Cheerleading with Damon Wayans Jr. and Kevin Hart

What up, world? Welcome to an all-new episode
of “What The Fit.” I see my guy. Damon Wayans Jr.!
He’s a good friend. ( horn honking ) All right. All right! Son of a– I can’t believe it. Damon Wayans Jr.
on “What The Fit.” – ( chuckles )
– Yeah. – No, no, no.
– Is that your thing?
Is that your, like– – ( mimics chuckle )
– You know. You know–
You know what I’m saying. That’s when people
looking at me. – Hey, come on now.
– Hey, I’m trying
to get like you. You know, hey–
You know you got it. Don’t do my thing.
That’s me. I do my thing, you–
What is your thing that you do? Ha! – Yeah, there go Kev, man.
– Ha! – Dude, are you excited–
– I’m happy to be here, man. Yeah, yeah.
What are we doing? – Well, we’re cheerleading.
– What? ( music playing ) O-K! You gotta do it
with shoulders. All right. O-K! Expressions, you know. You think cheer is
all expressions or all physical,
actual movement? Yeah, I feel like
it’s a combination. I know splits are involved. – Like, people do splits.
– Well, that’s– I think it’s gonna be a while
before we get to that stage. – I don’t know–
– I can’t wait for that part. – Are we ready? O-K!
– All right. Yeah, then you gonna shimmy. Within the difficult
world of cheer comes trust, and, um,
I’m not comfortable when it comes to–
to trusting. So we–
We’re gonna make one stop, talk to somebody
that can make me
feel a little better. – There’s a lot on me.
We’re gonna go cheer,
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– and then before that,
we’re gonna go to therapy. I was– I was saying
I was gonna go talk to somebody about what
I’m uncomfortable about. ( music playing ) Hello. Welcome.
I’m Doctor Ruan. – Nice to meet you. Ruan, yeah.
– How are you? Doctor Ruan? – I’m a clinical psychologist.
– Ru– Ruan. – Hello, Doctor.
– That’s my friend Damon. Hi. Hi, Damon.
Welcome. Have a seat. – Hey.
– So what brings you here today? Uh, well, Doctor Rwanda– – Ruan.
– Ruan. Waquan– Wakanda. – Rwanda.
– Doctor Re– Rerun. – Ruan.
– Ruinda. Ruand. Wakanda.
“Black Panther.” – Ruan.
– I loved your movie. I was gonna let the cat
out the bag. This is a safe place. I have trust issues. Okay? And we are– We are about to partake
in cheerleading. – And trust is extremely
– It’s essential. – Yeah.
– You’re dealing with people
that you have to trust to catch you. When you do a letter,
I’m trusting that you’re doing a letter
that comes after, because if you don’t,
then I look like
I can’t spell. And this is who I was gonna
do it with, and it’s not
that I don’t trust him. That’s not the case,
but at the same time– ( no audible dialogue ) Well, we’ll work
on that today. It should be me
not trusting you. You’re the one that, like,
started working out all the time and stopped hanging out with me. I knew it. – Yup.
– I was waiting for it
to come out. Yup. You started hanging out
with a bunch of strong guys. The gym that we go to–
tank tops are welcome. – You’re not a tank top guy.
– I’m not. I’m not gonna
come in there with a guy that doesn’t
like tank tops. Are you feeling left behind? Well, you guys are working
out together today, right? – Yeah. This is a–
This is a first step.
– Well– – This is a–
– Okay, so we’re rebuilding
some trust. And thank you
for being vulnerable. Yeah, no, my cat is– – ( mimics cat )
– Your cat is out of the bag, – and we appreciate that.
– Stop. – Damon, embrace the cat.
– I’m not a cat guy.
I’m not a cat person. – ( mimics cat )
– All right, I want you to really express
your emotions. Draw a picture of yourself
when you feel safe, and a picture of yourself
when you feel vulnerable. ( music playing ) Okay, so,
this is me in my room – Okay.
– watching Kev on TV. Ruan:
Aww, that’s nice. It’s when I feel safe. That’s nice. Oh. And this is me…
( laughs ) – …on the toilet.
– I see what you did there. – Yeah.
– And I hate spiders. – So–
– He’s coming for you. – I see.
– He wants it. And I don’t want him
to want it. That’s fair. So, yeah. Kevin, can you show yours
to Damon? This is, uh– So, walk us through this. This is– This is– This is me when I had a box and my hair was high, and I used to think
that I was Eric B. & Rakim. And I would go outside
in the sun and I would– Right.
You wanna show the world. – I would rap–
– What’s that? This is the exact size
of my penis when I’m not erect. And I feel vulnerable… …when I’m soft. What’s–
What’s coming out of it, man? What do you think it is? I’m vulnerable. So can you say something
affirming about that? He opened up to you. I feel bad
that your hole is here. That means it’s on the top. – Kinda like a…
– ( both laugh ) – …dolphin.
– No judgment. – No judgment.
– That means when you’re peeing, it’s going up. Why do you think it’s going
the way that it’s going? – Yeah, and I get it now.
– I don’t– All right, good job, guys.
How do you feel
after you shared that? I mean, I feel good
until he teased me – about something that
I had nothing to do with.
– Aw. God did that. All right, well,
we’ll keep working. Good job opening up. I don’t want you
looking at this later. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Good luck
with your cheerleading today.
– Kevin: Thank you. I’m here for you
if you need me, okay? So you’re not doing part two. – No. Sorry.
– Of? Wakanda.
“Black Panther.” – That’s not her name.
– Ruan. ( music playing ) – Woman: Five, six,
seven, eight.
– Hey. – One, two, three, four,
– Twisting. – five, six, seven, eight.
– Twist and dip. – Yes.
– One, two, three,
four, five, six, – Yeah. Yeah.
– seven, eight. – Hi, I’m Lauri.
– I’m Kevin. – Damon.
– That’s Damon. – Nice to meet you.
– As you know, we’re here to embrace
the world of cheer. – We’re about– Yeah.
– ( cheers and applause ) – Yeah! We’re ready.
– This is the national team. We represent
the top cheerleaders
across the United State. – Yes!
– We primarily compete
internationally. – Yes!
– There it is. So you guys are gonna learn
some cheerleading today.
That sound good? – Yes.
– Yeah. Yes, it does! So we’re gonna go
through some basic motions – to be a cheerleader. Okay?
Chucky, Jane.
– Okay. Yes. So why don’t you come
stand right here. First is a clap.
Let’s see a clap. – You guys here, too.
There you go.
– Right here. – Right under the chin.
– Boom. Nice closed clap
under the chin. – Clap.
– Clap. – Had that in early 2000.
– There we go. ( laugh )
Okay. So we gotta punch.
Ready? A punch. Jersey, Jersey. Now we gotta high V.
You’re gonna use both hands
this time. High V.
Going right around there. – Hey, that’s actually–
– A little higher. Then our last one is a T. – T, we’re gonna T. Pretty easy.
– Like a T with the body. We’re gonna put this
to some counts
for you guys. Make it a little fast,
a little challenging. Clap, one, two,
punch, three, four, high V, five,
six, T, seven, eight. Faster.
Two, three, four. – Five, six, seven, go again.
– Oh, God! That’s not it. – Three, four.
– Punch, high V. Seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. – One. Okay.
– He wins. – Damon won that one.
– For sure. That was a little freestyle. Okay, my friends here are
gonna do a toe touch for you. – It’s the most common
jump in cheerleading.
– Got it. One, two, three. – Very good.
– Got it. So her legs hyperextend
over her head. I make my wife toe touch
all the time. Yeah, you do! Ain’t it weird, like,
when a guy agrees? Yeah, your wife, man. – Ready? All right.
– Yes. Come on now.
We’re the Turtles. Come on now.
We’re the Turtles. Hey! Extended T. – Oh!
– Mmm. Okay. Legs above the head. – Legs above the head.
– Right. – Or maybe you can’t do it.
– Uh-oh. ( cheering ) – That was pretty good.
– Okay, so jumps are one thing, and we also do tumbling. So let’s go ahead
and show back tuck. Hey! Stand and fall. Yeah. – Confidence all
about the confidence.
– Do it for the Turtles, Kev. – Come on.
– Uh-oh. Hey. – ( laughs )
– What? A back–
No, a back. Back. A back tuck. – Come on, Damon, come on.
– Finish it. Come on, now. – Come on.
– Finish it. ( cheering ) That was good.
That was really good. – Good stuff.
– Wow, that was great. Not to be outdone. ( grunts ) Come on, Kevin.
That was a fool. – Pity clap.
– Kev. Kev. You did good. – ( bleep ) you, man.
– You did good. ( bleep ) you, man. – He did good, right, guys?
– Shut up! Shut up. Just go on to the next thing.
Just do the next thing. She’s gonna jump
off the ground. When she does,
you’re gonna guide
her up, toss her, – catch, and then guide her
right back down.
– Got it. It’s not rocket science, man. Throw her up and catch her. – God, what’s he thinking about?
– One– Wait, wait, wait.
I’m going– – When do you want–
– Whenever she does. Dude, grab her, – you throw her in the air.
– Now throw her. – There you go.
– That was pretty good. He’s catching her. – High-five.
– Yeah, that was good. – All right, wanna give it a go?
– Your turn, Kevin. Yeah, guys, y’all can back up. I don’t need you.
I don’t need you around. Uh-oh. – ( yelps )
– Kevin, that’s the wrong– He’s got her. – He’s got her.
– He’s got his techniques. You’ve got it. That’s not how– One. – One more.
– ( laughs ) – Okay, ready? Ready?
– One, two. ( grunts ) Let’s make him the flier. – Ooh, that’s a great idea.
– What does that mean, guys? We’ll put you up
in an elevator extension. – We’ll put you in the air.
– I like that. You better ( bleep )
hold me, man. You’re gonna grab us, – and you’re gonna jump up.
– Give him those feet. – And give him your foot.
– Jump up. There you go,
and just stand up, bud. Oh, yeah! And then you’re gonna
extend to the top. – Ready? Extensions.
– Don’t change, buddy.
Don’t change. – Yes!
– Wow. Yes, sir, he is top.
Let’s go. – Yeah.
– ( screaming ) – Wow! Okay.
– Hey. – That was a pretty good,
first try.
– He’s got a future in this. – You got a future.
– Okay. So you guys have gone through – what it takes to be a
traditional cheerleader.
– Yeah. – Good job, baby.
– Jumps and tumbling, – Don’t ever do that.
– Good job. That’s in, like, sports.
That’s like basketball. – This is a sport.
– This is a sport, but– Stop! Stop.
You made it jiggle. “You made it jiggle.” So I feel like you’re ready
to have your own team. – I am ready.
– As you guys work
with your two teams, it’s important that you use all
the elements of cheerleading to put the best routine together
to win the competition. – So, Damon, you’ll get
your team first.
– Cool. – Here they are.
– Introducing… the residents of Terraces
at San Joaquin Gardens senior living community, the Senior Dog Squad! ( cheers and applause ) Lauri: Yes! Let’s go! Yeah, baby! Let’s go! What in the hell is going on? Whoo! Lauri: Yeah! Hey, guys.
How you doing? – You with us?
– I’m with you guys. Lauri:
Bring on Kevin’s team. And now hip-hop dance troop
for the Dallas Mavericks, the Mav Maniaacs! – ( cheering )
– What was that? Okay. Yes! ( whooping ) ( clamoring ) Okay, so come up
with your routine, – and we’re gonna judge
the best routine.
– Nice! – Let’s do this! Let’s go.
– ( cheering ) ( vocalizing ) Not at all. They might have size on us, but, uh, we got this. – A “what?”.
– What. Oh, you picked that up fast. And then I go that way. What. We got this. For I don’t know how long,
but, you know, we got it. This is big.
This is huge. It’s opportunity for me
to get a victory. All:
Two, three, four, five. Kiss my ass. We got this! – Are you ready?
– Almost. – How much time do you need?
– I’m almost done! Can they hear you? Disrespectful. What?
I’m asking a question. You don’t talk
about my team like that! – Right, grannies?
– We got it. – Got it.
– You damn right. What’d he call us?
Grannies? Okay, Kevin, we are ready.
You’re gonna go first. I would like to introduce you
to the Blue Thunder Night Jacks, and all we like to do is party
and eat flapjacks. That’s called a good time. I suggest you judges buckle up and enjoy… the ride. – ( chuckles )
– Five, six. ( grunting ) – Go, Kev.
– Aww, yeah! Drop it, drop it, drop it.
Butt, butt, butt. ( grunting ) Hump, hump.
( grunts ) Wait. Now. Get nasty. Nasty, nasty,
nasty, nasty. Yeah. Freaky. And freaky. Freaky! Freaky! Freaky.
Freaky, freaky, freaky. Freaky. Yeah! Just got R-rated, ladies. – ( laughs )
– Yeah. Oh, I’m ready. I’m ready. ( grunts )
Yeah. I’m on a bike. That’s a new one.
I like that. – Haven’t seen that.
– Oh! – ( grunts )
– Yeah! That was nice. – Yeah!
– Yeah. Okay. All right. Let’s go! Thank you. It’s time
for our next competitor. Follow that. I suggest you bring it on, ’cause it’s been broughten. ( forced laugh ) We are the Senior Dog Squad. And we came to shut it down
around this town… doo doo brown. ( music playing ) Kevin: What in– – Aww, come on.
– Whoo! Let’s go. – Drive it.
– Drive it, drive it. Drive, drive, drive, drive. – Polish.
– Polish, polish. Attitude. Attitude, attitude. ( grunts ) Nana. Got it, got it,
got it, got it. Got it. Ooh. – Switch. Oh.
– Swish, swish. Good swish. – Big hips.
– Hey. My eyes are up here, okay? Don’t look at that.
Don’t look at that. Don’t look at that. Serve it. – Cheer, cheer.
– Yeah, yeah. Swag. ( grunting ) This is like a bad episode
of “Golden Girls.” – And…
– Jesus. – That’s it?
– That’s it. ( bleep ) I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. – You should be.
– I shouldn’t– That’s bad. That’s bad. Suck our ( bleeping). – Yes! Yes!
– We got ’em. – We got ’em.
– Yes! Yes! ( music playing ) Damon:
Suck our ( bleep )! In cheerleading,
the spirit stick represents
the ultimate prize. You both did amazing today
of learning all the elements of what it takes
to be a cheerleader. You did a great job of being an ambassador and a leader
of your teams. And the spirit stick is going
to Kevin’s team. ( cheering ) Yeah! Yeah! – In yo face, Golden Girls.
– It’s not right! – Kevin: Yes!
– Damon: It’s not right! Hey, another amazing episode
of “What The Fit.” And today’s amazing guest,
Damon Wayans, Jr. Y’all show some love
to Damon Wayans, Jr. And because
I’m not selfish, I’m gonna share
my spirit stick with you and let you know
what it feels like to have a spirit stick. Share with your ladies. Give your ladies
some spirit, ’cause they came out
and worked hard. – Thanks, man.
– You’re welcome. Go ahead. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait. Let me see the bottom.
You’re not holding it right. I was lying! I’m lying! Y’all lost, man! See you later.
Come on, y’all, let’s go eat. – Yeah!
– Let’s go eat, yeah. Hey, what’s going on?
Kevin Hart here. Think I’m funny, right?
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