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COBRA KAI Season 2 Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Karate Kid Series HD

COBRA KAI Season 2 Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Karate Kid Series HD

Cobra Kai’s backward belongs back on top but the real story is only just but I thought you were dead Cobra Kai never dies ever since the tournament all I’ve been thinking about our ways to destroy Cobra Kai but opening your own dojo make sure you can balance up balance is my thing we got some new recruits it’s just been same karate cult it’s brainwashing half the school that’s why I’m opening up Miyagi does room for one more someday the fight may come to you and I want to make sure you’re ready that’s you Sammy see what Miyagi dough is made of something tells me there’s a can of wax in my future it’s okay which one of you has the balls to take on the chimp Miguel sorry what a lie you better hope that your soldiers – ready in pigs do you have a crush is it Robbie the fight is only over when you say it is let’s finish the fight a sense they doesn’t take destruction and disrespect we need to talk well what you can put in my kids heads aimless since I taught you to strike first strike hard no mercy these things don’t end well this isn’t a tournament away there are no rules it’s not an idea to fight you want to finish this right bring it on you

100 thoughts on “COBRA KAI Season 2 Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Karate Kid Series HD”

  1. Miguel gets a girl who’s exactly like him! But also STOP MAKING LARUSSO THE GOOD GUYS!! That’s one thing I didn’t like about this show

  2. it was pretty sick ending leaves you wanting more but sad af be ready for it i was not ready.. i really have to wait a whole year for season 3 fml

  3. I just finish watching this season and let me tell you something, it might not be so great as it looks in this trailer, but the final episode… HOLY SHIT!!! It's gonna blow your brains off.

  4. Miguel mother said these things don't end well and now her son could possibly die. Both Robby and Miguel should have just walked away…

  5. I just finished rewatching the first season and I was gonna start watching season two but omg I know I'm gonna watch it all in one day and I will have to wait forever for season 3 . I keep hesitating to start season 2 😂😂

  6. Wht makes me luagh about this show i how they always talk about destroying their oponents showing them what the concider to be real pure karate but the way they fight is hilariuos, siply because the actors anactress most of them dont know what the hell are even doing.

  7. Cobra Kai is fun because their character development is like normal human beings. No man is neither purely evil nor holy good. You can be badass but still have an honor. You can be innocent but still have some jealousy. Cobra Kai writers really know his stuff.

  8. Я посмотрел этот сериал и не понимаю почему Мигель. Ещё бы чуть чуть и онтсдох . Этот сериал был крайне не окончен и я требую 3 сезона!

  9. Why is everyone so amazing at karate and thy are only white belts I am a black belt and they can maybe kill me

  10. Without Migel there wouldn't be that recreation …..all other kid actors could be whoever else it wouldn't matter …Migel rules the screen from the teenage actors

  11. Just think when Cobra Kai reaches its series finale they might announce a Roger rabbit TV series or a cool world TV series on YouTube.

  12. Ok ok I’m reading the comments every comment is before season 2 am I the only one who already watched it in the comments?

  13. Truth is a can of wax wouldn’t do that car any good until you buffed it then a good waxing would definitely be in the works.

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