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Cheerleading with Ashley Cowan | Cheerleading

Cheerleading with Ashley Cowan | Cheerleading

Hi, I’m Ashley Cowan, and I’ve been a cheerleader
since I was 14. I’ve been an instructor with UCA since 2004,
and I won a UCA national championship in 2007. I was also featured in the reality TV shows
Cheerleader U on WE and Inside UCA Cheerleading Camp with Tim and Ashley on Varsity TV. With cheerleading, I’ve had the amazing opportunity
to travel all over, from Australia to Trinidad, and meet incredible cheerleaders from all
over the world. UCA is the world’s largest cheerleading organization,
teaching nearly 200,000 cheerleaders every summer. It’s also a division of Varsity, the world
leader in all things cheerleading, including competitions, camps, and cheerleading uniforms. You can find out more about cheerleading on, and today we’re going to talk about cheerleading.

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