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Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do Running Round Offs in Cheerleading

Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do Running Round Offs in Cheerleading

I’m Mandy Butler on behalf of Expert Village
and we’re going to talk about tumble track warm ups today. Now I’m going to teach you
a running round off. This is the same thing that we did with the power hurdle round off
and the standing round off as far as the end of the scale. The difference again is in the
approach. When I teach my athletes a running round off, I like to keep it down to a maximum
of 2 steps and a hurdle. The reason I do that is the same reason I like to teach power hurdle
round offs. You can get a lot more tumbling into that kind of approach than you can if
you just try to run across the floor, do a round off, and then you have time and room
for maybe one skill. You can add a lot more series tumbling if you keep those steps down
to 2. What I’m going to do is I’m going to step forward with my cartwheel leg. I’m a
righty. Step one would be with my right leg. Then I’m going to bring my left foot forward
and my third step is going to come in the form of the hurdle. It’s going to be step,
step, hurdle. This puts me in the same position I was in when I taught you the power hurdle
round off. This is a running round off done from a step, step, hurdle approach. Remember,
if you’re a left tumbler, you’re going to start with your left leg first. Righty tumblers
start with your right leg first. Again, as always, I’m going to end my round off in a
rebound because that’s where I would place a more advanced tumbling skill like a back
hand spring or a back tuck. This is the running round off, 2 steps, and a hurdle.

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  1. I don't think thats a RUNNING roundoff that's a power step round off thoughh : and this didnt really help me that much

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