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Cheerleading Tips for Better Cheer Jumps and Stunts | Part 3

Cheerleading Tips for Better Cheer Jumps and Stunts | Part 3

Speaker 1: Grab one more and then take them
off and your legs are going to feel like a million bucks. That’s all hip power, all glute power. This is going to be funny to see. It’s going to be a piece of cake. I could probably start doing that and it would
be a piece of cake for me too. Hold it for a second longer. There you go. That’s like night and day? It feels like a million bucks? Speaker 2: Yeah, it’s so much easier. Plus, before you know my hip was a little
bit out? This one I don’t really have to do that. Instead of pulling it out here, I can pull
it a little bit more like right here in front of my face. Speaker 1: That’s what you want too, right? Speaker 2: Yeah, especially what I was trying
to show you is a bow and arrow. Okay, that’s a bow and arrow, what I was trying
to show you. Whenever I put that on, it makes it easier
to kick in front because nobody really does bow and arrows as much as they do heel stretches. Speaker 1: Because they’re harder? Speaker 2: Because they’re a lot harder. Speaker 1: I sold a million of these to cheerleaders
because all this is hip strength. The whole sport is hip strength. You’re good. Good. Control your body. Squeeze. There you go. Good. One more. Good. See I would almost think that all these moves
though if you’re sitting there and if you did 10 of those that’s where your strength
is when they get in their hips. If you get into that position with the bands
on that’s where doing the move better is going to be. How much different does that feel? Speaker 2: It feels a lot different if I could
just balance. Speaker 1: What’s the difference? Your hips just feel like you’re looser and
your leg can get into position easier? What is it? Speaker 2: Yeah, because whenever you do this
it stretches your legs even more. The band stretches them even more. Speaker 1: You’re firing more? Your muscles are… Speaker 2: Whenever you take it off your muscles
are phwooom. I just go… [End of Audio]
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  1. my coach let me borrow the bands and my jumps were the average hieght for people jjst starting cheer. but after doing 6 toe touches,hurkies, and hurdlers. they became so close to hyper extended jumps. thank you myosource for this invention to help cheerleaders all over jumps high

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