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Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do Toe Touch Cheerleading Moves

Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do Toe Touch Cheerleading Moves

I’m Mandy Butler on behalf of Expert Village,
and we’re going to talk about tumble track warm-ups today. The fourth jump we’re going
to do is the toe touch. This is the classic cheerleading jump, and you’re going to have
to do it in every tryout you’ll ever have to do. I can pretty much guarantee, so pay
close attention to my body position. The reason it’s so great to do these on a trampoline
or a tumble track is that they allow the athlete to have the necessary hang time to know what
it feels like to hit that correct body position. When you warm-up on the floor, you don’t get
that extra time and your body never quite gets to the correct position. The correct
position is going to be chest up, legs in a nice tight straddle, knees face the ceiling,
toes are pointed. Although it’s called a toe touch, you’re not actually supposed to touch
your toes, because look what happens when I do that. My chest bends forward and I send
my body back towards the ground. Make sure you keep a nice tight chest up nice and tall,
and arms in a T. You can do those in blades or in a fist. Also, if I’m trying to touch
my toes, my leg comes up and what do I do but slap it back down. Bring your legs to
your arms. Don’t ever try to bring your arms down to your leg because again, you’re trying
to get off the ground. Why would you reach for it? I’m going to show you the toe touch
on the tumble track. I’ll start with a couple of straight jumps to get aligned, and then
I’ll bring my legs to the side in a toe touch. Jump, Jump, toe touch. Notice that my legs
are straight, toes are pointed. That’s the toe touch.

37 thoughts on “Cheerleading Stunts & Jumps : How to Do Toe Touch Cheerleading Moves”

  1. ok she says don't lean forward and try to keep your back straight
    But when she demonstrates it she leans forward
    Are you supposed to lean forward or not??

  2. For me, the best way is to kick your leg up as high a you can, and that height might be around how high you do your toe touch and how far apart your legs will be.

  3. we dont really like it over here in england …people call cheerleaders wannabe gymnasts!!….im sorry if i upset anyone with my comment…it was not intended!!

  4. ok…wow! i have to say i really admire any1 and every1 who does cheerleadin! u guys r rely talented and i personaly think u hav a great courage. and of course this is a real sport!!! if golf or chess is a sport then wtf!? of course this is! anyway keep it up every1 xox

  5. omg thank you soo very much. I have been a cheerleader for four years considering im only 11. i've been to 14 competitions and only lost 3 thatss a good thing. also i am a #1 state champion! yay cheearleaders!

  6. using a trampoline is like cheating because of course your jumps are going to be higher it gives your more height

  7. yeah but it just helps you understand what it's supposed to feel like when you are doing it properly. its like practicing high V and low V in a mirror, its just to get the feel of it = ]

  8. I don't have a trampoline.
    I wanna learn how to improve WITHOUT a trampoline.

    A trampoline is like cheating.

  9. Great advice, but you should never practice your jumps on a trampoline. They don't get as much height when you do it on the actual floor. Maybe you can start out on the trampoline initially and then move to the floor, but never go back to the trampoline.

  10. what if you don't have a trampolin then how do you do that cause i can't lift my foot up plz help me i want to be a cheerleader

  11. @AmericanGirlDoll96 wow! didn't realise i was top comment i just came across this video randomly but you are welcome!! keep it up! love x

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