Cheryl Burke Judges Show Group Auditions #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

– [Cheryl] Hey Stranger! – Intimidated.. EEE! Oh, I can’t get off this chair. – Oh my god, I love those shorts. – Cheryl Berg’s gonna
bring a fresh pair of eyes and a great perspective to this. – Good evening, ladies. Welcome to show group auditions. (cheers) Tonight we have an amazing panel of dance industry judges: Melissa Rycroft, former DCC, Jacie Scott, next to Jacie is Pamela Purcel, next to Pamela is Stephen Dahlem, Miss Shelly Bramhall, and we’re really thrilled
to have this next judge, she flew in from LA today, Miss Cheryl Burke. And you know me, and you know Judy, so I think we’re ready. Are you guys ready? – [Contestants] Yeah! – All right, give us your best. – [Contestants] Woohoo! – First the ladies will be
doing our signature dance and kick line. – So at a football game, this is the first entertainment
moment that happens. (upbeat rock music) – They do this in cowboy boots. (upbeat rock music) – [Kelli] I think Rachel
is stronger this year. – [Judy] I do too. – Wow. Rachel W., she hits these photo moments, she’s beautiful to look at, she has beautiful lines, you could just let your shutters go crazy and just publish every
picture of her doing the signature routine. (upbeat pop music) Chandi doen’t have show group kicks. (upbeat pop music) – [Cheryl] I can tell Meredith is not used to kicking on the end. – Meredith is struggling again with our style of choreography. After last week, that’s not good. Amanda’s kicks need to get better. What was wrong with that? – Meredith, she just slid and didn’t jump. – It’s hard for that stamina, that endurance, you know? – [Kelli] Mmhmm Is there anybody that’s a stand out? – Yeah, I like Rachel A. I like how strong and spunky she is. – Good. Now everyone will preform
Travis Wall’s choreography. We will be looking for musicality and can they tell a story through dance. – Get it ladies, ow ow! (low rythmic music) – [Jacie] So is Hannah always that fierce? – Yeah. – I love it, oh my god. – Bridget’s like a
different dancer this year. (low rythmic music) I like Madeline in this. – Yeah, this is a good style for her. – [Kelli] At least
Meredith can still keep up during the technical pieces, and still have a nice beautiful smile. I can see Meredith’s technical training in Travis’ piece, control, her musicality, she’s trained dancer
and it’s pretty obvious, but I just hope she can
do our style of pom dan…

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