.
    Some like to have their own stunt strap to take with them as they come in nice colors, blue, green, yellow, purple and pink.
    If you are wanting to work on your scorpion or heel stretch, we encourage you to use something to assist you to help work your flexibility and balance.

  2. they are available at a few very large competitions or you can order them from our web site and have them shipped to your home. see the more info section for a direct link to our cheer page.

  3. yes. you could use a dog leash. just follow the motion through working your scorpion or heel stretch. try to pull to where you feel comfortable and hold. helps stretch and balance.

  4. i couldn't get a stunt strap so i got this yoga thing. its longer so i need to wrap it round my wrist. id like a proper stunt strap though.

  5. anyone know where you can get one in the UK? i got a yoga strap thing but it doesn't work as well lol.

  6. you can make your own with rope or something similar. dog leashes work but the cost more then the stunt strap. the stunt strap is simply a tool that looks nice and helps you reach your goal.

  7. No.. You just need to work on your flexibility. Stretching exercises are a great way to help.

    This product is just an aid that helps you stretch and work on your balance and flexibility.

  8. I suggest working on flexibility and leg strength. you need leg strength to get more height on your jumps. body squats, lunges, box jumps, most any leg exercises working your thighs, hips and butt. you can watch many of our other videos and see examples of exercises.

  9. The key to staying balanced is to work on your hips and leg strength. squats, lunges, side lunges, side leg raises.

  10. I'm a flyer 2 i had the same problem as u
    first you HAVE 2 LOCK OUT YOUR LEG and if your at home or somewhere just try to balance on that leg for as long as you can just keep trying locking ur leg out and balance as much as u can then it should help after a little while

  11. @bellmarie16 Take one end of the strap and put around your foot with the weak ankle, hold the other and extend and flex your foot holding the strap for resistance. You can hold it at different levels to apply more or less resistance and rotate your foot. this should help build strength in your ankle and calf. building strength around the ankle will also hlep.

  12. @34sourpatch Just keep practicing when you have time. it may be simply working on your balance more.

  13. @nicolefroehlich this might help with your balance and leg strength. how is your scorpion now? many cheerleaders are flexibile but have trouble holding the scorpion steady.

  14. @BriannaBoo68 the dog leash will work fine. we are glad to see you took the idea and are working to improve your stunts.

  15. I did it with a dogleash too! I am really glad I watched it because before I used it, I could do a high scorpion but my leg on the ground was bent. Once I used this, my leg on the floor wasn't bent.

  16. wow. this idea really helped me. i actually found a piece of string/ribbon, and used it to GET my scorpion. i kept making the string tighter and tighter… i eventually got my scorpion for the first time. THANKS! :]

  17. Finally found a great tutorial Thanks ^^
    Hey is it true that your body has to be built or flexible in a certain way? I always hear rumors that if your back muscles or lower back is too built, you wont be able to do it

  18. i like how she isn't perfect on her own, i think that really sells the product that she is a cheerleader who hasn't trained in a while, she appears to really struggle not falsley struggle, and it looks like it does help her. That was a good idea to get someone who had previous cheer experiance but it's been a bit of time. It shows that the product does work, and is helping her out! Thanks for the video, best luck to ur daughter!

  19. i'm not a flyer but i tried this anyway with a dog leash to improve my flexibility. it works great and such an easy way to stretch!

  20. This is really useful because i fly and i really need to improve my flexibility and strength so awesome video 🙂

  21. I just got one of these and can't wait to use it for my pre-skating warmup! Check out my skating videos sometime! 😉

  22. Ok so this is for the flyers commenting on this: So I am a flyer and I am flexable but everytime I put my leg up or hit a position in the air my leg unlocks. Is there any tips on how to get it to stay locked?

  23. My last one was old and I lost it where can I get another one the last one I got was in my last gymnastics place but this new one won't let me take one home plz help where to buy one not online though!

  24. Have some spot you and assist you until you are able to get the foot up on your own. Keep stretching and working on your flexibility and balance.

  25. When I was working on it, I asked my friend to hold my knee and leg and push it up a little bit, but the most important is to hold it. Then it was more easy because all you have to care about is to catch your foot. When you feel you're in balance, your friend can let your leg go.
    I made this thing with my friend about 5 or 6 times, and after that I could do it on my own. 🙂

  26. I can get my foot up but I need help balancing I can do this in a stunt bbut my wobling makes my bases uncomfortable. What can i do?

  27. There are a lot of balance exercises you can do and we suggest working on one leg, make sure you work both legs.
    1. bring your knee up as high as you can and shold for as long as possible.
    search our channel for balance video tips and let us know how your progress is coming.
    The key is to build strength in your legs, hips and core for balance and stability. abs and core exercises will also help.

  28. Please go to the cheerleading page on our web site. myosource . com or search myosource in your search engine.

  29. I have a 4yr getting ready to turn 5 that is in a routine with a heel stretch and I would love to know how I can help her…first yr doing cheer!!

  30. We would suggest watching the Stunt Strap videos and follow some of the routines. You will most likely need to spot her or have her use a wall or chair. Working on her balance will be a huge help as she continues. i.e. standing on one foot, raising the foot etc. You might consider getting a stunt strap as in the video to help her learn to stretch and work on flexibility.

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