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CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 5 | Ep. 2: “You’re Hired”

CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 5 | Ep. 2: “You’re Hired”

[ DIRECTOR ] Cut! Cut! Hi, I’m Diezel Braxton. I’m a model. I feel electric when I’m on set. Every shoot poses its own challenges and gives me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. I’m an athlete. And nothing clears my head like shooting hoops. And no one can stop me one-on-one. Just ask my brother. I’m an actor. Getting to help tell meaningful
stories is a dream come true. I got the best fans. And I hope I can make their day a little brighter. A little more… interesting. I’m Diezel Braxton. And I know what it means to be
“All Yourselves.” (gentle rock music) (birds chirping) – So how’s T.K.? Are you still friends? – Wow, I cannot believe you remember him. – How could I forget. He was around all the time. T.K. and the Chicken Girls were all you ever talked about. How is he? – I don’t know. He moved to Texas last year, so we don’t really keep in touch. – Oh, I didn’t realize. Sorry.
– No, you’re good. But Birdie, and Ellie,
and Quinn still go here, so they’ll be excited to see you. – Is Birdie still bossing everyone around? – Well, I mean, not exactly. She’s changed a lot. – I guess a lot has
changed since we were 10. – Yeah, you can say that. ♪ We fly so high ♪ ♪ We fly together ♪ ♪ We are a girl gang
like birds of a feather ♪ ♪ We fly so high ♪ ♪ We fly together ♪ ♪ We are a girl gang
like birds of a feather ♪ (gentle rock music) – When Ty set me up as
team manager this season, he never told me how much
stuff I’d have to carry. – Dude, no offense, but if
you’re gonna be a team manager, you really need to bulk up. I mean, those pads aren’t
carrying themselves. – Yeah, I’ll try.
– Yeah. – Practice after school,
we’re running blocking drills. Don’t forget the dummies, Flash. – Are those heavy too? (Isaac laughs)
– Okay. (upbeat music) (bell ringing) – Come in, come on. That’s the last bell,
we’ve gotta get going. Rhyme! Great to have you with us. – Are you sure you’re in the right place? – Yeah. Thanks for the concern though. – So we all should have read
The Crucible over the summer. Rhyme, you can catch up. – Oh, that’s okay. I’ve read it. (gentle music) (students chattering) – It’s so dumb that they make me change even though I can’t participate. – I know, right? – All right, everybody up! Let’s set teams. (air horn blares) Let’s go, people! – [Ty] You okay? – Yeah, I’m fine. – Mind if I join you? – Not at all. (Ty sighs) Why aren’t you out there playing? – My knee’s not 100%, and I definitely don’t think it’s worth injuring myself all over again over a game of softball. – But I thought your knee was better. – (chuckling) Yeah. Everybody wants it to be. I don’t know, I guess some
days are better than others. – Yeah, if one more person
tells me to be patient, I think I might actually scream. – I get that. Trust me, this past year has been one of the longest of my life, but you gotta take it easy on yourself. It’s a journey. (gentle music) (students chattering) – So at the end, was
John Proctor a good man? – Well, I think the real question is can a good person that makes bad choices be considered good. – He cheated on his wife and was, like, super,
super-mean to Mary Warren. And I mean, he tried to save Elizabeth, but it’s like, dude, too little, too late. – Yes, but John did own
up to all of his mistakes. He sacrificed his life. – I agree with Rhyme. Everybody makes mistakes, right? It’s the ultimate apology
to his wife and to himself. – [Mr. Daniels] Good job. – I can’t believe you’re in Attaway. – I know, for longer than
just the summer this time. Actually, I have a question for you. Now that I’m a full-time Attaway resident, I kind of need a job. Know anyone hiring? – Well, there’s The Slab,
but with the summer, they’re probably a little
overbooked on help. – Mm. – So maybe Junior’s? I mean, I know they’re always looking. – Thanks. – Yeah, sure.
– Yeah. (students chattering) – Hey, your nose looks good. – Excuse me? – Your nose, from yesterday? – Oh, yeah, yeah. It’s better. – I’m still really sorry. – No, it’s totally fine, forget it. – I’m Jesse by the way. – Oh, you run the radio
station, don’t you? It’s great. – Yeah, for now anyways. – Oh, is it not doing well? – It’s just the radio
station doesn’t get any love from the rest of the students. Nobody cares that it’s back. – I don’t think anybody
knows that it’s back. If people know, I’m sure
people would listen. – Brilliant idea. – See you around, Jesse. – See ya. – Jared Danger to open
Detroit Fashion Week with Tres Chic designer… Rhyme? Are you listening? – Yeah. What?
(Quinn sighs) – So skater boy is in your English class? – Yeah, he’s so smart. – He’s coming over here.
– What? – Wes is coming over to our table. – What do I do?
– I don’t know. Just say “hey,” just say “hey!” – Hey. – Hey. I’ve been thinking a
lot about what you said about the Crucible. Do you think he was right? Because I don’t know if I could do that. – Who? – John Proctor. About choosing his dignity over his life. – Right. Yeah, that’s a tough question. You know, maybe we could discuss it and study together sometime. – Yeah, that’d be cool. – Oh my God, I can’t
believe you just did that! (Rhyme laughing) (upbeat music) – Oh, hey. How’s your first day going? – Pretty awkward and boring, but at least the Attaway kids
seem a little less pretentious than the kids at Crown Lake. Plus your friend Ellie’s
been super-helpful. – Yeah, Attaway’s really not that bad. It’ll get better, I promise. – I’m gonna swing by
Junior’s for something. Do you wanna come? – Actually, I have my
Attaway Appeal meeting, but then I can. – Sounds great, awesome. (bell ringing) – Welcome back. Let’s start with some
pictures for articles, and then we’ll get to the voting. Anyone? Throw something out. – I heard that all the water fountains are laced with ADHD medication. – What? Where? What? You know what? I’m not gonna deal with that. Anybody else? Come on, somebody here. Go ahead. – I was thinking we could do a who wore it best sort of thing, so basically people vote on
what’s hot and what’s not. – Uh-huh, okay. How about an idea that won’t land you in Principal Mathers’ office, huh? Yes, go ahead. – I think we need to do
a weekly column board that ranks Attaway against
America’s top 100 high schools. – Are we in the top 100 high schools? – No, and that’s the point. We can, and will, do better. – You know, that’s good. It’s gonna be hard to find that data, but I like the inclination. Anything else? Is that it? Come on. – What about an advice column? To help the students that are struggling. – That’s a great idea, Rhyme. – Yeah, what if we did a fashion column, kind of like what Britney was saying, just less judgemental. So we could ask students
how they use their style to express and represent themselves. – That’s great. – And for a showcase,
every week we could meet up with a different student
group and interview them. It’s kind of be a cool
way to help them decide on what club they wanna join or just other people who have
the same interests as them. We could interview the drama club, student council, the radio station. – We have a radio station? – That is a such a great idea, Ryhme. Have the students find each other and form a community. Love it. Anything else? Nothing? Okay. It’s time to vote. (man grunts) – All right, here you go, young man. Thank you. (gentle music)
(patrons chattering) Can I get you something? – Do you own the place? – Well, my name is on the
front window, so I’d hope so. – Oh! Hi. Sorry, I was just
wondering if you’re hiring? – I’m sorry, kid. I’ve got half the cheer squad
on the payroll these days. Are you new in town? I haven’t seen you around. – Yeah, I used to live in Crown Lake. – You don’t say. My daughter Nellie
graduated Crown Lake in ’96. Her mom went there too. Excuse me. Yeah, although I’ve gotta say, Crown Lake’s a bit fancy for my liking. – My mom worked there, but we definitely aren’t fancy. – Hang on. On the house. Welcome to Attaway, young lady. (gentle music) – Thank you. – Hey, you got this. – With astonishing tally, eight to one, your new Editor-In-Chief, Miss McAdams. (students clapping)
Congratulations, Rhyme. Welcome. (birds chirping) – Oh, geez. (Junior sighs) All right, thank you. I appreciate it. (grunts) You have any experience
in the service industry? – No. – Do you like people? – Not really. – Have you ever been arrested? – Next question. – Why do you need a job? – Because my mom had a breakdown, and then lost our house, and so now I am living
with her estranged sister. – Hm. Chocolate or vanilla? – Mint chocolate chip. – You’re hired. At least temporarily. It appears my guy is late,
so we could use the help. – Dad, I’m at school. I told you, I have the Appeal today. I need a ride home. Whatever, just call me back. (gentle music) (birds chirping) – [Wes] Sorry I’m late. – Wes. Thanks for joining us. This is– – Oh, Astrid. My name is Astrid. – Wes, you’re gonna be training Astrid. (Astrid laughing) (upbeat rock music) – [Announcer] Next time
on Chicken Girls… – Driver’s Ed starts today, sign on up. – I can’t wait to never have
to ask for a ride again. – I don’t know, Roon. – I’m gonna be with you every
step of the way, I promise. – [Blonde Girl] Who are you texting? – No one. – How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not talking to her anymore? (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 5 | Ep. 2: “You’re Hired””

  1. If you watch crown lake and this listen up!!! I think Rhymes cousin is the one in Crown Lake that left the journal for Nelly🤷‍♀️ just a thought

  2. Can we get some Hispanic like I don’t want to be rude but the main cast is all white Can you have an audition for people in Maryland, Virginia and Washington

  3. I’m honestly In love with this show , Mannie , Zoe &’d Chicken girls💘🤷🏽‍♀️Anyone else
    Edit) I realise there are so many black kids on Brat now I love that finally we aren’t left out x

  4. Rhyme is so smart but every time she sees her friends with a guy SHE LIKES she doesn’t say ANYTHING it’s stupid🗣💩😤


  6. I’m so stupid , this is so related to crown lake and nellies dad is junior 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ who is the coffee shop owner

  7. So tk,tim ,Robbie also..and the drama club guy,Ezra and now skateboard guy.???also the radio guy….7 guys after rhyme…it's like too many….I would still ship Ezra with rhyme..hope he comes yr or something…

  8. I feel bad for Rooney because I feel like she thinks Stephanie is ignoring her from the kiss last year. But I hope in the next episode Stephanie tells Mel what happened between her and Rooney and not have this weight on her shoulders.

  9. Lily needs her own show. She only gets minimal exposure in Chicken Girls and it’s disappointing. Also, you’re forcing her into weirder roles that nobody expects based on her appearances in season 4…


  11. Idk it's show that there's an error and I can't comment on Brat's comment so I'm doing it here. I think she might be nice but I DEFINITELY DO NOT trust her. LOVE U BRATTTTTTTTT😘😘😍😘😍😍😘😘😍😍😘😻😻😻😻

  12. I think I trust Astrid but it could turn out different because chicken Girls alway have a lot of twists good or bad. Chicken Girls is the best series that I have ever watch the second best is Crown Lake obviously. LOVE BRAT SO MUCH. ❤️ (Never want Chicken Girls to end).😊

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