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Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Practice Cheerleading Jumps

Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Practice Cheerleading Jumps

Hi, I’m Lucy Spain here to tell you about
how to practice your cheerleading jumps. Practice is very important when it comes to jumps because
you’re height and form are going to improve immensely if you do a few simple exercises
every day. Fist and foremost, to get your jumps looking their best, you’re going to
need to stretch. Stretch, stretch, stretch. I cannot say it enough. It’s so important.
Especially when it comes to your more advanced jumps like the herkies, the pikes and the
double nines. You’re going to want to do regular stretches, legs apart, down to the side, to
the middle, to the other side. You’re also going to want to do a lot of floor stretches
such as your butterfly, stretch the inside of your legs, and the split stretch where
you’re going to want to work on getting your chest to the ground and getting your head
to your legs. Now that we’ve talked about stretching and the importance of it, you should
work on it for about twenty minutes a day. Next you can work on strength, toning and
training your muscles. A good exercise to do are simple leg lifts. Concentrate on the
right leg. You’re going to want to be in a straddle position, lean back over your left
leg, placing your right hand in front so you’ve got your balance. You’re going to simply want
to point your toes, same form you would in your jump, and lift this leg off the ground.
I would do about fifteen to thirty reps, take a break, and switch sides. Now that we’ve
learned that exercise, you can do a standing one in a similar fashion. These are called
leg kicks. You’re going to want to start with the right leg behind you if you’re practicing
the right leg, arms up in your high V, and simply. You can do the same thing with your
left leg. Make sure you alway keep your strength training and stretching even on both sides,
or else in your jumps you’re going to be lopsided with the leg you’re favoring. It’s also important
to practice your jumps in front of a full length mirror, sideways so you can see your
form. Make sure you’re not hunching over. You want to stay nice and straight. Another
great ways to practice these is on a trampoline. So if you know anybody that has a trampoline,
or sign up for some gymnastics classes, that would be a great time to practice your jumps.
And that’s how you practice your cheerleading jumps.

42 thoughts on “Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Practice Cheerleading Jumps”

  1. im tired of cheerleaders with big cocks in their pants always coming on youtube. when you get a vagina let me know. the bulge in your shorts is sickening.

  2. cheer is actually one of the hardest and most dangerous sports that there is. I'm in pom at my school and I have like two hourse of practice and Its all intense we'll do like 30 mins of abs and like 25 push-ups as a team. I'm in soccer and pom is way harder.

  3. @CheerLoverJess
    its kinda pathetic that an "expert" on jumps doesnt know this & a varsity cheerleader does, :/

  4. Another thing about kicks. Keep you're toe pointed… it hurts buuuttt it looks soo much better for the judges… if ur in competetion-not trying to criticize or anything

  5. if you read the title it states… "PRACTICING CHEERLEADING JUMPS" not heres cheerleading jumps. she was showing people excersizes to improve flexibility and strength for their jumps.

  6. @mander4242 it means stretches to practice doing them to improve doing the jumps in the air duh

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