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Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Do a Cheerleading Toe Touch

Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Do a Cheerleading Toe Touch

Hi, I’m Lucy Spain here to show you how to
do a cheerleading toe touch. A toe touch is one of the most popular jumps that you will
perform in cheerleading. A toe touch is going to look like this when it’s in the air. You
want to have your legs spread evenly on both sides. It’s very important to make sure you
have your toes pointed. That’s going to be one of the most important things when doing
this jump. Your arms are going to be positioned parallel to your legs, out on each side. There’s
a couple variations of how you can hold your arms. You can hold them as fists as I’m demonstrating
right now. You could also choose to do blades, which are going to look like this. And in
that sense, it looks as if you’re reaching towards your toes. When you do a toe touch,
you want to remember your form which we just went over, is the most important thing. The
height of the jump will come later as you practice it, but go ahead and make sure that
your back is straight, your arms out and your legs are both even. And we don’t want one
leg higher than the other. This is what a toe touch looks like. When we do our toe touch, we want to make
sure after we land that we stick our landing and pop out of it. One more time. And that is how you do a cheerleading toe

100 thoughts on “Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Do a Cheerleading Toe Touch”

  1. i remember a couple months aqo i was tryinq to learn from this video ; now i see where i went wronq . lmao

  2. that toe touch didnt suck.
    she did it correctly.
    I've been in gymnastics for 8 years and
    she did it perfectly well.
    the height will come later.
    the most important
    things is to keep your back up.

  3. you guys shouldnt be saying thats bad because thats an average toe tough. at least shes stiff and looks good doing it low rather than looking like crap up high.

  4. hey can you show how to make homemade cheer outfits because my lil sis has a lil cheer group but not in skel and she wnts me to make her outfits but i need help and ideas oh gewd job by the way………

  5. this is bullshit im a cheerleader for 3 years and i go higher than that matter a fact my mom goes higher than that and shes 37 this is
    PATHETIC i cant beleive i wasted my life on this lame as video

  6. It's not a horrible toe touch! That's as far as she can go then so be it. Not everybody can reach the legs perfectly all the way up there even with all the stretching.

  7. you can not do a toe touch why r u making this video??? u gave good advice but u suck at doing a toe touch learn how to do before teaching it!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @xgabby22x if your watching thhis video, then you cant do it and who are you to judge her if shes doin it right or not

  9. watch my videos and one i just uploaded called 2010 solid gold divas,, wee a band dancing team that incorporates lots of technique,,, watch kim k. diva do 7 toes touches and a kick fall out!

  10. @cheergirl4774 My apologies for the "brilliant" observation. It looks like my daughter has been on my youtube account. Time to change the password.

  11. oh my god. Stop judging her. She is fine. I admit she is not amazing but she is good. She does NOT suck. Leave her alone.

  12. Her toe touch was absolutely fine. She’s better than me and I’d like tos we all of these people beating on her try it for themselves. It’s hard to do and takes a lot of work.

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