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CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “The Other Guy”

CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “The Other Guy”

(light music) – [Narrator] Previously
on Chicken Girls. – My dad’s really sick. My mom and I are
moving in with him. – Everyone misses you. Your friends, me. – I really like you and
it’s been really hard for me. I just think it might
be better if we just… (kiss sound) – You were never there for me and I don’t want to
feel that way anymore. – You want me to
stay? Tell me to stay. (snaps) – Did Hamilton get hot? – I’ve heard from
multiple girls around the school about
how cute you are. – That’s what I’m saying. Hot ham. – These last few months
have been so special to me. And it made me realize
there’s more to life than the boy next door. What I can’t be
right now is yours nor anyone else’s. (bouncy music) (drum playing) – Hey, hey, Attaway,
it’s your resident DJ, Jessie, The Hawk! (hawk screech) Hawkin’. Here’s the latest
from Sharp Edges. (rock music) (bass music) – Harmony! – Good morning sunshine! Do you know what day it is? – Monday. – It’s my first day
of middle school. That means we can walk
to school together. – Come on, come on. Let’s go, we’re gonna be late. (bass music) (phone buzz) (phone chime) ♪ We fly so high, ♪ ♪ We fly together, ♪ ♪ We fly together, ♪ ♪ We are a girl gang, ♪ ♪ Like birds of a feather, ♪ ♪ Birds of a feather. ♪ ♪ We fly so high, ♪ ♪ We fly together, ♪ ♪ We fly together. ♪ ♪ We are a girl gang, ♪ ♪ Like birds of a feather, ♪ ♪ Birds of a feather. ♪ (upbeat music) – Remember, student council
sign-ups are tomorrow and now I better get to class. This has been Jessie
Hawkins a.k.a The Hawk. Enjoy your first day
back Attawaynians. – I can’t. – Mm. Poor thing. – Are you sure it’s him? – Of course I’m sure. – But it says- – Jared Danger. – That’s his stage name. – Well, at least he’s
not on the cover. – Page 37 basically
is the cover. – [Girl] We can always
find somebody new. What about a junior
with his own car? – I could’ve been the
male model’s girlfriend. I could’ve been
Mrs. Jared Danger. – Like I worked at Tre
Chic, and trust me Quinn, you are way better off. The only thing worst than a
male model is an aspiring DJ. – Okay. – Hey! I was reading that. – Time to study. (pop music) ♪See I been making friends, ♪ ♪ With the posters
in your room ♪ ♪ Barely getting by, ♪ ♪ On the white lights. ♪ ♪ Now you’re going out
with your band tonight. ♪ (chattering) (car engine) (car honks) (car engine) (dramatic music) – [Girl] Birdie. – Finally! They’re telling
my mom if we’re late. Not me. – Sorry, my dad made us
take a million photos this morning. (scoffs) – Well, TK sent a family
picture to the group chat. And he literally
said “Miss you all”. I was like “Little bro, don’t
go all Texas on us now.” Roonie. – What? – Drake, isn’t it? Are you nervous to see him? – A little. Just hope it’s not awkward. – Yeah, he didn’t take
the break up that well. (soft music) – Are you even listening to me? – Yeah. Never seen
a guy cry that much. I’ll see you at lunch. (drumline) – Dude, the only reason
she was stalking you because she’s interested in me. – Then why is it that
she started following me? – To make me jealous. I mean, isn’t that right Flash? – Yeah, that’s right. – You see. – [Boy] No! – Cut it out! All right? (mumbles) game’s in three weeks. I’m not tryin’ to blow
it again this year. – Yo, but at least we got
our secret weapon back. – Yeah, I just hope my
knee’s back to 100%. – [Boy 2] Yo, it’s
better than a hundred. 100,000% baby! Ain’t that right, boys? (all cheering) (drumline) (chattering) (upbeat music) – Hey babe. – Since when are you practicing? – Since the doctor said I could. – The school doctor
said that you could. The orthopedist said
that you have to ease back into it. – Okay, and that’s
what I’m doing up, easing back into it. 100%. – 100,000% baby. Yo, good luck at practice. – Excuse me? (yells) (bell rings) – [Teacher] Welcome back. I hope everyone
had a great summer. Take out your books
and turn to page 17, because we’re gonna
jump right in to talking about our nation’s
first two political parties. (class agrees) – Who can tell me
about the Federalists and their founder
Alexander Hamilton? – Hamilton? – Quinn, great. (quirky music) – Alexander Hamilton was a author of the
Federalist Papers, and the first
Secretary of Treasury. – Continue, Quinn. (quirky music) – Hamilton was a strong prepotent of a strong central government. (sniff) And he likes sandwiches. (cries) (quirky music) – I can’t believe we have
this much homework already. – I know, it’s almost like
we’re in school or something. (smack) – Hope you’re not expecting
me to help you with that. Why are you looking
at music equipment? Please don’t tell me
you’re buying another amp. – Nope. Selling. – Why? – Well, ever since
I stopped going on tour with my mom, she kinda, cut me off. – Oof. Harsh. Maybe you could sell that
really ugly jacket that you own. That really expensive
looking leather. Sorry.
– Funny. (whistle blows) (gym chatter) (whistle blows) (pop music) (whistle blows) (pop music) – Who are you looking at? – [Girl] Nobody, I just
really like the skateboards. – Since when? – Since always. – [Girl 2] Hamilton will
never ride a skateboard. He was too afraid of messing
up his bone structure. (whistle blows) – [Girl] What happened to Flash? He’s like, seven feet tall now. – It’s called a growth spurt. – You know, I do kinda
wish that I could grow three, four inches taller. – I just wanna get
two inches shorter. – We should trade! – Okay! (laughing) – Hamilton was
exactly six feet tall. (whistle blows) – Hawkins, in! Sub out Gilbert. – Isn’t that the guy
from the radio station? – Ooh. That hawk
screech is worse than my alarm clock. – Ladies, stop the chit
chat. Rhyme, sub in. (wolf whistle) (cheering) – Go Rhyme! Woo! (slow music) (hawk screech) ♪ You’re in my head, ♪ ♪ You’re in my head. ♪ ♪ Got me spinning out, ♪ ♪ Spinning out now. ♪ ♪ You’re in my head. ♪ (whistle blows) (drumroll) (smack) (gasps) (whistle blows) ♪ Spinning, spinning, ♪ ♪ Spinning, spinning, ♪ ♪ Spinning. ♪ (hawk screech) (bass music) – [Boy] What happened to you? – Basketball. What about you? – You should’ve
seen the other guy. (laughs) – Clearly I have some
more learning to do. ♪ Feel ♪ – Is the nurse-? – Oh, yeah, she just went
to go get more ice packs. I’m Wes, by the way. – Rhyme. ♪ Again. ♪ (bell rings) (rock music) – What happened to you? – You should see the other guy. – What other guy? – Oh, it’s like a
figure of speech. (rock music) – Forget it. – [Teacher] Welcome back
to the Attaway Appeal. As you know, we
have a new opening for an Editor-In-Chief. Any nominations? (light music) – I can do it. – [Teacher] Great. Anyone else? Arthur? – I’m a reporter, Mr. Daniels. And I can’t be tied
down to my desk. – [Teacher] Fair enough. Okay, is that it? – Rhyme’s gonna volunteer. – What? – [Teacher] Great, we got a
race on our hand here, folks. Remember, our next
meeting we’re gonna vote for the Editor,
so, don’t be late. Hey Rhyme, you got a
second, I gotta talk to you. – If you don’t want me to run, I can totally drop out. – No, no, no, totally the
opposite what you’re thinking. I read your work last year,
and I’m gonna let you know, I’m gonna recommend you for
my advanced English section. – Advanced? – Yes, mostly
Juniors and Seniors. What do you say? (light music) – [Girl] You know, sophomore
year may not be that bad. – Loving the optimism. Freshman year Rhyme
was kinda jaded, TBH. – Right? How was your
first day of middle school? – I got the lead
in the school play. – They were holding auditions
on the first day of school? That’s crazy. – Oh sweetie, when they
heard I wanted the role, no one tried out. – Stop growing up so fast,
you’re still my little sister. – Only in age and stature. (light music) – Mom, we’re home! (soft talking) (door close) – [Mom] No, I understand that. Well, she has
nowhere else to go. – [Girl] Hey cousins.
Longtime no see. – Astrid! – Harmony! You got so big! – I’m in middle school. – Hey, is everything okay? – [Astrid] It’s a long story. I’m gonna be staying
here for now. I start at Attaway tomorrow. – [Girl 2] That’s amazing! So you guys are gonna
be sophomores together? – Yeah. (dramatic music) – Do you mind if I
stay in your room? (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Next
time, on Chicken Girls. – So Scary Boy’s
in English class. Yeah he’s so smart. – Are you sure you’re
in the right place? – Yeah. Thanks for
the concern though. – I can’t believe
you’re in Attaway. – I know. Now that I’m a
full time Attaway resident, I kinda need a job. Know anyone hiring?

100 thoughts on “CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “The Other Guy””

  1. When is the next Brat movie happening. I’d love if they had a cool concept like the last one that brought more characters together

  2. Alexandra Hamilton we are waiting in the wings for you you can never back down you’re never going to take your time Alexandra Hamilton when America sings for you will they know what you overcame well they know you rewrote the game the world will never be the same the ship in the halled now see if you can start it another image of coming over on the bottom.

  3. Yaaaaaas finally another episode
    She likes someone new like every single season

    Rhyme: sees a new boy
    Also Rhyme: catches feelings right away😑🧐

  4. Looks like rhyme is turning into a slut or just it’s crush year…. ????
    Every season there seems though she keeps getting a new crush

  5. Rhyme: They we’re holding auditions on the first day of school? That’s crazy!

    Harmony: Oh, sweetie when they heard I wanted the role no one tried out.

    Me: Dang, so sassy, Harmony!

  6. Omg I think I know what's gonna happen…rhymes cousin Astrid also falls in love with Wes and rhyme and her have a fight

  7. Im sorry but when Rhyme got hit in the face by the basketball 😂😅 I've never laughed so hard at something like that. I feel bad for laughing…

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