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Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do a Dive Roll in Cheerleading

Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do a Dive Roll in Cheerleading

I’m Mandy Butler on behalf of Expert Village
and we’re going to talk about tumble track warm ups today. Next, we’re going to do a
dive roll. The dive roll is a precursor to the punch front or the front tuck, which we
mentioned earlier. It’s a step above the forward roll as far as difficulty goes and right below
the punch front. For a dive roll, I’m going to use the same approach that I would use
for the punch front or the front tuck. I’m going to step with my right foot, then with
my left, then I’m going to use 2 feet to propel myself forward and up into the dive roll.
For the dive roll, when my arms are up above my head, I’m going to have nice tight shoulders,
tight elbows, my chest is going to be forward just a little bit so I make sure not to go
up and right down. The reason I’m not doing it on the tumble track itself is because it’s
just a little bit safer if I do it on to this nice cushy mat, because it’s a little bit
of a harder landing until you really get your correct body position down. For learning purposes,
I have my athletes to do it into a big nice mat like you see in front of me. When I jump
forward, I’m going to throw my shoulders just a little bit, so I go up and over and don’t
land on my neck. The difference between the punch front and the dive roll had a lot to
do with my hand placement. I’m going to put my hands down in front of me as I roll in
the dive roll. In the punch front, you do not put your hands on the mat at any time.
I’m going to demonstrate the dive roll for you guys. Arms by my side, step, step, feet
together, jump, and dive roll. That’s the dive roll.

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  1. why does she do it on a higher mat? it's harder like that + she's not doing one dive roll, it's more just steps…

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