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College Mascot Dance Battle!!

College Mascot Dance Battle!!

(upbeat electronic music) (alarm beeping) – It’s six. – [Man] Six pm or am? – Pm, am. – Am, it is six am we
are going to breakfast. Today’s gonna be a fun day. Kick off is at 11, we are
two and half hours away, so we’ve got to get some breakfast and then take a bus. We charted our own bus for this trip. Yes, our own bus. That’s how cool our BYU boys trips are, not affiliated with BYU,
just a bunch of fans but.. – They say that this bus holds 60 people and we have like 40.
– 40. This is gonna be great. So here we go, epic game
day vlog is comin’ at ya. (upbeat music) All the way in the back, huh boys? – Yeah. – [Man] Right next to the
good old stinky bathroom, good call. – The back’s the best. – [Man] Good thing it has storage too, so you can store your one football. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Cowbell time. (excited cheering) – Okay we’re at the tailgate, we’ve got about an hour until the game. We have one of our
fans, our (mumbles) fans that wants to meet with us. So we gotta go find him
by the stadium somewhere. (upbeat music) I can hear the cowbells,
they’re gettin’ loud, this is gonna be a crazy adventure. So we have our cowbells,
we have the BYU one, we have the Mississippi State one, Paul brought a sharpie, we are gonna autograph this thing and Paul is gonna autograph it, and then once we cut it in half, we are gonna ship half of it back to Paul, is that cool if we ship it back to ya? – Totally. – [Man] Yeah, there it is. There’s Paul and his autograph. (upbeat music) There she is, Paul, Link,
Dan, the dream team. This one’s much cooler, there’s a difference between these two, we are gonna show you on
camera in a few minutes, but for right now, we need
to go and enjoy this game. Shake some cowbell. If you haven’t watched the game, put it in the comments, who
do you think won the game, Mississippi State or BYU? I’ll tell you who I think is gonna win, but I’ll go Cougars they better win. Look at this line right here. All the way down. (upbeat music) – Guess what, I got fever, the only prescription is more cowbell. (noisy cowbells rattling) (upbeat music) (loud cheering) – [Crowd] Let’s go Cougars. Let’s go Cougars. (upbeat music) – Okay they are handing out free ice cream to the visiting fans, that’s pretty cool. – [Kid] Can I get one? – The one player to come. Actually, here come some more. – [Kid] Oh here they come. – We’re good, he’s just the first. – [Kid] Good job BYU. – [Man] Hey good job, nice tackle on play. (upbeat music) Even in a loss these guys are cool, celebrating with their fans appreciating them for coming. Pretty cool. (crowd singing fight song) – [Man] What’s up Lincoln and Ty? How was the trip overall out of ten? – It was probably… – 9.5. – [Man] Oh that’s good. – Nine. – [Man] Nine. If BYU wins then what is it? – 10. (laughing) – [Man] Good trip, boys trip
2018, what’s it gonna be? – Somewhere in Boston. – Boston. UMass, BYU at Foxborough the
New England Patriot Stadium we will be there next
year for our boys trip, so put it on your calendar
now if you want to, if you live on the East
Coast come hangout with us at the BYU game. The only requirement, you gotta wear blue. Deal? – Deal. – Deal, bye. (upbeat music) (excited cheering)

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  1. 2:54 I’m the blonde kid in the bottom left quarter… my dad played and coached at BYU so they let us run the flags and I say a few rows ahead of them

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