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Cirque Du Cowboys πŸŽͺ #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Cirque Du Cowboys πŸŽͺ #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(upbeat music) – Today’s event is bittersweet as this will be the final performance together for last season’s squad. Our final appearance this
season is something crazy and something we’ve never done before. Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna
is in Dallas right now. And we have the opportunity
for our cheerleaders to meet the performers
and artists of Amaluna and learn some iconic
Cirque Du Soleil moves. And the cheerleaders will show the Cirque Du Soleil
cast our signature moves. We kinda have two world’s
best at what they do. I think what makes Cirque
Du Soleil so special is that they press the limits and they do things that seem impossible. They’re very unique in their craft. They’re their own genre of entertainment. We have our Show Group members here today. These are the ladies that we picked to represent our team. At any of these special opportunities, our Show Group is our front line. With some of our Show Group
members retiring this season, we will be having Show
Group auditions again for the 2019 squad. – Hi ladies, welcome to Cirque Du Soleil. Welcome to Amaluna. (ladies cheer) – I will be retiring at
the end of this season. So this is my last big
hoorah with our team. What a way to go out,
underneath the big top with some of the world’s
most incredible performers. Gonna start stretching right now. Hopefully be able to keep up with them. – Why don’t I tell you a little
bit about what Amaluna is. It’s a story about empowering women. It’s the only Cirque Du Soleil show that has a predominantly female cast. So having you ladies
join us this afternoon makes it feel a little bit more like home. Welcome. (ladies applaud)
– Thank you. – Yeah, good. So listen, I understand you are some of the best of what you do. So why don’t you teach
us some of your things, and we’ll teach you some of ours. Okay ladies, so who wants to do it? Who wants to try? – [Kelli] KaShara. – Perfect. – [Kelli] Lacey. – [Chris] Come on over. – How ’bout a rookie? – [Ladies] Hannah. – [Kelli] Okay, Hannah. (ladies applaud) – Nice, should we get to it? – Yes!
– Fantastic, let’s do it. Cirque Du Soleil is world-renowned because of the high quality of our shows. We have a dedicated casting
department in Montreal that scours the planet
for the best dancers. Some of them are former Olympians. We put that all together and then this is what you get, a fantastic show. – I’m speechless. The strength in her body’s amazing. I think we may have bit off
more than we can chew today. – Hi.
– Hi. – KaShara is teaching some of the Amaluna performers our signature dance. – One, yeah, and then you’re gonna drop down to your knees on two. Break your arms on the
diagonal, three, switch. – You can tell they’re performers and they get the counts. – Throw it around, and
then you slap to the floor. – [Kelli] Style-wise, they are a much more controlled body placement. – One, now this is when
you’re gonna get real sexy. You’re gonna sweep your
head up, two, three, four. Yeah, just like that, wow! – You can tell that our style is out of the boundaries of what
they’re comfortable with. So it’s fun to watch. – [KaShara] Five, seven, eight, one. (ladies laugh) There we go. – So much faster. – Now we have part of our
group going into the big top to learn one of Amaluna’s
pieces in their show, it’s called 1,000 Arms. It’s very precision based, and I think they’ll be successful at it. – So the concept is we wanna
make like a fan with your arms. So let’s see that right arm. Pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom. Excellent. (ladies chatter) – Nailing it, getting there. Caroline, she gave us a
few minutes to learn it. She was very good at teaching us, but we did have to pick
it up pretty quickly. – One and two and three and four. Five and six and seven and eight. Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh. Close. Good job, you guys are such fast learners. Thank you, ladies. (ladies cheer)
– Yay, we did it! – Fingers crossed, saying prayers. We might be ready for
what you have to show us. I’m a little nervous of the
skills we might be learning. I think there’s some hoops involved maybe. So hopefully my years of gymnastics and competitive cheerleading
might come in handy. – Okay, we’re gonna start with the basic. So I’m just gonna show you. So you’re just gonna hang on there. Bring it inside, put your knee, and from there, you are
gonna go sitting, like this. Who the first one who wants to try? – I’m going to need a lot of assistance. – Yeah, no, no, no, it’s okay. – Oh gosh, wait. – No, no, you can do. Yes. – Is that normal?
– Exactly. – [Lacey] That was not right. That wasn’t as pretty as you did it. – It’s okay. – Now what did you do?
– And then from there, you go slowly up with your arm. And put, and nice! – Yay! Oh, fun! – [Cirque Du Soleil
Performer] Okay, who’s next? – I think our girls are doing really well. – Ooh!
– And butt, butt. Yes! – I feel like I’m in
The Lion King right now. – You’ve gotta really be able
to lift your own body weight. It takes a lot of upper-body strength. – [Lacey] Yeah, girl. Oh!
(Hannah laughs) – I mean, they’re a little clumsy and they’re having fun with it, but they’re doing okay, they, so far. – So in the hoop, we spin a lot. So we’re gonna do a
little bit of spinning. – They’re good students and learners. They’re fit, and they’re
trying really hard. But you can just see it’s not your ordinary swing in the park. This is some serious trapeze and strength. – And up you go! – Oh!
– Beautiful! – Aw, I was not as pretty as yours, man. The big hoop took a lot of strength that I thought we all had,
but it was pretty tough. – [Ladies] Woo! – Oh!
– Beautiful! And the ground! – I think today went great. It was an amazing swap of skills. – So on behalf of myself and the entire Dallas Cheerleaders,
thank you guys so much. It’s great to have new friends that can do awesome new tricks. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Y’all are amazing.
– It was nice to meet you too. – Now we get the chance to perform for the Cirque cast and their crew and perform on their
circular signature stage. (upbeat music) (audience cheers) – This is my last big performance and it’s surreal. I tried to just take the last year and really enjoy every single moment. But it’s time, and I’m
ready for the next chapter. – As I retire, I’ll miss dancing
with my friends the most. Being able to come to practice and dance with the same group of girls every night, you share such a special bond. So I’ll definitely miss them. (audience cheers and applauds) (upbeat rock music) – It’s never easy saying
goodbye to something you love, but I got to have an experience that makes it hard to say goodbye. These girls are your family, and they motivated me to be better. That’s the kind of teammate
I always wanted to be, was someone that pushed
you to push yourself. – I think it’s gonna take me a while to really be at terms
with giving in my uniform and being done with this chapter. It was really exciting to be up there and giving it my all one more time. And when hit that jump split,
I got a little emotional. But it was a really special moment. (audience cheers and applauds) – I thought the performance went great. These are very high-level
athletes and performers. And to see them enjoy the performance made me very proud. Thank you, Chris, so much for having us. This has been incredible. – It’s our pleasure. Such an honor to have you ladies here. Really great energy. I loved the performance. The precision was just spot on. – Oh, that means a lot. – Thank you.
– Thank you. (upbeat music)

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  1. I did aerial hoop fitness once with my mom. She couldn’t keep her breakfast down though. πŸ˜‚ Ah the memories.

  2. I couldn't hear her name but the "Rookie"W the red hair was good at the Hoop deal!!Gonna miss Lacey and Ka Shera (sp)so much!!

  3. Getting into the cirque de soleil is actually more difficult than getting into the dcc. Cirque performers go through extreme auditions (similar to the dcc) just to make it into the international pool to be considered for a spot. Love each group supporting each other!

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