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Cheerleading Stunts: How to get your Cheer Heel Stretch

Cheerleading Stunts: How to get your Cheer Heel Stretch

Speaker 1: Can you hold it for very long?
Not really? Speaker 2: Not really.
Speaker 1: Okay, so it’s probably just a little tight. That’s what this is for. What you want
to do is we want to try to duplicate with the same motion. Let’s take this off. Now
try to do your heel stretch again. Okay, see how we’re here. Let’s not worry as much about
the arms. Mainly, your center is right in the middle so if we’re leaning or something
I want to duplicate that. If I’m sitting in the middle, my hands are going to get here
and we need to get the strap here in your center. We’re trying to pull your muscles
in the same direction as what you need them to go. Let’s go ahead and put the strap on
again and now rather than taking the strap up high and pulling across your body you want
to pull the slack out of it so you can keep your center. Go ahead and work your way down
the strap. There you go. Keep your center. It’s all right. Rock back on that hip just
like you would before. There you go. You want to sit down in your hips. If you stay high
and you just work like this. See there’s a difference in your body. If I sit down in
my hips then I can lead my foot up. If I’m sitting back in my hips, can you see the difference?
If I’m standing straight up like this and I lift the strap, there’s no way that I can
hold this position, but if I rock back in my hips I can sit on this leg. So really rock
back in your hips. Try that out. Rock back. There you go. Good. Just like that.
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