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College Scandals & Non-Scandals (Cheerleaders, Sports & Christians)

College Scandals & Non-Scandals (Cheerleaders, Sports & Christians)

so that is still reeling in the wake of
the whole sandusky child molestation scandals got me thinking about this
whole topic and how scandal and passport seem to go
hand-in-hand does that wasn’t the only big one to
make the news in the last few years and i think there was a very reasonable
people across candle from two thousand six and have enought to sit and talk
about a choice he previously like the way they’re going to be premarital sex but there are quite a few college sports
schedules you might have heard of before phrases in nineteen eighty nine the head
coach at university of minnesota basketball program was forced to resign
after his father he was involved in one of the largest academic fraud scandals
in college sports history partially under his direction school
counselors have been involved in training hundreds of papers for university of minnesota basketball
scenes but he’s resigning than ever before mildred it doesn’t happen here’s our schedule for you university belmont women’s soccer coach
lisa kahn was forced to resign after is found out that she was going to have a
child with the same sex partner now really that’s the scandal now i’ll
take care of belmont rusty came out in the wake of her being forced to resign
instead i want to see the sport in the school act like christians the problem is the kind of work i think it might be better if they acted
like it was you know two thousand eleven as women’s soccer coach which is like that we actually have a pair of scandals
involving issues competitive cheerleading squad now back in two
thousand feet the gotten in trouble when a series of risque photos was leaked on
internet as you can see and upsets witnesses would probably like
to be out there visual scandal comes up in a month or two later winning issue
announces the decision to completely eliminate the cheerleading squad now they say there’s no connection
between these two events but acting and shortly after this we have the case
of courtney wilson for a cc who dropped out um… the hollywood and begin acting
importance knows he’ll get until she decided where great issue cheerleading
uniform during one of her movies so while shooting maybe ten days you the
tradition of taking receivers continues and really don’t look very far from the
scandal involving college sports earlier than this week we had a case of johns
island girl who was an issue for holding him when he cited the things a little
bit extra for that money when he straight across the field that’s
actually a student to make that clear abuse printouts that he made it pretty
far across the field and work in a couple cartwheels before he was tackled
by yet only gets really delighted security guards with some friends of interesting point
wise and and streak national sample comes when the campus
newspaper t_c_ use i suppose photos i think on the street full frontal nudity now of course the campuses papers are
due in part that’s what they did but i can imagine that somebody is in deep
trouble well that’s all the time we have for
passport stamps today if you have any revision including future video pictures
and handling uh… and as always if you’d like to see
the video for since you might say you can go to the website visit down below just keep it short probably less than
two years would be ideal freaky often as a general thanks for watching

26 thoughts on “College Scandals & Non-Scandals (Cheerleaders, Sports & Christians)”

  1. there have been so many scandals surrounding schools lately, and since many have considerably large sports sections some of them are bound to involve the occassional coach/staff/teams. Always fun to hear a couple good ones

  2. I seen more flesh and less outfits from bikinis that people wear on the beach than those pictures. That college needs to cool it.

  3. @Morningrise1986 I never like his videos.. the worst people are the ones that don't get what they say is bigoted. I guess b/c John is gay it's ok though

  4. College athletes getting by easy as fuck in college while we haft to study and pay loans. WHAT A SURPRISE. What a great reflection of what our society values.

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