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CHEERS – its time to cheer | Malayalam Short Film

CHEERS – its time to cheer | Malayalam Short Film

Hridhaan , Where r u ?
we r waiting for u, k why r u so late ? I was stuck @ Traffic ROB is waiting for u since 4pm have u mentioned him all the stuffs ? we r not about to waste time ,let’s come to the point there is nothing to discuss about Faizy,
i have already said what i wanted to say Pls don’t mess-up man
lets clear things… What’s ur demand Rob ? I don’t prefer to continue like this..
i have also worked hard for all these.. And now he is offering only the
30% of the share for me..
This deal doesn’t work ! whats that Hridaan
Partners should share the profit
equely,right ? why the f**k he withdrawed $4 million
from the accout last month ?
so i’ll give him the remaining 30% only thats also right Rob..u only demand
30% ,which is about $6 million Who the Freak r u to order the things
around here ? i also have share
i know how to handle this i can sweep him out the world
for just $0.5m , so warn him i dont let you live till then
you Bastard i dont let you live till then
you Bastard.

20 thoughts on “CHEERS – its time to cheer | Malayalam Short Film”

  1. Message through the movie is good..though had difficulty in understanding the language…can the makers also add subtitle? 🙂

  2. Awesome short film
    All characters acted well
    especially.. the man who played as hridan..
    awesome.. expecting you in Big Screen…
    title good
    End credit – Fabulous its very funny
    well done

  3. Clarity loss at some where in climax is embarrassing.. its felt like mobcam
    Title work nic ,all over Good.. white shirted man acted well , all over a good attempt..

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