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Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Choreograph a Cheerleading Routine

Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Choreograph a Cheerleading Routine

Hi, I’m Lucy Spain here to tell you how to
get started choreographing your cheerleading routine. A cheerleading routine commonly consists
of six elements a cheer (cheering), a dance (dancing), jumps, tumbling sequence, individual
stunts, and pyramids. Now that we’ve got our six elements, we’re going to want to decide
what we’re choreographing our routine for. Routines can be used anywhere from games to
events, such as, parades in your town, all the way up to the competition level. It’s
important to know what you’re choreographing for because you’ll know what space you have
to work with and what time restraints you have. Usually your routine is going to be
around three minutes. Next, we get to start choreographing and putting together our music
for the routine. The music can be mixed be a hired professional or you can choose to
mix it yourself on your home computer. You’re going to want to use multiple song clips,
you can also use some special sound effects, such as, your school mascots noise or claps
or bell ringing anytime a jump, or a stunt, or a tumble is hit. After you’ve got the music
down, it’s time you start choreographing the different elements of your routine. Everything
is going to go to music except for the cheer portion, this is why most squads decide to
start out with a cheer and then go ahead and have the music throughout the rest of the
routine. Once we have some of the elements in place, it’s important to decide what you’re
going to do for your transitions from one thing to the next. Say from our cheer, to
our dance, to our tumbling sequence. When you’re doing transitioning you want to be
as creative as possible just make sure everybody on the team is using the same movements. You
can decide you want to walk in transition with your head down and fists, you can decide
to do a cute jog, you could also do spins, tumbles, or even have girls on each others
shoulders, or in flat back positions as you go from one part of the routine to the next.
The most important thing in your routines in creativity so go ahead and get together
with the people on your squad and get started and this is how you’ll choreograph an awesome
cheerleading routine.

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