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Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Make Cheerleading Tryouts

Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Make Cheerleading Tryouts

Hi, I’m Lucy Spain here to talk to you about
how to make cheerleading try outs. Cheerleading try outs are something you should start preparing
for at least three months ahead of time as your body needs this much time to get ready.
You’re going to want to start exercising, watching your diet and stretching every day
three months prior to your try outs. It’s also a good idea to inquire the squad you’re
trying out for and know what the requirements are. After you find out the requirements,
you should sign up for a gymnastics class, a dance class, or enroll yourself into cheerleading
camp. After you do these things, it’s important to rent cheerleading videos or go to collegiate
and community games to watch the cheerleaders there because you’ll learn more things the
more you watch. When the time for the try outs approaches, you want to make sure you
dress with no jewelry, wear clothes that are fitted so they won’t get in the way, make
sure your hair and make-up are neatly done and make sure your nails are trimmed. It’s
also important to make sure you have a flat footed shoe on. This way when you’re doing
stunts with your other girls on your squad, the bases will have something to grab on the
flier’s foot which is really important. You should also know if you’re trying out to be
a base or a flier. When you show up at try outs, make sure you fill out all your paperwork
honestly. It’s really important to make sure you show up with confidence, and a smile on
your face always. You’re going to start out by learning the routine from the coaches and
former captains. You should learn attentively, try to pay attention and then go practice
alone for a while and then practice with a group. When it’s your turn to take the floor,
make sure you show spirit. That’s going to get your true personality across and may give
you an edge up if it comes down to picking between you and another girl. When it comes
time to finding out, make sure you take it in stride whether you make it or you don’t,
because there’s always next year. Good luck.

66 thoughts on “Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Make Cheerleading Tryouts”

  1. me too! my tryouts are on the same day as you are i can do a high kick , herky , toe touch, splits, backbend , right now im working on the cartweels and flips do you think i can make it even though i cant do cart wheels . i have the looks voice will that help me to making the squad?

  2. i practice this week and my tryouts are on thursday. i've made it the past two years for my middle school but this is high school tryouts so i am a little nervous!:)

  3. thankyou!!!!! finally someone understands you should take gymnastics before cheerleading!!!!! btw, i still don't know if i should try out at school?
    i've done gymnastics for a long time

  4. i made cheerleading wayy b4 i saw this video and got captain oh yeah and i might possibly one day make a video on improving your toe touch

  5. i am on cheer extreme and this is ok for SCHOOL team but if you want to be amazing work out, run, lots of water, and rest. remeber preperation is everthing

  6. i wouldnt worry about that. just a tip: hight doesnt matter at first. as long as ur toes are pointed and you land clean your good. thts all most couches look 4. o n smile. jumps take time. good luck

  7. hey watsup nice video,could you check out my channel maybe rate my vids 5 stars?thanx id appreciate it. have a niceday. keep making vids πŸ™‚

  8. i have tryouts this tuesday and i've been practicing nonstop! the prob is i don't have my bhs yet and i need to shine in the other areas any tips!??

  9. i am not the best cheerleader.. what i mean by that is my jumps are not amazing… and even tho im trying out for middle school.. i would still like a way to mke them batter,.. its now july and try outs are in november, and im already nervous to see if i will make it, last time they made about 15 cuts, and i was #11 out of like 40 girls…. i have made it the past 3 years but competition is touh this year… please tell me some important stretches and techniqes to help me make my jumps higher !!

  10. i have until tomarrow… darn! well im in 8th grade trying out as a freshman but we have a freshman squad and there are only 5 other girls on 8th grade that are trying out

  11. I have all summer to get ready for football season cheer. (: I made JV for basketball. I hope to make Varsity for football season. πŸ˜€

  12. I have try-outs beginning on the 9th. that's, 12 days? 5 days of tryouts.. i'm not necessarily nervous, but stressed, because i need some major tumbling before. i have semi-good jumps, and pretty much all 3 splits. god roundoff, cartwheel, handstand, front walkover… i need my handsprings and tucks. but i pretty much have my bhs. just need to do some multiples and connect it to a roundoff. so stressed /: i really want to make varsity.

  13. tryouts may 31st D: i can do a cartwheel , a round off, and im sorta flexible but i cant do jumps πŸ™ so im nervous im not gonna make it

  14. Watching your diet ? I know some over weight cheer leaders that are absolutely fantastic at tumbling, jumps, kicks, and spirit. Some are the best on the squad, so don't make that impression that people who are over weight can't be as good or even better then the in shape ones. So shut up .

  15. What's a base and a flyer, please tell me, i would like to know because I am trying out for my school but have no cheerleading expience, but I have done gymnastics, please help me out!!!

  16. @keyoty1228 Those are for Stunt groups when girls get put up into the air, The flyer is the one who is up in the air the bases are on her left and right ( make sure to use your legs and not your back) and the Back spot is the person standing behind they give out calls and what your doing.

  17. @LEXIheartsYOU99 no…..apparently my school takes the same GIRLS EVERY YEAR! I WAS SO PISSED OFF CAUSE THEY PICK THE BEST GIRLS WICH ARE THE SAME GIRLS! but i tranfered so im trying out for my new school

  18. @JSizzlehizzle NOPE! well i didnt know much before..but now i know wayyy more and im in gymnastics so i bet they would let me in :/

  19. I'm a dancer and I've never cheered be 4 but I want 2 tryout wat r some tips u hv 4 meee???? FYI I hv the rest of my school year and summer…(:

  20. mee and my freind want to try-out but im not flexible @ all!! i can a cartweel but thats it, do i have a chance?

  21. So im only in 6th grade which is still elementary in my school and next yr (7th grade) im going to try out for cheerleading bc i love it and ive been in gymnastics for yrs.. and does it make a difference at your cheer tryouts if u can do a backhandspring? Bc i can(: And im just wondering if itll help! and if i dont make it next yr ill be very sad): Well im just going to watch these videos on how to make it! (:

  22. It's really good that you can do a backhandspring. The more skills you have the higher your chance will be of making the team. Your gymnastics backround will make cheerleading a lot easier. Just remember to be optomistic and always smile! And no matter what don't complain. Hope you have a good tryout!!! πŸ™‚

  23. mine are like tomorrow πŸ˜› i've been practicing for about 2 months sooo i think i'm okay lol hope so! πŸ˜€

  24. i only have 7 days to work on mine. I can do flips and Im flexible though…just the cheer motions i need to start working on a bit

  25. I want to do cheer in Highschool and it costs 1,000$ All this summer i have been practicing so when i go to tryouts i will be prepared and when im in highschool it will be easier.Im 13 by the way(:

  26. im trying out for cheer this year so i need some advice on doing round off back handspring. its kinda a requirement. any advice to help me perfect it? im 12 by the way :D.

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