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Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do Forward Roll in Cheerleading

Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do Forward Roll in Cheerleading

I’m Mandy Butler on behalf of Expert Village
and we’re going to talk about tumble track warm ups today. Next, we’re going to do a
forward roll. A forward roll is a very basic tumbling skill, so a lot of people over look
it. It’s important that you master this skill first before you move on to more advanced
skills, because then your technique won’t be where it should be and you’re going to
struggle. The proper technique for a forward roll is to start with your legs together,
arms up, and notice that I’m in a standing position. A lot of people try to start their
forward roll already in a squat, which is a lot harder and it doesn’t lend itself to
progression very easily. In order to move on to more advanced skills, you’re going to
have to start standing up. I’m going to teach you from a standing position, arms above my
head. I’m going to bend down, bend my knees in a squat position, and put my hand flat
on the ground in front of me. Notice my hands are not to the side because that’s not the
correct body position. I’m going to have a hard time pushing with my hands out here.
I’m going to put my hands down in front in a squat position. I’m going to bend forward
and look for my bellybutton. A nice way to tell your little ones to do this is to put
glue on their chin. Tuck their chin down into their chest, look for their bellybutton and
roll. Notice when I finish my roll, I’m going to leave my hands forward in front of me and
stand up rather than leaving them behind me. I’ll show you what I mean in just a second.
I’m going to put my hands down in front, look for my bellybutton, and roll. What I meant
about the landing is a lot of people like to leave their hands behind them and push
up. Notice how slow that is. What you want to do is rock and roll with your hands reaching
in front and standing up. That takes a nice tight tummy and nice squeezed bottom. Make
sure you do that because it doesn’t look as good if your body is nice and loose and use
your hands to stand up. One more time, I’m going to show you the correct body position
and technique for a forward roll. Arms up. I’m going to stretch nice and tall, hands
go down in front of me, I’m going to squat, I look for my bellybutton, and stand. That’s
the forward roll.

49 thoughts on “Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do Forward Roll in Cheerleading”

  1. no no no! rubbish! If you do it like like you will bend your spine.You should roll on the side of your leg and top shoulder! look at my tutorial. search in : tonys forward roll tutorial and its all there.i did like the super glue thing. well done!

  2. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stupid

  3. it was a figure of speach she meant tell them to pretend there is glue on there chin sheesh you dimwad!

  4. I can't do it…. I don't know how to pulse your legs or whatever to get you going into the roll….

    You explained everything EXCEPT how to do the actual rolling….

  5. My teacher says youre supposed to put the pressure on your back, right below your neck but I keep putting my head on the floor and getting a headache x____x

  6. the way i learned is to go on the balls of your feet 9knees together0 and put your hands in front of you (not too much) tuck in your chin and push off and as your rolling hold your knees together and you'll spring right up! 🙂 soooo much fun!

  7. i did this on my trampolin and almost did a handstand. but i feel on my head 🙁 but i did the roll well 🙂

  8. What on earth is wrong with you?! I will dismiss your ignorant comment of not being able to do this. But who do you think you are ridiculing people, which is what your doing to autistics. You clearly have no understanding of what autism is, i will tell you, its impaired social skills that can leave them outcast, you are not incapable of doing physical activity because of a mental illness. You are an arrogant "piece of sh**" clearly.

  9. fuck you you fucking piece of shit, autism does not stop you doing physical things, at least know what your writing about before you type a load of rubbish.

  10. Tips: start on an elevated surface like a couch or a soft surface like a bed and move to the floor. Don't be afraid unless you are super scared. If you feel your neck will break, I wouldn't advise pushing yourself. Take gymnastics lessons.

  11. Every time I try I seem to never have enough energy to push myself. And every time I try I twist to the side:'(

  12. I feel so dizzy after a do a roll, like I kinda shiver and my head feels like it's spinning, does anyone know how to fix this?

  13. I can do a forward roll but i got taught to jump into it so im quite happy that i got taught this way because this way seems more difficult to me

  14. After you tuck your chin and your head/upper back is on the ground, grab your knees/shins/ankles (which ever feels more comfortable). The momentum from the roll and grabbing which ever is comfy will ride you up and you can stand 🙂

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