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Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Practice Cheerleading Stunts

Cheerleading Stunts & Accessories : How to Practice Cheerleading Stunts

Hi, I’m Lucy Spain here to tell you how to
practice your cheerleading stunts. It’s very important when you’re practicing any kind
of cheerleading stunts that you have an experienced coach around, mats set on the ground, and
you also need to make sure you have some people on the squad that are acting as spotters,
which is very important. You’re going to decide who is going to play which role in the stunt.
You’re going to need at least two bases, a back spot and a flier. Now the bases are probably
going to be the strongest people on your squad, as they are going to be lifting the fliers
up into different positions. You’re going to want to make sure that they have strong
leg muscles, strong arm muscles. Now bases, your most important exercises to worry about
are going to be weight lifting and toning with your legs and arms. Next you have the
flier. The flier is going to be some of the smaller members of the squad. It doesn’t always
make the most sense to pick the smallest girl. You’re going to want someone who’s muscular
and who can keep really tight while they’re up in the air being thrown around. The back
spot is going to always be one of the most tall people on the squad so they can reach
up and catch the flier before they come down to the base’s level. Some good stunts to practice
are a half, where the flier will hit this position and be chest level on the bases.
Next the bases can pull the flier in her same position up to a full. We can also work on
one legged stunts where the bases will hold, one will hold the front and back of the shoe,
the other base will hold the top and bottom of the shoe. The flier can hit many positions,
the liberty, the heel stretch, and the scorpion. Some good drills for fliers to practice are
obviously going to be your flexibility. It’s also great if you can find an uneven ledge
such as a staircase, and step up on that ledge. Practice pulling yourself up tight and practice
holding your balance. Those are going to be crucial to practicing your stunts.

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  1. u r a very good instructer but u need to mack sure that u can diminstrigt the correct way ur scorpion is gay

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