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Cheerleading w/ JakeBoys | #CokeTVMoment

Cheerleading w/ JakeBoys | #CokeTVMoment

Hello and welcome back to Coke TV for today’s adventure I’m going to be taking on something I’ve never done before Well I have done it before but not outside the house and I am excited to do it And I need pom-poms for it I’m going to be a cheerleader Jake is going to be a cheerleader today lets go So I’m here with Sabrina, how are you doing? Hey We are about to take on cheer leading lessons, I am very very nervous I have never seen cheer leading done before Have you seen it been done before? Not really no Have you ever done it before? No I don’t know how this is going to go the people inside are really good Lets get in there and give it a good go Lets do it High I’m Elle from Zoo Riot Cheerleaders So today we are going to be doing some cheer leading We’re going to learn a pom dance and try some lifts as well No idea what I’m doing, I know I’ll have some pompoms in my hands Give them a wiggle Shaking is very important Lets give it a go First thing’s first we need to get you warm so lets crack on with the warmup Lets do it ONE TWO GO ZOO I can do these, I can’t do any more though I’m done now Okay so now we are going to teach you a bit of our choreography We’re going to do a low V And we step with our right foot, 1, 2,3 And then high V 1,2,3 And again low V 2, 3 And then T, bring the feet together I like that one Lets give that a go from the top Around the head with the right, around the head with the left Wow nice look at you High guys I’m Ellen and I’m going to teach you some stunts with the guys in the back today So we’re going to get you both up in the air Both up in the air? You’re no afraid of heights are you? I am afraid of heights You’ll be fine, don’t worry about it just look straight forward We’re going to demo a prep which is what you’re going to be doing So if you stand in here Don’t worry it’s fine Jen is going to back you, so you’re all good So you’re going to put your hands on their shoulders like this I hope I’m not too heavy You won’t be All you’ve got to do is step in 6,7,8 Like a pin Ready, back down Good job Nice one There we go smashed it Are you ready to learn how to lift someone now? You’re up, rise and shine we’re going to get you to do the same thing but we’re going to add a little bit on So you’re going to go up to prep then we’re going to throw you and catch you Cool You up for that? I’m glad that’s not me Okay I trust you guys Nice and straight, straighten up that knee High V Nice well done! Good job that was awesome Did you enjoy it? I did A bit scary at first I’m now going to teach you the final part of the choreography We’re going to go into a kick line, followed by a fun little jump and our finishing position I’m so happy with how that’s going So how have you all found it so far? I’m really pleased I’m really happy with how we got on Me too We’ve learned quite a lot of different moves I think we’re pretty good cheerleaders now Ready to shake your poms? Yep we’re ready Good because we’re learned the choreography and the stunting And now your final challenge is to combine those two into one routine All of it together? Yes I don’t really remember it but we can try our best You’re going to be fab Yeah we did it! ONE TWO GO ZOO! Well there we have it, I think we did amazing, how do you think we did? I think you guys did great, so much energy and very courageous doing those stunts Your throw was amazing Thank you Thank you so much for teaching us, we had an amazing day Cheers guys! So that’s it for another Coke TV adventure me and Sabrina have had an amazing time how did you find it? Oh my god I loved it, it was a great day Thank you so much for coming on the channel, I really hope you enjoyed the video And if you have you can click the subscribe button down below to watch more videos here and here Thanks for watching Bye

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