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Acrosport is a gymnastic discipline. The highest performance is most commonly
found in eastern Europe and Europe. But it is something that’s
practiced around the world. And typically it is performed either
as a mixed pair; male-female duo, women’s trio; three females performing
together or a men’s four. At Cirque du Soleil we have incorporated
acrosport into banquine acts. We have incorporated it into trio acts.
We also use it in the duo form. And we mostly optimize the dynamic acrobatic movement in conjunction with really amazing choreographic elements. There are some really interesting parallels
between acrosport and cheerleading. And in particular, partner stunt,
which is most commonly a male-female cheer duo. There are dynamic elements. There’s a very high amount of airborne acrobatic
elements, as well as choreography.

6 thoughts on “#Cirqueshop | CHEERLEADING & ACROSPORT INTRO”

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