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Coach Fired Over Agonizing Caught-on-Camera Cheerleading Split Shares His Story

Coach Fired Over Agonizing Caught-on-Camera Cheerleading Split Shares His Story

he’s the coach who was fired after video emerged of a high school cheerleader screaming in agony doing splits now these students and their parents are coming to his defense and the tearful coach tells his side of the story to Inside Edition what they made me and betrayed me out to be is not Who I am I know that he would never do anything to hurt the video shows 13-year old high school student Allie Wakefield crying out as she does the splits surrounded by the coach and other cheerleaders some thought the coach was pushing the girl down but ozell Williams tells Les Trent he was actually supporting the team and making sure she was in the correct position I’m actually telling him the proper way that they need to be stretching every single time so you’re saying is that to the late person when we hear her saying stop stop it doesn’t mean come out come out of it it means hold it for 15 seconds and that’s when I’m counting the girls mother says she suffered injuries to her ligaments and muscles their lawyer says the community should be outraged but Williams gave inside addition this video that he says shows the teenager doing cartwheels two days later Williams says doing the splits during the cheerleading camp was voluntary and that the teenager had performed a similar routine right before this video was shot most people seeing this don’t know the nuances of what’s going on here and all they see is something that looks barbaric and I apologize for I apologize for their perception of the video without the proper context because that’s not what’s going on after the video went viral the school acted quickly the cheerleading coach was fired and the Denver police opened an investigation but he has not been charged with a crime although the district attorney declined to prosecute she did slam the techniques Williams used these girls were present in the gym the day the notorious video was shot and are now saying the coach did nothing wrong stretching hurts like it’s supposed to but it helps you get that split that you need it looks worse than what Darcy is these parents are also expressing support for Williams he’s holding that girl he’s not pushing her down we want his name cleared we support a one hundred and ten percent always [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Coach Fired Over Agonizing Caught-on-Camera Cheerleading Split Shares His Story”

  1. If she is really injured from that, then the coach is at fault, his intentions doesn't really matter, it's his responsibility to make sure it's safe for the kids, i feel bad for him though

  2. Well then she’s not fit to be a cheerleader then, like she should come to my practice we have to run a mile, condition for an hour then tumble and stunt. This right here is a warmup

  3. Plot Twist: That girl was actually a transgender boy. That's why she was hurting. Btw don't don't start hating me. I just mean this as a joke.

  4. Of course it was a white girl
    Her mom is probably named Karen and she dad is probably a trump supporter. So both of them seeing a video of a white girl surrounded by blacks just looks bad so Karen did whatever she could to get him fired.
    This is all true btw

  5. Lol only in America you get sued for that he is very clearly holding her up who puts there arms under someone to push them down. That like signing up for basket ball then crying cause the coach is making you dribble.

  6. So now your gonna say that he wasn’t hurting her after she got surgery for him pushing her down? Sorry dude but things just don’t line up there! I think this is pretty messed up, I believe the girl more bc I know what she’s been through. It’s not fair and it hurts and stretching should never be painful!

  7. I am joining a Karate DoJo but I better not get kicked in the face, punched in the stomach, and don’t even think about sweeping the leg cuz I’ll sue!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😒😢🤨🤨. I hope he wins and stupid attorney who also want to make a buck from hard working people.

  8. Tbh, if you do the spilts and you can't go down all the way yet. And you start to cry or something.This is normal. I don't get why he is fired. 😔😣😒

  9. Black dude: * does job and ensures that she's going onto a path of gymnastics. *
    Girl: this is not what I expected, now give me money.

  10. Did you guys not hear the girl screaming and telling them all stop? Even though she volunteered, she’s allowed to change her mind and say she’s in pain. The girl did nothing wrong and shame on you people for making fun of her.

  11. If you’ve ever watched cheerleaders train to do the splits. This is how they all react. But just because someone filmed it and posted it. It’s a big deal.

  12. He was pushing her even when she didn’t want to continue that is what a good coach does and that is how you get better no pain no gain

  13. I dont rlly know why everyone is attacking her so much? I mean if someone was saying "please stop." And "no" doesn't that mean you should stop? Idk about you guys but they should've listened to her and stopped when she said to. Doesn't matter if it's cheerleading or not, she said stop and they didn't. It doesn't natter if it didn't hurt her at all, she obviously was uncomfortable and they should've understood that and left her alone to quit cheerleading.

  14. My high school wrestling coach (who was also a history teacher) got fired because a student said the coach hurt him during wrestling.

  15. I'm willing to bet the mother probably wanted the instructor he turned her down she then sees this as an opportunity for revenge.

    An environment like that has"lonely moms " written all over it.

  16. I feel it's still wrong. If she wants you to stop . Just stop. You can't force someone. I understand it's his job and it's good for learning the split. But if she can't handle it and said to stop. It's good to stop and let her try again or stop trying upto her

  17. I do think this guy is telling the truth but it's still was not right to make that girl hold that position if she was in pain I mean you know what they say baby steps, she would have gotten it eventually without the painful force
    But that's just me. What do you think?

  18. This looks like to me a hate crime. All these black people hold this white girl down . If it was a white man holding a black girl down with a group of white people holding her down . The black community would come out and claim racism and that a hate crime took place . They would also say that president trump had something to do with it.

  19. That girl is simply use to having her way. But the minute things get tough than come the water works and it's her parents to the rescue. Sorry sweetheart but in sports you sweat,you bleed and work hard to get better. The coach was simply doing his job. Imagine if they didn't. Football players would cry like women watching the Titanic for just getting tackled to the ground 🙄

  20. Yeah when I did soccer in middle school my coach would have us head butt balls and use our chest to stop a ball but it was to make us better not to hurt us this girl just couldn’t take the pain

  21. Bruh, when u sign up for this what do u expect? Don't be a wus, I was on taekwondo for years and we had 3 rounds, 100 push-ups, 3 rounds running across the field, and the hardest stretching exercises u could have, these guys weren't kidding when u said: "Hey punch this bag" They straight up go ham, and when u didn't listen it was 500 pushups

  22. She looks like she wanted out and if she has proof that her ligaments were messed up then yes he should be fired. Come on she's literally crying and begging for them to stop. They should have stopped and said well i guess you just won't be able to do splits.

  23. What I think how it should have been handled is that when she said “please stop” what I would have done I would have stopped automatically and I would have kicked her off the team right away, if you can’t do the splits and if it bothers you so much for you to cry don’t even bother becoming a cheerleader, okay drama queen? Lol

  24. O h w o w c a n y o u b e l i e v e i t g u y s m y k a r a t e t e a c h e r p r o p e r l y t a u g h t m e s e l f d e f e n s e s m h
    (But In irl I am actually a 2nd Degree Black Belt)

  25. I’m also 13 and a second degree black belt in Korean Karate (The US version is called “Tang Soo Do”)

    I am perfectly capable of doing full splits. In my karate school we learn them to do split kicks (basically a split in the air but it’s a kick) In fact, we do it during warm up. This girl wasn’t even doing a full split. Stretching isn’t supposed to feel good. It’s SUPPOSED to hurt. This girl’s reaction was like signing up for karate then going home crying to mama for getting kicked during sparring. She KNEW part of cheerleading would be stretching. Just like Karate has sparring and Soccer has running. SMH, the coach didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, I think the girl should be removed from the team

  26. See now i don't want to be a ahole but you can't fool with all these yt girls or women all the time. That 1 girl ruined his damn life!

  27. I dont care if you volunteer or say yes to something.. if you say stop that means STOP.. she got injuries, good he got fired… cheerleading is stupid

  28. When a person is screaming out in agony, YOU NEED TO LET HER OUT OF THE SPILTS, THEY WERE MAKING HER STAY IN SO MUCH PAIN!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  29. The guy saw her in pain and the girls also were holding her knowing full well that the girl couldn't handle it yet instead of saying ok let's take it slowly and simple they decided she's going to do it whether she likes it or not. Bad coach should of been fired

  30. I'd still hire him to coach my kids. He's doing the same techniques they've been doing for 50+ years & they still work 🤷🏾‍♀️

  31. Watching her do the split 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… That chick crying her ass out. Hon it's not that hard.

    I am a 400lb man, 5'3". I can easily do it

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