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Chris Brown On Me Dance Choreography Dance Video

Chris Brown On Me Dance Choreography Dance Video

On Me Chris Brown Dance Choreography Dance Video

15 thoughts on “Chris Brown On Me Dance Choreography Dance Video”

  1. Ashley punya gaya rambut baru nii tp jd cantik dan muka nya berubah jd susah di kenal klo dulu kan aku lansung kenal mukanya dan dance nya tp sekarang dance nya keren bggttt…..

  2. Ashley keren bgt dia bagus bgt gerakannya sempurna, pokoknya ashley the best dia gayanya keren bgt deh pokoknya aku gk bosen nonton ini soalnya ashley nya keren dan kristof juga keren bgt dan semua kk nya yg senior mantap itu lincah bgt👍👍👌❤

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  4. Mereka berdua cocok baget, dan Bagus baget dance nya ,sama kakak kak nya juga, aku suka baget… Tetap semangat kalian ya

  5. effortless…I love it! Great job – your students are amazing, and you're phenomenal. How can I send you a track to collaborate on? I'd love to see the choreography you would create for one of my songs. What's your email address?

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