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Cheerleading Tips for Better Cheer Jumps with Kinetic Bands

Cheerleading Tips for Better Cheer Jumps with Kinetic Bands

McQueen: All right we’re back working with
Megan. We’re going to get her back in shape here. What we’re going to do first is we’re
going to do a series of … we’re going to do a couple of toe touches, couple of hurkies,
couple of hurdlers. Then we’re going to put the kinetic bands on and do a few more jumps.
Part of your jump training if you want to jump higher, if you want to have better form,
get better height, be stronger as we got to build your leg strength, hip strength. What’s
called you’re core muscles and we’ve got to get you stretched out and good and flexible.
Megan’s going to do two of each jump. We’re going to look at where she’s at right now.
Believe it or not Megan used to really be able to nail that. I can tease her. I’m dad.
Okay now Megan is going to do her jumps again with the kinetic bands on. We figured that
now this is going to take just a little bit longer. At 18 and been retired for a year
she’s a little bit more out of shape than we thought. Stay tuned this is going to take
a while. Megan is going to do a series of jumps with the kinetic bands on.
We’re working her hips, her thighs, her quads, her hams, and her abs. We got to get her stronger,
more flexible. As you can see the bands are applying resistance so it’s a little bit harder.
It’s a little bit out of form, but her form will come back to her when she takes them
back off. She’s already a little bit tired. All right Megan can you do two more of each
of those? Come on, suck it up. You want to get back
in shape or no? Megan: Yeah, but it’s hurting. I’m just going
to do one. McQueen: Maybe one of each. All right now
take the bands off. All right now Megan has done her jumps without the bands then she
took them and put the bands on and now she’s taking them off again. We’re going to do her
final jumps. Then we will come back every couple of weeks and see how much progress
she’s made. That is going to be provided Megan goes back to school in the dormitory and does
the work that she’s supposed to do. All right that includes almost one more, come
on. That’s what happens ladies when you take off a year.

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