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Chelsea Clinton’s Baby: A Baby? Or Hillary’s Campaign Stunt?

Chelsea Clinton’s Baby: A Baby? Or Hillary’s Campaign Stunt?

Chelsea Clinton and her husband are
expecting their first child of course a number of conservatives feel that this
is a huge conspiracy theory that’s been orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and her attempt to win the presidential
election now there have been a number ridiculous
accusations first let’s start off with the right-wing conservatives they don’t
believe a pro-choice individual whatever wanna have a child
so few the conservatives have tweeted or made
Facebook point posts about this one person writes abortion supporter
Chelsea Clinton announced today that she’s pregnant not defeat is our
club ourselves but with a quote child another person said I love
days like this when everyone recognizes the baby in the baby and not a fetus and one other person said how
far along as Chelsea is it still a clump of cells the scene you Morano morons just because you’re pro-choice doesn’t
have that you should have an abortion every time we really have to clarify
that for these any hits yeah that choice and a great majority the time you choose to have to carry your turret big your the baby to term yet and then it be then
its board and then it’s a life form while I’ll okay I’m going to actually kinda give
them the benefit of the doubt here I’m gonna give them a little bit of
credibility because I don’t think that they’re trying to make the point that hey you know what’s she’s pro-choice she
shouldn’t have children my think that they’re trying to make a point about how liberals were for
two a psycho right need something that is
not viable outside the womb so when we say that we believe that it’s
a woman’s right to choose were referring to a fetus that is not
viable outside the womb it is dependent solely
on the woman who was carrying that baby to term or whether or not he decides to care
that baby to term so for conservatives they don’t matter at
the very moment of conception that’s it that’s a baby they consider that a
living life right even though can survive outside the womb I disagree with that so I think that
highlight the huge disagreement between conservatives and liberals and I think that it’s a fair point to
make but at the same time as I go to does not equal a Bible baby outside the world so we can test your
theory if they liked what I want to do that sounds terrible okay but if he took
those quantum sells out right now it clearly would not live raid now make on a maybe cuz it is sir intention to carry to term by the way to
turn it into something bad could happen that might not be the case right in
which case then you wouldn’t have a baby they’re denouncing their intention I
know you like used for political purposes but to me I don’t find that are you in
particularly clever but the next argument i think is far
worse absolutely so now there are a number of
conservatives that feel that hillary Clinton planned when chelsea won get pregnant so
that it she can use it to her advantage during the next election okay which is absolutely ridiculous of
course I know it’s true it was a video clip on a Sunday panel on
Fox News wasn’t exactly what they had to say
about Chelsea getting pregnant chelsea clinton I think the other day with her
mother that she’s pregnant and you have a love these a smart
analyst saying what is the impact on the 01/26/13 I hope we perhaps over analyzing all we’re thinking what
ought to be an routine joyous occasion that awarded the
daughter of a woman who yes we’ll probably wonder president is pregnant you with for trial down for
how many years and you don’t have a cynical bone in your body I think a lot of reporters think maybe
this was it planned maybe this was planned I you don’t think they’re healthy home and
her husband are entitled to try to have a baby whenever they one-acre multiple counter by the way it was gonna
be planned the plan for next year when the campaign might actually be
underway well it could be in the tub pregnancy was a
happy providential event and and the mainstream media trying to help hillary
clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign decided to make this baby in the Royal
baby you have to realize that this is Hillary Clinton cheese most likely running for president it
hadn’t been good for her lot of people who are you all the way to go there is coverage hey you know what you
know the guy who in 2012 Mitt Romney has a grandfather given how much covers nah people and
that he was too old to run isn’t this kinder sex is come on yet oh
you baiting me yeah attack called expecting her second
baby well yeah my question did not you’re all fresh prince kinda dumb you
think 90 okay so for store credit to howard kurtz
there for actually standing up for the right thing
buses hard on that on Fox News a so her argument is ridiculous on so many fun front
smokin number one she’s too old that’s the think she’s got
a combat so she’s gonna combat that by becoming a
grandmother yepson airline a little bit over
contradiction their argument in a moment but another thing that I found kinda
interesting was you know where was Lauren Ashburn when I John McCain’s running for president
because he was in his early seventies Righton and a lot of people are arguing that he
was old was she also make an argument have are already in use the oldest
serving president I believe: a at one point hmm or they sing are are
a tease out to all can do it or we’re on a roll who is all
about but he will issue the hard-nosed are you
best kidding me years now call Chelsea cruisers who think that
hillary Clinton tells her daughter went to have sex so
she can be impregnated at the right time to hope for campaign how monumentally crazy do you have to me to believe that
book I’m incredibly cynical about politics and politicians if you
watch the leaders at all you know that both Democrats and Republicans this is
beyond cynical this is Google where yeah there’s this huge market for
conspiracy theorists now n&i undersell me there are some
conspiracy theories that have some weight behind them and i can understand how you’ll believe
one of them because there’s some legitimacy some proof behind it but
don’t believe all these ridiculous conspiracy theories I think this is one example up people just kinda going
off the edge this is insane and again like her reasoning doesn’t
make any sense she doesn’t realizes she’s contradicting herself in
that one video it’s insane again yeah being a
grandmother is gonna make her look even alderson she’s not gonna have a
little talk with her daughter and husband say hey you know
what you the and knocked up at this point you have sex at this point make sure your for all make sure take
your vitamins that’s right get pregnant that’s going to help me out infection happy but they live in an
alternate universe where that’s only possible these the same you know it’s over by the
way this is full fledged Hillary tereza syndrome news have a bomb
under interim syndrome and now it’s Hillary because there’s the just last week there
was to shoot routers dead baseball on the mentally unbalanced
woman who threw a shoe at her with James Holmes to the killer from Laura shooting lives in
our head the thought that she was set up by Hillary Clinton 12 through the
shoe at her what so that she looked ridiculous and
be compared to George W Bush okay and now she setting up Chelsea to
have a baby so that she can be a grandmother so
she’s not accused of being all got here dosier analyst on Fox News yeah they weren’t like some
insane nude on Twitter they were disappointing news on a
national news program pass crazy man there is no balance their
insanity and where treat these guys like
illegitimate like well democrats said this an issue true there
said that in

100 thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton’s Baby: A Baby? Or Hillary’s Campaign Stunt?”

  1. I suppose if you want it the unborn child becomes a baby, but if you don't it becomes a fetus.
    This shows how pro choice advocates understand the power of language in order dehumanize the unborn when it sits them.

  2. women who are for abortion are not for it for birth control we are for it for the poor souls who get raped 

  3. Honestly, I could see it.  Not saying that this is the case, but a couple pictures with a grandchild will soften Clinton's appearance. 

    When you're dealing with high profile families, pressuring members to make life altering decisions ahead of the time they intended is not only not outlandish, but we know it happens.  If you think no one's ever gotten married or had children themselves for their political image, you clearly haven't been paying attention to how many obviously gay politicians have been married with children.

  4. I just kept thinking about how often people try to conceive, and how it fail a few times before it works, especially when contraception is used prior to trying. So, even if Hillary wanted to scheme like that, it wouldn't work on cue.

  5. So how many baby's are murdered before mother's decide to finally become maternal and think about the children that won't grow up with those siblings, you think those children will be glad their mom killed their brothers & sisters???? YT are the idiots that's why I no longer subscribe!!!!!!

  6. I agree with the fox host, surely if the Hillary Campaign wanted to make political hay out of a Chelsea pregnancy, the pregnancy to happen next year during that campaign or at least after the announcement

  7. The difference between calling it a baby and a clump of cells is the intention to carry it to term. It is a baby if you want it to become a baby. It is a clump of cells if you decide to cut off the potential of it to become a baby.

  8. I might remind all you trolls that Chelsea is ALSO daughter to ex president Bill Clinton. A pregnancy to score media attention? Wow! You folks are insanely dumb!

  9. zygote, parasite, fetus, baby, still sucks the life out of the host for 9 months INSIDE the womb, and 18+ years OUTSIDE the womb…..LOL SARCASM okay?

  10. I know politics is a dirty game, but can we please just leave the opponents' kids out if it? If I was Chelsea Clinton, I'd be very uncomfortable right now.

  11. Sometimes I wonder if /b/ writes the scripts for Fox News shows.  This is just taking trolling to the next level.  False flag baby?  There's no way any adult human being could believe that.  A law needs to be passed that forces Fox to have a laugh track or something.

  12. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse all we need to do it put all the right wingers out in front and wait until the zombies die of starvation.

  13. I don't think that it's crazy at all, although it would make much more sense to do that next year, but in theory, would it really be that shocking? President of the country is the highest posible position in power you can get. You don't think that her daughter would not be positevely affected and conditioned to do anything in order for her mother to succeed? They are politicians, Hilary is as pro establishment as Obama, those people send drones to kill innocent people and children, do you really think it would be too extreme to arrange a pregnancy in her daughters family in order to get extreme power? Are you kiddin me?

  14. Goes to show a major cultural difference between America and Britain. When British royalty announce a pregnancy most of the people get together and express good will and are all gushing and shit. When American royalty announce a pregnancy everyone starts throwing false flag conspiracy theories around and discussing Machiavellian feminist political maneuvering. Brits are naive but well intentioned, Americans are cynical fucking retards.

  15. Conservatives get these drooling idiots from Fox News off the air!  They are making you all look like cretins. 

  16. Falling pregnant is not a political event, unless your mummy announces it publicly outside of her private social circle.

  17. How about it's alive when the brain starts and thoughts begin?
    How about if you don't want a child, use contraception?
    We are developing artificial wombs, that would make abortion a thing of the past.

  18. The infinitely precious spark of life should not be extinguished. End the baby genocide… 55,000,000 souls and counting

  19. ANYONE that thinks this has ANY political significance should just stop it right now and take a long look in the mirror.

  20. So if you wanted a baby, got pregnant and then i punched you in the stomach killing your nonliving clump cells, which oddly enough had a heart beat,i would be guilty of what?  Simple assault in the libtards mind.

  21. Being pro-choice does not make you an anti-natalist. Is no one who was pro-choice had children, the population of the US would be shrinking VERY fast.

  22. Life begins at consciousness. Not conception. Not birth. Consciousness.

    If a fetus has never been conscious, never developed any emotional investment in the world or even been aware of it, never a thought in its head, it's not a person, and there is no ethical problem with terminating an inanimate vegetable. But  when it becomes conscious, when it can sense itself and the world around it, that's when it becomes unethical to terminate a pregnancy. However, even then, I consider my own perspective: when I was a fetus, I had no ambitions, no relationships, no emotional investment in the world, and I don't think it would be unethical to terminate a creature that has never possessed the capacity to be bothered by it.

  23. If "it" is a zygot which is not a child then tricking a women to take an abortion bill is a non issue right? If it is an issue then what law has been broken, if the "zygot" is not a child?

  24. make sure you call your mom every day to thank her for not tear you off from herself and trow you in the trash. Because from listening to you i understand you can't wait to "decide " which embryo  will be promoted to become a baby. please have some compaction and respect for life.  You are stupid as brainwashed republican. How you gonna change the world to better if you don't respect and support right to life? 

  25. I think Cenk just heard what he wanted to. Those right wing posters made a good point. Pro-choice people (which I am one) always talk about how it's not a child and it's not a baby BUT when they get pregnant and they're like 3 months then they claim it as a child and a baby. Can't have it both ways. 

  26. The republican Party have done a huge injustice to the more than two million of unemployed workers, who have been without benefits since late last December. With a lack of total compassion and human decency, these republican senators have rejected every extension proposal brought to them for vote. While these poor families have been struggling to keep a roof over their heads, and food on their tables for their children. These heartless republicans such as John Boehner, have made delay after delay, and have used every stalling tactic known to man, to help these poor families in dire need. These workers are not the "lazy" workers that the republicans like to label them as being. In fact, the majority are "older workers" with responsibilities and families to support. These people have worked for years paying into the system from their taxes, in the event of becoming unemployed and needing assistance while seeking employment.  To the republican senate, this is less to do with the unemployed, but more to do with making president Obama look bad to the country. This unfortunately is what they choose to focus their efforts on. This shows the country how inept their party is, if they must use poor unemployed families as bargaining chips, and for political leverage. Shame on these senators that knowing what impact their decision is having on these millions of families, they still lack caring. I hope that these senators will remember that the next election will soon be here, but most likely none of them will still have jobs after.

  27. Being pro-life just means you're clueless about biology. A batch of semen has billions of sperms, and those are not billions of half babies. 
    Viable outside the womb, that's the line to be drawn.

  28. Young Turks are often confused or outraged by fox news comments or reactions, but what I think they're overlooking is the simple fact that FOX is a propraganda station, pure and simple, and their tactics are to simply throw shit nonstop.  Outrageous claims or anything they can use as ammunition.  If they can sway even a few of their viewer minions, it's served their purpose.  

  29. I'm pro choice, but I think the argument that just cuz a baby that hasn't been born yet and can't live without the help of the mother's body doesn't mean it is isn't alive.  I think once it forms a working brain and heart, it's iffy to terminate it at any point the mother choses.   I think abortion should be legal for a few weeks or short months, and then illegal after a certain point. If a girl is pregnant, she will know it at the very latest after 1 month when she does not get her period.  Should be her responsibility to have a pregnancy test and act quickly if she choses to go the abortion route.  Late abortions I would have to say you're terminating a living being. 

  30. GOP is the slime of the fucking earth and only thrives in america, where most people are dumb as shit.  These people would be viewed as backwards in europe and wouldn't stand a chance in a seat of power.  Religion and republicans need to die out for progress to happen. 

  31. I'm pro choice but it doesn't mean I'm like hey I got pregnant lets just abort! I'm very sensitive about this issue because there's this stereotype that liberal women do abortions like it's going to the dentist and that isn't fair to them… But at the same time I don't like how some liberals disregard the potential of a child… I just feel like both sides of the issue is kind of fucked up… It's either the extreme of women not being sensitive enough and men and government trying to tell us what to do with our bodies… It's a very controversial issue…

  32. Okay let's also assume Sarah Palin told Bristol to get pregnant in the 2008 election… You proved your pro-life stance and gained sympathy… Oh wait…

  33. Any woman who finds out she is pregnant knows in her heart she is carrying a living child. An attempt to dehumanize that life is nothing but an attempt to rationalize away the innate disgust she feels if she chooses to kill that child. It's all hollow and meaningless because when they are alone with themselves, they are haunted by the cries of their murdered child.

  34. You may be right about the baby not being a campaign stunt.  But if you think it's because Hillary is above using something like this or even worse to gain a political advantage then you are the one being foolish.

  35. Yes, Tubby, you have to clarify to me why one baby is cherished and the next is trashed.  Life is either sacred or it's blobs of cells. Watch who you call moron or idiot– You are the one with the flawed… or shall we say moronic logic.  

  36. Whoever did Ana's hair and makeup and so on made her look like she's going to a Hollywood premier.  Let her go back to the look she used to have.

  37. Listen up idiots and morons:  A creature's right to life has nothing whatsoever to do with ability to survive on its own.  It has entirely to do with the level of cognitive advancement, and a fetus is about advanced as a worm.  Any fool thinking that survivability is the determining factor needs to get gagged with a bloody tampon.  Maybe you all want to go to the hospital and slit everyone's throat who is on life support machines? 

    Also, conservatives make a fine point in highlighting how liberals change their terms when politically convenient.  When a filthy liberal fights for pro-choice, its a fetus.  When said filthy liberal is expecting, suddenly its called a baby?  Those filthy liberals need pig semen poured down their throats – hypocrites.  That is not to say that conservatives understand the issue any better.  If they were really honest, they'd have a funeral every time wifey has a miscarriage. 

  38. haha… I so agree with you… just because you are Pro-Choice… doesn't mean you get pregnant to get an abortion… you idiots…  

    And yes, it is the woman's right to choose… the religious zealots do not own a woman's womb!!!

    And that HIllary Clinton PLANNED her daughter's pregnancy… damn… you American media are a stupid lot of people aren't you!

  39. Ya know…this fucking dickhead prick guy on YT is so jacked up liberal moron he refuses to focus on point and instead on peripheral agenda.  And he is so fucking annoying he deserves to be beat down.  If these YT are what this generation is best they have to offer I fear flouride and other NWO acts have already dumbed them down to morons. The FACT remains you YT jackasses that pro choice types CHANGE the definition based on intent…Chelsea calls hers a baby at same stage of development she would otherwise call a lump/mass of cells if she wanted to dispose of it….Do YOU FUCKING GET IT you stupid fucking pin heads? Here is a fucking clue….use fucking birth control…redundancy…don't be so GD fucking irresponsible to become pregnant and then because it fucking inconveniences you call it a lump of cells and kill it… IS a life and I hope for a front row seat at your judgment….jackasses.  It is comforting to know my generation didn't ruin America….THIS generation represented by these two fucks are ruining it.

  40. hillairy , dillary  ,  dock ,   Chelsea  was told when to  get the , aw forget it . Its not funny .

  41. In regards to Hillary using the baby as a campaign stunt. The whole idea of females that use babies for personal gain is something worth looking into. Females will spermjack males knowing that males have less rights, and more obligations to take care of that child. A female who wanted a child, getting pregnant with the intention of taking care of it herself then when the reality of how much funds, and energy then decide they want the father involved. Or the ones who want to keep a male gets pregnant just after they break-up but won't want to get a DNA test but insist the guy they want is the father. I think it's a issue that needs addressing as more women are using children they take a conscious decision to create so the female gets what she wants for personal gain. 

  42. 0:17 Straw man. 0:55 It didn't have to be clarified, because it's your own straw man you're against.
    1:15 Holy shit, exactly.
    2:13 Wasting time, get back on topic.
    2:47 Everything else about Hillary is fake, planned theatre. Leaving out the part about making her look younger (because who knows who tacked that idea on), you don't have to be crazy to think it's possible, you just have to believe she is that much of a psycho. I have no problem believing Hillary would at least passively mention how a baby would be good for their image during the campaign. Either way, the baby will no doubt be a prop in her theatre.

  43. I was just wondering why Scott Petersen was convicted of murdering his wife and unborn child? After all its not a life form of any kind.

  44. Yep how this baby is a baby because Chelsea is carrying it.  If it is a poor baby it is a horrible inhuman parasite that the mother should be coerced to abort.  Right!

  45. Blah blah blah…….all your thoughts, which is no better than anyone else's guess. Try to understand this: they do not like to call the unborn a baby until they WANT "it". What you think is so bias. Another hope that you may understand: it's a LIFE, it's a HUMAN LIFE= it's a baby. Are the "clump of cells" living? And are those HUMAN clumps of cells? DUH

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