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College Soccer – UC Riverside vs UC Davis

College Soccer – UC Riverside vs UC Davis

all eyes on Southern California’s Inland
Empire the culmination of a great soccer season it’s the Big West men’s soccer
championship live from UCR soccer stadium as the Highlanders of UC
Riverside gets set to take on UC Davis hi everybody welcome inside the campus
of UC Riverside happy to have you along and a big thanks to Riverside TV
bringing you this live stream on Big West dot TV alongside you see our
women’s head coach in Agins Alice I’m Christian miles NAT let’s get right to
it right now not a traditional heavyweight matchup but both of these
two schools eager to make some history tonight absolutely number two seed UC
Riverside getting to hosts having a great great conference here after a
rough start and then UC Davis coming in number five trying to make amends from
last year’s final well we’ll see what happens definitely gonna be some history
made tonight let’s take a look at some of the individual performers here NAT we
look up top for the Aggies they’ve got a potent striker and out of Mickelson
absolutely they play a counter textile he’ll be coming out and mid fields fast
and strong UC Riverside’s got to deal with that those late runs we look on the
other side of the coin here for the Highlanders Daniel Aguirre creative but
potent absolutely Alaskan he was a man to match my opinion he played well on
both sides of the ball and ended up getting a goal that that earned him
some points on board well the Highlander is looking for a little revenge after a
big three nil win for UC Davis earlier this season it’s for all the marbles
come on back we’ll have starting lineups and the first half kickoff it’s the Big
West men’s soccer championship Highlanders and Aggies next don’t miss Riverside’s annual festival
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more visit Riverside festival of lights dot-com it’s the culmination of the 2018
men’s college soccer championship season here in the Big West the final tonight
for all the marbles as the Highlanders of UC Riverside get set to host the
Aggies of UC Davis a big one on hand temperatures hovering just around the 50
degree mark it’s chilly but it’s warming up inside we are in for some great
soccer happy to have you long big thanks to Riverside TV bringing you this live
stream here on Big West dot TV Christian miles along side you see our women’s
head coach Matt Gonzalez said well now we look at this we’ve been waiting for
it it wasn’t the final we expected catching a lot of people by surprise
what are you expecting to see out of what could be a real fascinating at
least 90 minutes of soccer today yeah absolutely I think both teams early on
I’ll probably play safe just to get a feel for each other I know Riverside
lost the first game and I you know it’s always hard to beat the same team twice
in the same year he’s a Riverside team that really turned
it around hot and cold winless in their first 8 in fact 7 losses in their first
eight you’re part of this program you’re close to this program what was the big
motivating factor and what was the change just from what I understand they
sort out the defense they gave up a lot of goals early on and as it as it tailed
off it looked like they figured that out I think they got Quecha out of the
backline and he helped in the midfield to kind of slow to slow down the attacks
no we look at the records right now it’s UC Riverside coming in with four wins to
defeat San Juan draw they managed to take care of Cal State Fullerton last
weekend a big big win for them 3-2 that one going to ot and Davis they really
had to take the long route to get here 11 4 & 4
and they finished fourth in the regular season on ten points three wins three
defeats and a drop and talk about a tough road to hoe
winning away from home in Northridge at the expense of CSUN before that big win
last Saturday double overtime it goes to penalty kick
they are battle tested they’re going to be a formidable opponent tonight
absolutely they had to do the play in game if you will
UC Riverside had had a buy which I think helped definitely against Cal Stapleton
last weekend Davis we’ll see if the accumulation of a tea kind of kind of
shows itself but they’re big and strong in the fast all right we’ll see what
happens it’ll be the Aggies take kicking from left to right across your screen
the Highlanders in their home royal blue and yellow ripped and ready to go both
of these two proud schools looking for their first ever Big West men’s soccer
title here the Aggies coming so so close last year in 2017 but falling short at
the final hurdle on penalty kicks to Cal State Fullerton they want to finish the
job and we are underway here from the Inland Empire and it will
be Aggies on the attack here the first touch for Mickelson
we could see some expansive soccer but they’ve got some real big strong
athletes and perhaps the direct approach we shall see
here’s Nobby came in guchi playing wide on the right-hand side into the path for
Mickelson the talented redshirt junior trying to court screw the defender and
good support from the big strong presence of Cabin Gucci and certainly
those nerves have to be jangling here’s the Highlanders will want to withstand
this storm early on as it pops back to the number 14 and Eve Alaska is all
freshmen in the Big West and that one going against UC Riverside looks like
they got a couple new personalities from the first game with Kim and Gucci and
and number 14 and believe is Velasquez playing in a different position
yesterday so the dead-ball opportunities these are always defining moments and
this could be a great feather in the cap here for the Aggies if they could grab
one on a set-piece standing over it is that redshirt junior Mickelson with an
impressive total of four goals in six assists good enough
for tied at second in the Big West and it’s a fine delivery and it had her just
bouncing over the bar off the head of the defender that time Marte Formica
that’s gonna be a big part of Davis’s attack you know I talked to Tim capella
he mentioned that set-piece is gonna be a big big part of this game and it
looked like for me they were a little bit too deep on top of the goalkeeper
for that and he got a good look from about six to eight yards out always a
nervous moment back there but they weathered the storm and now the
Highlanders making their first venture into the Aggie app but it’s won back by
UC Davis picked fourth in the preseason were the Aggies coming in as the fifth
seed UC Riverside managing to get past of course the opposition coming in at
the second seed but the favor done for them by UC Davis is they managed to take
care the number one seed at UCI and that’s where we stand here on a great
venue and a November evening is Riverside now trying to build something
positive yo C Mon Hernandez is upended by capable get a for the Highlanders
you’re gonna see this a lot you see are trying to break down with with us on
build up play and Davis looks like they’re they’re high pressing just to
just to test UCR and see if they can get it done they’ll see this expansive
approach who they like to push their full backs a little bit higher the
Highlanders is pulse a wide on the right-hand side plays it up first touch
this time for Edward bonito just trying to muster some assemblance of possession
together it’s been a real good start from the Aggies as they switched the
point of the attack and tracked down this time by Velasquez he’s been a
revelation for this Aggie team up north the touchdown for Roy boa Tang the
reigning Big West defender of the year two-time Big West defender of the year
they’re big strong and physical and they’re starting well in possession but
pharmaco upended here and the flag will go up free kick for the Highlanders I’ve
been impressed with Davis so far that you
they haven’t played to direct they’re trying to get the ball on the floor
early and I think they’re trying to post up a little bit against UC Riverside
who’s a little bit on the smaller side compared to them you’ve been in these
situations both on the men’s and women’s side how do you approach these first 15
minutes because certainly it’s nervous sometimes it seems to be frenetic it at
times as well yeah I think I think you got to play to
the strengths to your strengths and that’ll that’ll settle the nerves the
easiest and if you try and do something different whether it be your direct and
you’re not necessarily a direct team that could be a problematic especially
against the team like Davis you know here’s a key Nate trying to play it in
and nicely cut out that time by Formica caught in the spokes but it bounces
kindly for Mickelson he has the support of the number six Brian Quintero one of
several all Big West performers out there for UC Davis Riverside to repress
right away and then then once they they connect that first pass it looks like
they drop off a little bit too definitely look into counter here nice
push forward down and putting the Aggies on the backfoot Schirrmacher forced to
track it down under the pressure of the highland areas Danielle Castaneda Big
West All Freshman team and a talented number ten in his own right good piece of possession here and some
physical plays Benito was brought to ground it
referee Christopher Calderon not at all interested in it that’s gonna be a good
match up with Mickelson and Quecha playing in the same part of the field
and catch of course the Serbian a big strong Profeta brings that european
pedigree has its prey long it’ll come at now for a Davis throw I think I think UC
Riverside made a good choice as they were developing the season as it was
progressing to get ketchup into the midfield because he’s super strong super
defensive and solid on in possession so they moved him and it seemed like that
kind of slowed the goals down and this is what we’re seeing ricochets out the
chance of Emmanuel Dougherty trying to switch the point of attack but nicely
cut out by Castaneda the freshman from here in Riverside at Hillcrest High
School it’ll go right back to the Aggie goalkeeper Big West 2nd team er Wallace
Lapsley from Seattle Washington already with seven shutouts on the campaign
certainly defense is gonna be the order of the day here for UC Davis
it’s a team that’s only allowed 29 goals good enough for second best in the
conference and some more physical play this time from Doherty this time
bringing down ketchup it’ll be another free kick for the Highlanders so the
rough and tumble early on yeah it’s not the the width and both teams aren’t
isn’t as wide as you would think especially with the the 1v1 ability of
of UCR with Aguirre and Castaneda if thing gets stay wide and really isolate
and really force Davis to defend especially 1v1 I think that’s where
they’re gonna find their success in Davis is comfortable playing little
combination passes they here come the Aggies once again trying to turn on the
Jets some acceleration right through the heart of that midfield it done really
well before the run of Berenguer is upended that Berenguer wearing the
number 10 in white the redshirt senior from Piedmont and here come UCR behind a
gimmick he is the creative fulcrum kind of the engine in midfield so to speak
and this surface you know it from firsthand experience it plays very fast
it is fast and and and I think it being cold as well is gonna be a problem with
that ball continuing to bounce here is edward benito the redshirt junior from
vista we got some big boys out there benito himself six foot three and still
with a man down it’s jose both saying the transfer from cerritos college who
really took a tough blow right the center of the field so referee
Christopher called aroan will call it stop to this one momentarily as they
tend to Jose Ponce a the junior defender let’s take another look at it it’s a
50/50 challenge and Jordi coming in robustly you could say what are you
liking to siena here and what are you seeing in the first seven minutes or so
net I think I think a staple of any college soccer game is the midfield you
got to win win the 50/50 s the ball is gonna be bouncing around a lot
especially on this surface and I think the one that gets it settled down the
soonest and the quickest and gets that first pass moving forward so that they
can Cellular attack is gonna be you know have success tonight
well you see Riverside in their first ever Big West championship game
appearance it’s a big night here a great atmosphere despite the chilly conditions
here the Inland Empire but the fans have come out and they come in here on a good
run of form NAT four unbeaten but out of those four games coming in tonight on
the back of three wins in that stretch so confidence is coming into form and
their form really perhaps at its peak we shall see and what a night-and-day
season it has been absolutely started off a little slow but like I said
earlier on they figured it out and and the goals that they were conceding
slowed way down and they started to find some form on that on the front end as
far as on the attack yeah and you look at the record five consecutive losses we
talked about that win this run of eight games but five consecutive defeats who
would have thought way back in August that you define yourself in the Big West
Tournament game and not just in the tournament game championship game for
the first time but hosting as well well that’s a huge advantage for sure
especially playing here on the surface and like I said you’re talking about how
chilly it is everything complains about how hot it is out here I think every is
enjoying this weather Adina’s nicely intercepted by bonito has
really made himself a menace trying to play it into the corner down it’s
misjudge by the defender here’s Castaneda the speedy freshman wide on
the right-hand side trying to conjure up something positive
Castaneda trying to square it across to no avail as it’s cut out by the defense
they continue with the pressures pulse a is back from that injury and it switched
to the near side now for Yossi man Hernandez trying to get some width for
the Highlanders it’s not a bad looking cross but some strong defending back
there from Roy Boateng that was a good idea I just think Garcia needs to
definitely get in front of there to the near post cuz they’re not gonna be
winning too much in the middle of the park if the size of their backline
yessuh D it is a big strong really fortified back for back there for the
Aggies is this one another one whipped in the strong header down and not a bad
effort and it was Goss danyetta all 5 foot 11 of it making contact but not
enough to beat Lapsley but what a delivery absolutely that
they’re there they’re finding something in the back post they definitely need to
either pinpoint the near or the far just be a little bit more precise with with
what they’re doing brought down now by Velasquez but real
combative spirit from the number 9 Roberto Garcia Big West honorable
mention this year some distinguished individual honors out there you mention
constantina Big West All Freshman again a Big West first team they’re gonna need
a big game out of him but it’s a free kick here for the Serbian Doosan ketchup
let’s go that big goal against Fullerton to push it to overtime not a bad
delivery at all but it’s repelled very well and here come the Aggies with full
force behind Quintero but nicely cut out by pone saying real quick rapid tempo to
this one yeah UC Riverside’s a quick quick team
Davis a little bit more powerful and strong interesting styles
as far as different athletes seen how we can make this happen
that one hit long by Quecha trying to play it into the path of Garcia an
outcome Lapsley showing off his nimble footwork tough goalkeeper already he’s
tied for 17th in the entire country with those seven shutouts this year is the
Aggies number one and still has another year of eligibility left interesting
they’ve got Mickelson playing on in the wide space it looks like four three
three at times a 4-2-3-1 he’s typically playing right underneath
the center forward and tonight they have him out wide they must have seen
something for him to be able to take advantage Mickelson has shouldered off
at that time by Alcantara they’ve looked a shirred defensively not really too
rattled the Highlanders and their combative style equaling the strength of
this UC Davis team as it comes out wide here’s Daniel Aguirre testing the keeper
and a dip just a bit late audacious confident and almost lethal I
would say say the same but that was a really good look and a cannon of a right
foot Daniel Aguirre but nearly had everybody on their feet another look it
really wasn’t that too far off considering how hard how far he hit it
from this one from about 30 yards out and it was dipping late lapse Lee had it
on the line plenty of power behind he just lacking a bit in accuracy but
signaling they’re attacking intentions nonetheless I think maybe they saw
something with Lapsley could sitting off his line a little bit for the through
ball considering that you see ours a little bit more quick and they’re
looking to combine top of the box and maybe we’re trying to catch them
sleeping a little bit we’ll see what happens here on this corner second
corner of the evening far side and it’s going to be Mickelson the redshirt
junior on the delivery is the Highlanders mark up
but right back into the danger area and cover it up nicely mind a goalkeeper
look like they’ve got a set play there obviously with a late short corner
Riverside reacting a little late but it wasn’t wasn’t that dangerous and when
Gutierrez doing very well in his own right manning the nets some good skill
in the center of the park here from Adrian Medina the sophomore from Santa
Ana and more width on this left-hand side yo c mon hernandez head up flag
stays down this is a get a once again just on the edge of the box and
operating with lethal intent as he goes to ground the crowd doesn’t like it and
they’re gonna get a free kick out of it and now he’s working against the Aggies
this time now yeah pretty savvy bite by a Gary to slow the game down pass it
back and obviously take advantage of that contact that was made so we’ll see
what they draw up here the Islanders this could be the golden ticket you see
it you hear it all the time games are won and lost on set pieces they
certainly have a role to play will it be constantly to the number 10th it’s gonna
be a gimmick going right into the heart of the mixer and a great response from
Lapsley what a service that was right in front
ton of traffic laughs he did well to react just have a tip on it it troubled
Lapsley and had to react rely on his reflexes you know sequence of events it saw a
strong start for UC Davis but and the Highlanders returning fire buoyed by
their home crowd risky ball in the center of the park down goes ketchup and
another foul here now UC Riverside likes to it likes to build up they just got to
understand who they’re up against with Davis coming in strong and like I said
earlier on they have a tendency to press hi and then once that first two passes
are connected then they drop off but the more they can make Mickelson defend like
he has been the the more more that you see I could feel good about slowing down
basis attack here on their home ground it’s actually not a really impressive
record three wins four defeats and one draw but you mentioned it they rounded
in to form that big win over Fullerton last weekend in the semi final that was
before they managed to draw it to Fullerton at the end of the regular
season back on the 27th of October as it comes up and takes a bounce dangerous
playing that time from Edward bonito so free kick he never saw him coming I
think he was trying to settle that for a full volley and unfortunately got snuck
up on from behind early days here in the Big West men’s soccer championship so
glad you could join us tonight and a special evening in the Inland Empire
regardless of what happens we know there will be a newly crowned champion for the
very first time in this proud conference it’s the third final here for the Aggies
the first appearance for the Highlanders and that one met swiftly by bonito
trying to set Garcia on his way had a deal with the defensive prowess of Jake
hopped the sophomore from San Diego he’s at 6-3 Boateng back there at the heart
of that Aggie defense at six to some robust pull backs as well what a way to
be in your first final and get to host it on top of it talk about double bonus
a game that these young manager I remember for the rest of their lives I’m
sure as they go direct this time and getting underneath it
is Cameron Bolden played out by constantina
once again this time trying to release a Gita and then I was Formica and you got
his lines crossed I believe with his goalkeeper had a word win at the end
there quick throw in now and Here Come UCR ketchup and his ball it won’t pose
too much of a problem for Wallace Lapsley but by far the busier these two
Gill keepers the man in net tonight for the visitors yeah I’m surprised you see
ours trying to play in behind as much just once then once they get in there
attacking half you’d think they’d be able to knock it around a little bit
because that’s what they’re good at so plenty of whistles early on a free kick
here for the Aggies who come in with a decent record on their travels seven
wins two losses at three draws away from home it’s come out wide it’s a good
block on the cross good defending that time by ketchup he seems to be
everywhere this evening yeah so far UC Riverside in the run a play looks solid
not nothing to worry about these are these are the moments here that are
gonna be the biggest test for them especially if looks like there might be
a long throw here well it could be an added weapon almost a set piece so to
speak right into the center of the box and that one flips around and finally
cleared away once again by ketchup yeah those long throws they might as
well be corner kicks more accurate as well and that’s Jake hopped he’s got a
long toss on him here and he’s got plenty of tall timber some targets in
there and that is their bread and butter if there ever was one his Mickelson is
crowded off of it here and space really at a premium as Schirrmacher is caught
and it’s cleared out of danger and here comes Maggie a waddle that right inside
that’s gonna be the key once once in those moments those transition moments
that you see our wins the ball that first pass getting out not necessarily
square but out and out of pressure I’m gonna be the key for them to be able to
get this game in hand and we see a lot of pace on the
flanks here for the Highlanders as well is it get a popping up on the left or
the right swapping roles with Castaneda that could play an integral part as well
to this approach trying to stretch that Aggies defense come in here both of
these two systems very similar tactically yeah but tactically both
similar but personnel y is very different but you see ours backline very
solid very simple with what their decisions in the running play ponse
underneath it as it’s hooked on here problematic and rising was Ilic and
problems back then and eventually covered up by Edwin Gutierrez the junior
goalkeeper that might be the first time he’s touched the ball Gutierrez seven
shutouts this season goals against average it’s not gonna be up there with
the best but an athletic goalkeeper good shot stopper the distribution is very
good as well bonito down this right inside and here comes UCR no such luck
this time for Acosta near the hot shot freshman is it’s thumped away by Bouldin
yeah those are the moments I’d like to see you see are kind of not not go so
direct Medina’s done well sets it up for bonito
and once again he was that guy trying to cut him from this left-hand side before
he’s up ended by the number 18 and white Nobby Cuban Gucci and trying to hit on
the break and here come the Aggies trying to play it early on that left to
no avail out comes the keeper Gutierrez all the way to the edge of his penalty
area this is back in fourth real open style to this one and plenty of pace on
display yeah both teams like you said have Payson and wide areas and that’s
what they’re gonna try and isolate here we go
I get in from Redwood City those angle balls in always a nightmare for those
center backs especially any of those speedy runners behind ya you see our
must must have seen something on film to be able to try and expose some late runs
from the midfield keep softening him up a little bit maybe it opens up the
midfield so they can keep the ball a bit better seven wins in their last ten for
the Highlanders coming into tonight’s what a contrast it was – let’s be honest
it was a disastrous start so a testament to the UCR resilience and character to
turn this season around regardless of whatever happens tonight
here’s Garcia supported well Adrian Medina stumped violently and dropping
into the centre of midfield will be Edward bonito and once again the defense
of Bouldin put to the test and he’s won himself a free kick UC Davis had a run
of three consecutive victories over Fullerton Sacramento State and CSUN
before they managed to sneak by Irvine on penalty kicks that one in a goalless
double overtime draw technically doesn’t count as a win but they advance
nonetheless it feels like a win there into the final regardless when as a win
especially knockout games every every doesn’t matter how you get to the next
next round and they are here it got there in 2012 lost to CSUN at home for
coming up short of an Aggie soccer field up north to Fullerton last year nice
header away by Bouldin good shape to this Highlander outfit
yeah UCR’s gonna may not win the first one but they got to work on figuring out
and hunting for the ball of it on the second so it’ll come out now for dagi
throw certainly a lot could come down to these in-game adjustments yeah
everybody’s pretty much staying staying with what they showed up in the
beginning of the game nothing’s moved around too much yet I think the biggest
thing is getting the game settled the Mickelson has been a real quiet presence
in the attack for the Aggies Garcia just backing into the defense this time of
velázquez and it’ll be a free kick for the visitors look like might have been
offsides so here come the Aggies down this left hand side they’ve got that
pace with Baron Gert he likes to run directly face up against those defenders
and it’s yielded yet another corner kick the 3rd of the evening for UC Davis
considering how fast both teams are it’s very narrow game there isn’t much width
I think UC Riverside’s tried to switch the point of attack a couple times but
beyond that doesn’t seem like that’s something either team’s taking advantage
of right now that put one on the near posts the Highlanders they’ll mark up
man for man Mickelson to deliver for Davis floats one to that far post and
over cooks it for everybody tracked down by Boateng the big center happy for
Quintero gets his foot to it Boateng takes the deflection and said more
fortified defending my UCR as it goes angled into the corner in Mickelson has
it poked away by his number two counterpart Jose pulled say it was more
than holding his own down on that right fullback role beware this long throw
keeper came for it’s crowded and it’s swing-and-a-miss cleared away that time
by Quecha thumped right back into the area so some nervous moments back there
for UCR but they come away unscathed yeah Gutierrez came out a little bit too
early thought he was gonna get to it actually ran into his own player look
like another look at it the final touch apply by keeping Gucci too bad but no
goals here it has been a cagey yet open first 25 minutes it you see our soccer
stadium this is where UCR has got to figure out a way to win these 5050 s Hernandez now for the Highlanders
playing on their home ground they’ve won just three games this year they’ve
turned it on late and hit the forum just at the right time Garcia closed down by
three Aggie defenders has the support now about dealing real technical style
about this Highlander team they can knock it around with the best of him
this is what they need to do a lot more of because this is where they’re good a
little bit of a high boot that time right before the cup they get here these
fans trying to get behind this Highlander team it would mean so much to
this school as it would for UC Davis so the free kick now for UCR ketchup keeps
it low it’s flicked on that time around the number 21 bonito and dealt with
rather well by this Davis defense which has been pretty tough to breach this
year you mentioned second best in the Big
West Conference with just 29 goals allowed and he throw in seven shutouts
they’re gonna be tough to break down yeah big and strong and again they’re
there direct at points at the right times and and that’s keeping keeping
their goalkeeper less busy but I tell you what UC Riverside in the run of play
has done a really good job may remember the last time these two met go back to
October 13th and it was here at this very same venue when the Aggies came in
and put three past the Highlanders you can bet that these players remember that
it’s gonna be a much different story this evening at this first 27 minutes
are any indicator yeah UC Riverside’s not going to forget
that that match in October 13th nice ball out that time from penny toe
angled for Aguirre everybody gets to their feet he’s electric again it trying
to show goes left out across it nicely read by Lapsley sure handed by the Aggie
goalkeeper if they can do that more often they switch the point of attack
Aguirre 1v1 you can go at him a little earlier
that’ll get them on their heels and potentially get in the box with some
service maybe on the floor which might serve UC Riverside’s quicker players
better mention the success for UC Davis here in October at the expense of UCR
Riverside had won the previous two encounters held here at UCR soccer
stadium in Big West play so that snapped that run Davis feels confident they’ve
got a good record 16 wins in the prior 22 meetings between these two schools
very much the old proverbial North and South matchup as they’ll knock it back
to Gutierrez Garcia Rises nice flick on from the big strong Highlander striker
but into the gloves of Lapsley so you see ours dropping off a little bit
asking a question of Davis what are you gonna do you in a dumb pity and build
looks like they’re gonna they’re gonna punt it I’m pushed out rising is rush Ilic the
big central defender from belgrade serbia they get to this point they do a
good job of trying to find and break lines with their first pass just causing
trouble for UC Riverside Quintero getting caught up free kick
but what Tang the two-time Big West defender of the year locates his team
mate Andy Velasquez has been a breath of fresh air down this right-hand side all
season for UC Davis it drops nicely now for Berenguer the senior trying to round
his way past the defense good play from Berenguer to set it up at the top of the
box but no one able to latch on to it in time and would you believe it it’s
Costin eita of all people who comes away with it and now here comes UCR on the
counter-attack bonito plays it into the path of Garcia before Velasquez
dispatches you see how quick they can be in transition the game of transition
both teams very good very good coming off of a plate deep in our own and you
see resides deep defensive half getting out quick so it’ll be a throw-in here
for the Highlanders two-to-one in terms of shots on goal in favor of UCR they
have kept Lapsley rather busy here’s ketchup good control from the Serbian
trying to vault lead it over to that far post it’s met my Aguirre and that was
problematic as well that was really good serve consider he was bouncing and you
catch it did a really good job and making sure you get it into a spot for
for UCR to have an opportunity like eating paint ito and they show off the
style the redshirt juniors come out wide and here is Castaneda the hotshot
freshman into the box costume made of fires and that one takes the bounce and
held by Lapsley in the end they’ve got some real speedsters down the flanks
here for Highlanders in Castaneda as well as a get a
well close down in the end however UCR’s dangerous they’ve got a left-footer on
the right side a right footer on the left side and that allows them to
dribble inside and be dangerous on not just a cross or service but a shot and I
think the outside backs aren’t need to get more involved if as soon as they
drill inside you can create to be ones in those wide areas the Highlanders they
turning on the style we mentioned the night and day start the way the seasons
gone they’ve also turned on the attack as
well 23 goals so far this season good enough for fifth best in the Big West
Conference and it booted away my Lapsley good flick forward but ponts say
underneath it for UCR it’s helped on by for Miko and hooked away my Schirrmacher
playing it left back tonight here for the Aggies I think as you UC Davis their
entry balls especially to their forward if it could be a little bit more
purposeful I think they’ll be able to get get some more opportunities I made
life difficult back there for Medina and space has opened up down this left-hand
side bearing dirt well I was left alone it was Mickelson racing down that left
hand side got in behind and once again in another corner already four here for
the visitors plenty of pace who they are explosive on the counter-attack
are these Aggies Mickelson to deliver this time to the near post flicked on
little troublesome tracked down by Schirrmacher Mickelson fires one right
back into the mixer out it goes and dispatched this time by Medina this is Quintero came Iguchi picks out
hopped who puts one in and that’s not fooling the likes of Euro cyllage once
again we see this physical brand of play because right in front of the
peripheries assistant as well we see hopped bringing down the smaller medina
so a free kick for the Highlanders yeah the the corner kicks I’m surprised
they’re not not using the Aggies aren’t going back post with their corner kicks
they’re trying to tease that near post big strong Ilic back there at 6-foot to
bring that Serbian European flavor and he’ll give it a ride Garcia misses out
dangerous challenged play on says the referee then it drops for yossi ma
Hernandez this is Medina bolstering this attack
from a deeper position is he defers for Hernandez who arrives in support once
again the electricity of Aguirre plays it in
Hernandez across out in front great shits and it was taken by bonito but he
couldn’t put it on frame wonderful bill that play slick as a whistle that’s the
first time I’ve seen you see rear side break break their defense because took
two or three passes get a hold of the ball Davis got behind the ball and it
was really well done to break him down here I mean you see it was beautifully
done by Hernandez just a simple square ball across I think that’s where you see
Riverside is gonna find their success they’re not the biggest guys if they if
they’re gonna get across it’s gonna be once they’re in deep and is gonna force
Davis facing their own goal which is tough tough way to defend once again
finding some joy behind the sweet feet of Aggie area down this left-hand side
could be something that the Aggies will address coming up at half-time nice join us here Big West TV in a live
stream brought to you by Riverside TV we’ll have an interview at the UC
Riverside director of intercollegiate athletics
Tomica Smith Jones and see what’s going on here with the Highlanders hoop season
just around the corner we’ll talk some roundball should be a lot of fun and
we’ll hear from the head coaches as well Medina wheeling and dealing it’ll come
at now for a Highlanders throat UC Riverside brought in loco su took out
Garcia locos who was a real problem for Fullerton last game he came in off the
bench and was really productive last game let’s see what he’s got today
Medina full of all kinds of trickery takes his licks there from Kate Micucci
Kate Micucci came here six foot three Medina at five foot three gives up a
whole foot but execs really kind of illustrates the contrast in styles of
these two teams yeah but in a microcosm absolutely as long as long as you have
the right personnel in the right spots you can it’s good to have some of these
smaller players who are quick and crafty and very very technical on the ball they
seen it from Medina definitely for Magee de castañeda able to chip in and there’s
a man you were talking about like osoo from Phoenix Arizona just loses out keep
a Gucci and Medina does well to ride the challenge now and here comes again a
racing back is berenguer and they get it it’s a good recovery from behringer
doing a lot of the dirty work coming all the way across and tracking on the
Aggies behalf first side doing a good job of repressing once they lose it
because that first ball out not ISM is being contested which making it
difficult what a wonderful tackle for a Cameron
Bouldin to pick the pocket of Mickelson long diagonal asking too much though of
Daniel Aguirre but a textbook challenge back there from the freshman defender
Cameron Bouldin ideas are right here sites starting to use both flanks early
with it with their holding mid Quecha and Medina
you know spraying it out from the middle watch that that’s how you do it MLS
professional level tackle that time for Bouldin the young freshman from Milpitas
the pizzas in high school so throw down for the Aggies tell you what it’s been
real fun to watch hasn’t been stagnant it’s had plenty of tempo that’s for sure
so down this near side and flicked on my cable Gucci before it’s cleared by euros
Ilic Marty Formica was trying to find the supply line so they’ll set up once
again in another corner looks like Davis made a couple subs number 7 on the ball
right now is Robert Robert Mejia right on cue my friend so we’ll see what the
Aggies drop some fresh blood Mejia also part of the All Freshman team you count
for its play we’ll see what kind of a delivery on the outs winger had a nice
flat trajectory to it but it may break now for UCR a beauty he really is the
part isn’t a wonderful distributor in great and 1v1 switches the point of
attack and here’s the speedster Kosta Anita my freshman yep the white players
on UC Riverside doing a really good job of working both sides ball castañeda and
a Gary have been defending deep helping out I’m really limiting the width for
the Aggies going forward as well painting those full backs back here it
is now for a pulsing in the anchor Ilic the junior from Serbia
this is Hernandez we’ll serve it up long and trying to get underneath it his look
also he may break four loko sue but outcomes Lapsley who did well he did and
those fifty 50s are tough because as a goal keep your waiting for the for the
redirection and when it doesn’t happen you might be get caught on your heels
it’s a simple ball here but it costs the problems so the Aggies right now
Mickelson trying to push it forward track down by Hernandez it will be a
Highlander throw looks like Doherty came out and you’ve got 23 Connor Tipton up
top he’s creating some havoc on the back
line of UCR trying to create some pressure so the first look at this Aggie
bitch there’s my partner attest to here’s Quintero near Sai Velasquez and
trying to pick out the aforementioned Connor Tipton the freshman from Sonora
and it may work out for Mickelson appeals for the handball he’s not going
to get it it may have been more of a case of ball to hand than hand to ball
regardless no penalty kick awarded but the Aggies keep possession behind
Quintero and send it all the way back to their keeper Lapsley and a fight breaking out here just in
front of the referee in the middle of it is Marty for Miko and form it go rather
he got into it and it’s Daniel Aguirre asked to be separated and the referee
needs to keep a lid on this early I was looking at the body didn’t see how it
how it broke down but there was away from the ball but tempers flaring
temperatures running hot here in a game that means so so much to each of these
schools and Christopher Calderon doing the right thing bringing in the likes of
Aguirre and having a talk with him as well as the number 22 Boateng saying hey
guys cool it you don’t want to see anybody go off in such an important game
here especially with just five minutes to go until halftime so the yellows come
out for Christopher Calderon and he’ll get the lecture Aguirre was
part of a couple Tesla’s last game and he did a really good job as an attacker
you’re gonna get clipped you’re gonna get hit and tugged and got a deal with
it it’s unfortunate he’s got a yellow this
early cuz he’s gonna be part of more of it as this game wears on an Akira go
into the referees books they get shown the yellow card both those personalities
are important to both teams so you got Quintero in the middle of midfield
disrupting the attack of UCR and obviously Gary speaks for itself with
his 1v1 and yeah it’s had a couple opportunities this this half so far too
fearless players absolutely really key Cox with their team and provided me a
lot of the electric electricity and creative playmaking abilities is it
drops nicely for cabe and Gucci and here they come once again swing and a Miss by
former co but recovers well enough then this left hand side and here it comes
for Mejia they’ve got some width came a Gucci playing in but here trying to meet
it pulls it back from the byline and it’s nicely worked by the Aggies
so how UC Davis has had a ton of set pieces specifically corners I’m
surprised they haven’t had better looks I think I think that’s gonna be a part
of the halftime talk with this group is they gotta take advantage of their set
pieces absolutely so already a half dozen Mejia to the liver once again on
the outs winger but tell you what this Highlander defense is really whether
that storm had defended those dead balls well but Mejia gets it back twisting and
turning is the little number seven rounds of defense the cross for
Schirrmacher who couldn’t wrap his right foot around it and I’ll go over the
touch line here for a Highlander throw that was probably one of two most
dangerous set-piece situations leaves his hat nil-nil here in the Big West men’s
soccer championship don’t let the scoreline fool you though
it’s been vastly entertaining and end-to-end stuff stats are one thing
play is another considering UC Riverside sighs like you mentioned they’ve done a
really good job on these set pieces their timing to get up and be able to
mark players out that are bigger than them have done a good job with that the
underneath it is bold and a slew of freshmen out there for the Highlanders
as well as his very young Aggie team Mickelson no the experienced senior
locates the likes of his teammate he’s arrived in Velazquez Mickelson as well
but over hits the cross and did it take a deflection off a defender that appears
to be the case referee indicates corner kick and they continue to pile up number
seven so here we go and it’s going to be Mejia from Jane Eyre and a Central
Catholic High School four assists for the little number seven good enough to
tie in for eight it got four it’s play puts in a bullet once again but these
defenders really attack it with ferocity defending he’s been impressive for both
of these two proud schools distribution though lacking as it’s cut out by
Quintero has the support of Mickelson the Mickelson’s ball can’t locate
Schirrmacher who’s that caught out of position here and a chance for alakazoo
to get a touch but couldn’t control it they’ll knock it back to Ilic the qcr playing a little bit more direct
last three minutes and a half if that’s how they’re gonna go they got to make
sure they hunt the the second balls cuz Davis has given opportunities sure
Walker did well dropping back in support now is Mejia into his own half appeals
for the foul he’s not gonna get it gets himself into a dogfight with Castaneda
and the Aggies are rewarded for their combative nature with that free kick
they will not back down will they Tipton horse-collar back there keeps his feet
really well this counter tipped in but appears the flag had gone up so offside
against Connor Tipton the freshman striker
both teams even late in this half really quick to double down to to double-team
and repress on the loss Davis has done as his half is worn on Davis’s done a
better job of that putting UCR under pressure not they’re not as comfortable
you see are in possession as they were at the beginning
those in-game adjustments we were talking about earlier that’s where that
coaching prowess pays off Duane Schaeffer on the sidelines for UC Davis
is 22nd season and of course Tim capela anchoring things for his fifth year here
at UC our soccer stadium may break but Schirrmacher dealing with the challenge
of bonito who just came sliding in so it’ll be a throw-in on that far side for
the Highlanders a game that’s crying out for a goal as we head into the waning
moments of half number one Davis has done a good job of slowing UCR down you
see I had some really good chances early Davis has been a little bit more
dangerous late someone comes in for Lapsley who looks comfortable there just missing out is Medina Ilic they
want to remain robust here this is not where you want to concede 40 seconds
left tracked down by Mickelson does well to pull it back into the danger area on
the back heel Tipton appeals from the handball has
it’s blocked and they dodged a big bullet that was a big bullet I did it
did look like it hit his arm referee had to make a choice there was a ball to
hand the 10th second count is on one last thrust right down the throat of
this use you see our defense it’s cleared away places of the crossbar and
45 minutes in the books here in this men’s final and a Cazalas how did you
see it well I think Davis got better as a half wore on I think the pressure on
on Riverside’s backline in possession slowed them way down in the beginning of
the game riverside had opportunities I think I think Riverside needs to stay
wide isolate their outside backs and Davis in in transition needs to play
that first ball a little bit more purposeful so they can settle the game
down but they did a good job late in the half get lots of set pieces lots of deep
throws which turn like turned into corner kick because they have a long
throw yes indeed it’s some robust physical play as we mentioned some blood
Thunder as they say but they managed to weather this storm in terms of shots on
goal you see are putting two on frame the Aggies really yet to steer anything
of consequence on targets finding that one shot on target so trying to find two
things going forward I’m sure is gonna be the modus operandi and really the
focus of the halftime team talks all right now we’d like to welcome in the
third member of our broadcast team Wes Malott
he’s standing by with the UCR head coach Tim Capello coach tough physical first half of play
tell me what you saw in the first half and what do you like from the guys so
far I think there’s two good teams playing to different styles but both
they’re very good at what we’re trying to do they’re very good at what they’re
trying to do as well so yeah it’s been a good half both teams are kind of
battling a little bit obviously it’s a 0-0 draw so both teams are looking for
the breakthrough as you go into the half and you talk to the guys you know half
one half away from Big West title what do you tell them to keep them going and
get all the way there I think we need to be a little bit sharper with our
possession maybe a bit more dynamic in the final 30 to create some better looks
we have a lot of possession with a lot of it’s in the middle third of the field
so if we can be a bit quicker with getting after their back for some more
dynamic runs and behind maybe we can create a couple more chances awesome
I’ll let you get your team coach thanks so much Christian that back to you guys
all right thanks Wes and thanks to Tim Capello
certainly with his hands full but his you see our team I tell you what asking
the questions of this Aggie defense so 45 minutes in the book still 45 minutes
to go half time here in this Big West men’s soccer championship it’s you see
our nil UC Davis nil and we welcome you back here – you
see our soccer stadium it’s halftime here in the Big West men’s soccer
championship final and despite a real open affair some high tempo some
physical play no goals between these two his Riverside and the dank Aggies really
stifling each other happy to have you along Christian miles alongside you see
our women’s head coach NAT Gonzales all right now let’s take a closer look at it
here there’s certainly some great moments of possession to start the game
here for UCR but the Aggies making some great adjustments as well they did I
think UC Davis was was hanging back seeing if if Riverside could solve their
there two blocks of four if you will with their defending and that they did
you see our did they had some opportunities in the six in the 18 laps
Lee had to make some reaction saves through a crowd and then as they brought
subs and Davis we’re talking about as they brought subs and they were able to
to kind of put pressure not kind of they put pressure on the back line of UCR
which slowed the possession yesterday is a positive
moments as we take a look here and it was a get a who really was a standout
performers but the Riverside if you had to look at some of the positive aspects
width for the Highlanders yeah one when they got wide they were most dangerous
and Davis and you could say the same with Davis see they got Baron barons are
out there and they’re outside backs getting forward we’re a problem Dan we
see castigated getting in the act not a lot back there for Gutierrez the goal
keeper to do and some success going directly at times they found some joy
down this left-hand side you mentioned with behringer but also
Mickelson who is absent for large stretches but let his presence be known
and it was a late flurry here as it was nearly a feather in the cap late on by
this Aggie team really poured on the pressure Mickelson going wide and then
taking advantage a little bit later would be a gimmick Lapsley showing off
his goalkeeping prowess he’s been very good in between the pipes very solid and
credit to Davis and their defense forcing shots from from further away and
this time is constant ended with this effort closed down but lap see once
again preventing the corner kick good ball from Mickelson across who couldn’t
quite cut the angle so more here as we saw hopped put in a decent ball right
into that area but I tell you what it lets has been really at the heart of
things cutting out a lot of those high balls in that’s gonna be the difference
I think I think UCR I don’t know how you avoid it but they’ve got to slow down
the set pieces in the corner kicks well now of course make sure you keep it
right here we’re gonna have an interview with the UCR director of intercollegiate
athletics Tamika Smith Jones coming up at the break but certainly some exciting
moments here in the first I have no doubt some real exciting moments coming
up here in the second half as I mentioned we’ll check in with Tamika
Smith Joan she’s going to tell us what’s going on the state affairs here for UCR
and take a closer look at the upcoming hope season it is half-time here at UCR
soccer stadium in the Big West men’s soccer championship final it’s the
Highlanders nil and the Aggies nil keep it right here on Riverside TV on our
live stream here on Big West TV we’ll be right back after this half time here at UCR soccer stadium in
the Big West men’s soccer championship it’s the Highlanders more than holding
their own against the UC Davis Aggies still 45 minutes to go but a very
entertaining first 45 minutes and the bosses stop by its you see our director
of intercollegiate athletics Tamika Smith Jones time ago first of all thanks
for taking the time here on Riverside TV in our Big West stream here on Big West
dot TV let’s take a look here on you look at this program you’ve got to feel
very proud of the way things are and the growth has just been magnificent each
and every year and how has it been to watch this program grow not just with
the soccer but the women’s side of the game and all the other fall sports as
well as some of the winter sports as well a great group of coaches for one
and then building the support staff around them to help them meet the needs
so they have it’s been exciting to see things you know track the trajectory
going right what we needed having 11 of our men’s and women’s soccer players in
the all-conference Big West all-conference was a tremendous you know
feat have seen that in years and then women’s soccer did a great job couldn’t
be more proud of them the way they started out and stayed strong together
all year long they’ve got a lot of future ahead of them and men’s soccer I
mean we we are just basking in the enjoying this I traveled
with them last year and they went up to Big West Tournament Sacramento and so I
saw the heartbreak yeah on that game and to see them get back on it and in track
and I spend a lot of time talking to the student-athletes trying to make sure
things are going well how they’re feeling we’ve done a lot of things to
support coach with nutrition planning and strength and conditioning and just
different opportunities for them to recruit we’re taking care of our home
hometown but with student-athletes but we’re also extended a little bit deeper
and wider so that’s been helping out not just here the states but also get that
spanning the globe this final I mean it was kind of
unanticipated here was the best of regular seasons but mild why Tim and the
boys really turned things around now you’re hosting here and a chance to make
some history I mean you guys are on the precipice of really making a statement
yeah right you’re right and and Tim and his group has been working to add the
assistant coaches seem to add it this year I mean you know sometimes you know
coaches they you know we have coach bulk who’s been a head coach before I mean to
put that type of support around you and talent and skill and knowledge for the
game I mean hats off to coach Capello for really positioning himself and this
team to make sure they got to this championship game and so these guys are
tough they’re gritty I’m concerned about the six corner kicks that they’ve got
that Davis has had but I really believe they’re gonna pull it off and I’m
excited about it all right let’s talk some roundball right now we talked about
your men’s hoops program and David Patrick I mean a new direction for the
team exciting it’s just around the corner your thoughts here on what
promises to be a great season of basketball for you SIA well David
Patrick I mean he’s one of the best in the business and and it was a still to
get him and he understood the vision here at Riverside so and he’s come in
and fit right in the guys have bought into his program he brought a good
talent of coaches around him I’m going up to UNLV to watch them but
I’m watching them all so right now Portland playing and I’m looking for a
great season we’re going to kick off here next weekend with our first home
game against we’re set for homecoming so hopefully we’ll get a win before then
but if not we’ll bring them back home and we’ll take care of business here
it’s going to be a great season semester blind to coach bank best of luck to you
guys thanks for taking the time to stopping by Big Big West final coming up
here the second half just around the other side keep it right here we’re
right back with the second half after this and we are back at UCR
soccer stadium it’s the end of the road for this soccer season and it’s really
ending in style it’s the big Westmont soccer championship halftime here the
Highlander is and the Aggies locked up in a goalless draw
Christian miles alongside NAT Gonzalez alright NAT you know you’ve been there
as a coach you’ve got the women here at UCR if you’re Tim capella the men’s
coach right now what are you saying to your team I think they look probably the
most comfortable coming out of the gates Davis was probably feeling them out not
sure you know how aggressive they should be I think about 15 20 minutes in Davis
started to feel kind of getting a feel for it and doing a little bit more what
they’re good at and I think that you saw that towards the other half it’s a
physical approach you talked about how strong and big differing styles is Tim
Capello mentioned in that halftime interview they make those tweaks what
changes did you see towards the later stages of half number one for the Aggies
well they they brought in some subs obviously the talk to them coming in was
put pressure on the backline and make make UC Riverside a little uncomfortable
in in possession there’s a lot of turnovers in the defense of half of the
field which you where Davis was taking advantage of I think I think on the
other side Riverside needs to just get the ball to their wide players earlier
in isolate well certainly some of those players that they managed to isolate it
was a key a who was electric in this first half certainly expect to see more
of him in this second but it’s Castaneda and again a white on the right or the
left is really unhinged this defense certainly more the same might be an
order here for coach Tim capela and you see our but trying to get some service
in for Garcia certainly has to be first and foremost the job number one right
now yeah I think I think if once you isolate fascinated in Aguirre I think if
they can get in line that would give the forward Garcia in this situation as well
the kosu more opportunity more time to get in better spots so that the service
can be a little bit more precise for what you make up look hosted coming on
here he was good i I think I think he brings a presence that the back lines
not comfortable with on the Aggies which actually was was a benefit in the last
game that got him here alright well we’ll see death certainly will be tested
here as both of these coaches have really dipped into their substitute
specially with uc-davis bring down a whole slew of them towards the later
stages of half number one now the fans are ready everybody’s got their drinks
in their popcorn and we’re just about ready for the second half it’s been
electric the tempo though did he expect to see such a frenetic tempo certainly
expect to see the first five minutes or so but it continued through the entire
45 yeah it was consistent and I think this is just college soccer at its best
when when you’re able to have that high pace you got players like Aguirre and
Castaneda and and bérenger and Mickelson on the other side that are good on the
ball 1v1 and getting after the backline all right these teams will switch ends
and it will be the Highlanders attacking the goal to the right in their home blue
and the Aggies going from right to left across your screen here nil nil at the
break everybody in the house packed to capacity tonight here at UC our soccer
stadium in the great Inland Empire here in Southern California
a classic North versus South matchup to end the season and it will be Ilic in
the back getting us started for UCR they want to really pick up the tempo and
that’s when they were at their best spring those long diagonal balls and
getting in behind looks like both teams came out with the same lineup that they
ended with at the end of the first half will co2 be a fly on the wall of those
halftime team talks but we got a little glimpse of it as Wes Malott had a chance
to catch up with Tim cappella but meanwhile it’s 20 hours Aggies coming
forward behind their star Mickelson not just six assists good enough tied for
second best in the Big West but four goals as well but it’s taken away and
now here comes Castaneda Hudson bright moments in the first half links up with
Lucas ooh who keeps his spot and it’s Luke Oh soon with a lot of work to do in
front of him well defended by Haupt who did nicely in that 1v1 but last off the
Aggies defenders so finally a corner kick arrives here for the Highlanders a
Costa did a good job getting the ball not as wide as I would have liked but he
got isolated and Davis did a good job of bringing over help because they knew
they were worried about his pace so we’ll see what they drop this one
comes out and interestingly enough Lapsley opts to punch falling right back
in problematic here and Aggie they couldn’t get to it put some risky
moments at the back before it’s dispatched by for Miko I think sometimes
I’m gonna go here who comes out that far he’s waiting for some contact and I
think he was waiting for it never found it and that’s why he punched it will
seem so strong start here for the Highlanders who out shot the Aggies two
to one in the first half chance is not exactly abounding despite the open
nature and frenetic pace at times here’s Jose pulsing could turn this time from
ketchup but Schirrmacher Rob’s him a possession only to give it away a high
line right now from the Highlanders and can the Aggies break it they’ve got the
rep the presence of gaben Gucci who plays it wide on the right but good
defending but Hernandez what kind of possession
can these Aggies develop they do a really good job once the ball gets
settled on the floor they do they do have some good ideas good good concepts
they’re not one just to dump and chase like a lot of direct teams you see that
what they’ll be direct early once it settles there they’re not they don’t
have a problem getting the ball to meet the likes of Mejia and Mickelson despite
the fact that UC Riverside comes in his number two seed it’s the Davis UC Davis
Aggies with four more wins on the season and how about this toss underneath it
though is Bouldin no wonder Mejia stayed in there not only is he good on the ball
with his feet that was an unbelievable throw absolutely and especially when
he’s only five foot six plenty of power behind it here’s the flash of Parnassus
of Aggie they supported by Hernandez and that one right off the head of the
defense Schirrmacher was some work to do pressure by Luke oh so it didn’t
Schirrmacher do well did really well the co sues a handful to deal with him he
just calmly just dealt with it and got it to his midfield and pace right now
for in trying to unhinge this defense Tipton
battling but it’s gonna be called back as the referees flying up on that foul
Ilic did a good job with with Tifton Tipton’s got a lot of energy came off
the bench in the first half did a really good job creating some trouble for UCR
that’s where we stand the third final for UC Davis yeah they take the long
road to get here winning at CSUN before taking care of UCI on penalty kicks
against the regular season champions six to five and made some changes in goal as
they brought in Laughlin to replace Lapsley and it certainly paid dividends
as Laughlin able to make a big penalty kick save they don’t want it to come
down to that certainly I want to see this decided in regular time in the full
90 but if need be that could be the occasion we may see another change but
still a lot of soccer between now and then yeah it’s gonna be interesting it’s
clear what Davis is doing it’s gonna be interesting to see how UCR deals with it
because now their possession is gonna be contested really really quickly in
transition here’s the coast now for Schirrmacher Mejia is doing well off the
bench tonight Schirrmacher bolstering the left-hand side flag is down for
little Robbie Mejia and here he comes trying to work his way past ponse Mejia
the good recovery from the Highlanders fullback igniting the counter-attack
it’s bonito reversing course and waiting for the cavalry those moments if they
can move the ball obviously the ball will move faster than any any player but
if they can move the ball they can get it switched a little bit but quicker
Nigeria moving pretty quick in his own right that time but couldn’t come away
with the end product as it’s controlled by Quintero another one of those big
West performers that garnered honorable mention in Conference honors Schirrmacher underneath it and it drops
to the feet of Mejia good acceleration from me Oh hits the deck this is a hard
hard surface you know I had a chance to go take a look at it you know it first
and foremost but mahiette bounces right up free kick for the Aggies
I mean it’s chilly when you get hit or you fall it the ground and the ball
feels just a little bit harder than normal
adrenaline no doubt pumping through their veins but perhaps they’ll feel it
tomorrow morning Schirrmacher standing over it all six foot two of it Mejia as
well a little number seven not the best of deliveries but it skips through
somehow or another and the Highlanders don’t deal with it and a chance for
Mejia puts in a ball low at heart far post dangerous moment back there for
Gutierrez not pleased with his defense one iota Mejia made a really good
service I think it was a shot I believe the goalkeeper made the save and I think
the rebound was off the post we’ll take a look at it here low and hard just a
palm – it was the post and it was Mickelson it hits the woodwork tough
breaks for Mickelson but a great chance for the Aggies trying to build upon that
yeah it looks like the roles that have kind of switched UCR looks a little more
direct this half and Davis is starting to get the ball settled on the floor so
Medina trying to turn adding some cutting thrust right to the center of
the park wit now for a gimmick taking on two defenders it’s a good recovery from
Boateng he looks the part doesn’t a big boy poet ank from run at Park California
playing more minutes than anybody on this Aggies team he’s got his hands full
time and time again he’s had to come across from his Center back role he’s
done a good job getting isolated with some smaller quicker players and he does
all right corner number two for UCR and it’s going
to be Daniel a gimmick man marking right now by the Aggies and Aguirre drills it
in off the head of Schirrmacher I get a thumps it on the valley before Medina’s
effort is repelled everybody sacrificing is tipped in doing the dirty work back
there and that one booted long and the referees gonna have a word for time
wasting we saw some tempers flowing in the first half and he just get his sense
here now that the temperature starts to rise again yeah after a set piece every
jostling for position you’re heated for about 10 seconds they gotta calm their
heads that’s tipped in just flinging himself at it sacrificing himself did
really well in the end long throw from here down that
right-hand side this is Mickelson trying to get in behind Hernandez to no avail drops back for Quintero and Mickelson
athletic header and a little too physical for the referees liking and a
little extras going on yeah as this game wears on I think you’re gonna see more
and more of this there’s a lot on line for both teams and I think Davis Davis
whatever the halftime talk was it’s clear to me that that coach told them
more pressure on the ball you’ll see more of it which is what’s happening UCR
has just got to get their feet set clear their head so they can do what they do
best which is connect passes and get out wide and isolate y a free-kick coming in
a good time here taking a little bit of the sting out of this Aggie approach
you’ve they’ve really come out like gangbusters here and half number two and
a credit to head coach Duane Schaeffer whatever he said at halftime certainly
they’re heating his instructions and advice again a far side for the
Highlanders you see I can keep playing in one to touch rhythm they should they
should be able to you know fend off these these pressure moments that Davis
is coming in hard and fast and coming in out of control like that you little but
they’ll continue to get set pieces like that they can keep moving the ball
quicker like oh she’s moving causing some problems back there for that Aggie
defense so a free kick now for the Highlanders Castaneda on a near side
here he’s been staying wide hopefully they can find him because they
definitely have talked about the width Aggie there they took it quickly and I’m
not sure the Aggies were aware of that one but Lapsley was and he had it on the
line the whole way it’s not a bad effort as similar to the distance that he took
in the first half showing off a repertoire with the right and left foot
special player and Gary just a sophomore remember
should be a fun final two years after this season but he wants to cap off his
second year here in the Inland Empire with a big West title which would be the
first ever in school history a little extras again between hopped and
bonito no they gave it to Davis I don’t know how you choose they’re both
jostling it’s got the feel of a final doesn’t it it really does
it does almost last minutes of the final tug of a shirt yes I’ve seen a lot of
finals in my day and it has that feel to it may he a good header but it let’s she’s
perfectly positioned as he has been all evening at the center of that Highlander
defense now a chance on the break the kosu flares out wide on the left-hand
side looking for some support a couple of step over similar kosu not fooling
the defense and it comes out it’s gonna be a goal kick is indicated by referee
Christopher Calderon you see are in that situation quick on the counter but they
are only do they’re only attacking with three and four players Davis on the
other side their transition getting six and seven players behind the ball is
really well done good defending from Boateng just stands up look Oh suit so
bearing her on for the Aggies to bolster the attack Mickelson will get a
momentary breather Lapsley now to take this goal kick the six-foot-five Redford
redshirt junior from Seattle and three big saves last weekend
and Irvine UCR’s got to settle down tonight they’ve got to solve this on the
fly their possession is last but it cut it to Davis they’re there in their face
they’re there pressing them they’re closing them down very quickly which
makes it difficult helped on by Formica and keep possession
well however and it nearly drops it it does here comes a key and a blazing pass
to everybody they just get a foot in however Benito trying to play that wide
for their talisman as they say so a throw now for a get a feel like you see
ours getting stuck on one side if they can if they can find Medina if they can
find there they’re holding mids to be able to get it out the other way
caseinate has been sitting out here he’s ready for something did such a good job
of switching the point of attack in the first half came and Gucci trying to play
it out Medina says not this time been a real feisty presence Medina again it
turns master defender excellent turn from Medina gets him behind Aguirre
squares and it’s nicely repelled my goodness he has speedster pace sprinters
pace as they say and that’s with the ball good point tipton wins it back good play from the
striker dropping to that deeper role helped on for Mejia down this left hand
side unable to get through the two Highlanders on defense and it drops
nicely for ketchup the other Serbian in that first 11 tonight for Coach cobalt
Capello over the head in maim drop look kosu has it blocked was misjudged by the
defense wasn’t it yeah I mean the service was good yeah we
already seen a Gary service and he’s being he’s able to dip that ball and I
think that’s exactly did he dipped it right over
Boateng and almost this was a goal scoring opportunity for the coast Davis
does a good job keeping the game on one side passing has not seen much of the
ball at least in isolation one b-1a Gary’s had all the action if they can
balance it out that’ll force Davis to move left and right and opened up some
gaps for them to be able to penetrate the defense look osoo off Garcia on
change up top now for the Highlanders Medina trying to slide it through for
bonito to no avail and here is Tipton now for the Aggies Connor Tipton and a
couple of goals this season he’s been a good addition to this to this game he
came in the first half it was a problem now he’s on the ball right now dropping
into those deeper roles as well and facilitating play with others didn’t
play a role the last time these two men back in October here’s Constantina
getting some space on his riding inside trying to funnel play towards the middle
down goes a gear a referee waves play on everybody converging on the number 17 is
gonna call a halt to this referee Christopher called Marone my goodness a
gear I really took a whack I think he’s just stepped on the ball unfortunately absolutely in it didn’t help having big
Roy Boateng coming in and cleaning him out in the end
yeah he landed awkwardly especially on this surface he landed awkwardly and and
did it didn’t give he didn’t roll much he just fell flat
good ball by Castaneda it was the first time they switched the ball to caseinate
on this side and actually was a problem for Davis they keep doing that I think
they’re gonna find success that was a great run by gear across their backline
so Lapsley having some words Vickers different Calderon you were telling me
the ball is always faster than the player but you throw a gear a to the
base I’m not sure that’s so true let’s have a race kids get some face he
does causing trouble to the right back for Davis we’ll see
so Lapsley gives it a ride good flick from Tipton really has that traditional
center for play doesn’t he holds it up well McGarry looking to switch the point
of attack drops it off for Hernandez in support this is Medina in the game like
this those Center forwards who can hold the ball up while are invaluable long
ball in the corner underneath it though isn’t number 14 and Eve Alaska is trying
to dig it out as Kate Micucci losing out but supported well by a former co here’s
Mejia it’s a lovely ball great movement from Formica this move has plenty of
promise Mejia into the box drags it across and it’s Mejia who did everything
but apply the final touch the end product lacking on what was a
brilliantly orchestrated move for UC Davis they started in the int midfield
and went up the left side and Mejia clearly
left-footed did he got cut inside unfortunate foot let him down take
another look at it here and it starts with the brilliance of Mejia he’ll want
to have that one back yeah I don’t think that was a pass but there was actually
somebody there and Davis doing his job back post trying to get a poacher’s goal
as they say and not on his preferred left foot either on his weaker right
works out to the Highlanders advantage only two shots on target for the Aggies
so far and how about the calm cool defending back there at Boateng he’s a
player we could be seeing playing on Saturdays in the future the next level
we shall see we mentioned his second consecutive Big West Defensive Player of
the Year award yeah Bowa tanks a solid saw presence
back there he was over the summer oh here we go
and may drop and it does for ed Murphy Nieto monitor that when fired just high
from Garcia he got all of it and laid lace to leather but well high on the
crossbar that was the first time that Davis got stretched out and you
obviously see it’s gonna be two UCR’s advantage to quickly go on the counter
on those transition moments just leaning back a bit wasn’t he just the hair I was
mentioned earlier about Boateng he the Portland Timbers were looking to sign
him over this past summer to their USL level team which would be their
obviously their reserves so he’s quality like you mentioned we’ll
probably see him on the weekend soon Portland Timbers to of course with that
scouting branch down here in Southern California which of course is such a
rich base of talent we’re seeing it on display tonight so throw in for UCR who knows perhaps jeus every seat taking
a peek as well the Portland Timbers head coach who knows they just had a big win
against Seattle I’m salute laying it barangays come off
the bench now simple square ball across trying to pick out the run of tipped in
but Ilitch once again he really has a good reading of the game in the back
he’s done a good job he’s he wasn’t there they’re their first pick as the
season wore as a beginning at the outside of the season obviously they
were they had to solve some defensive issues they plugged him in put catch in
the midfield and clearly that’s been the difference I think you take one Serbian
out put another one in pull in and play farther up got yourself a nice spine
Mejia though with the long toss keeper comes gets a punch to it before I get a
clears tell you what in that crowd gutes here is not the biggest guy and he dealt
with that long throw really well I’m always astounded by how much punching we
see from goalkeepers in the modern game I mean you even go back to the highest
level this past summer at the World Cup when it seemed to be the in vogue
goalkeeping method by so many of the world’s best but it’s been effective
yeah I think on crosses in a crowd you that’s you know you want to be safe
especially in a game of this magnitude and then just back to the World Cup
those balls and the back the way guys can hit the ball now that balls are
moving just being safe is probably the better choice here’s Berenguer he’s had
some cut thrust and out comes Gutierrez who did well he did really well staying
off his line reading those through balls nice play for the junior goalkeeper from
Carson California part of that LA Galaxy Academy set up Mike Nuno is of course in
charge of that for the galaxy so we’ll see a change here from the
Aggies at the 66th minute mark in half number two student all goals Mickelson
comes right back on we mentioned that of Mickelson all Big West second team this
year he’s had a hand in ten of the Aggies goal 27 goals scored this year
there’s 27 goals good enough for fourth in the Big West play good defending from
hops Schirrmacher then underneath it his Ilic little shove in the back down time
from bonito and the referee had a good look at it yeah as what happening right
in front of the referee the ball was bouncing early and and beneath the knew
wasn’t gonna get to it hopped in Boateng had really enjoyed their time together
angle ball in for me he I did well to really shape his body to get underneath
that one and headed straight into Gutierrez but you look at this duo back
there boa Tang the redshirt junior and hopped the sophomore they it was a real
tough semifinal for Davis but they gutted it out and actually out shot in
that game and I should take it all the way the penalty kicks and hops saying I
didn’t want to play my last game with Boateng I wanted one more for him
because Boateng he is playing his final collegiate game tonight regardless of
what happens hitting his storybook career looks to me that when Mickelson
came on they they were talking a little bit about a formation change I was
watching him talk to his to the midfielders a little chaos in the box so
it’ll pop out now an up comes the Highlanders defenders third quarter and here they come
is this the moment he’ll mark up at the near and far posts
the Aggies pharmaco and Mejia at the far aguirre to deliver now for UCR right
into the heart of that defensive area before it’s well dispatched tough to
beat a team like UC Davis on did balls they are the real deal aren’t they yeah
they’ve got again if that if they score a lot on set pieces guaranteed they’re
defending a lot in practice the set pieces pone same angles one trying to
pick out a get a rose well and you’re talking about set pieces here NAT you
know and we don’t want to sound cliche but they play such pivotal roles and
such defining moments yeah it’s the only time in this game in any game with with
soccer that you have an opportunity to set stuff up and they’re always
dangerous you see our last game and this game we’re fending off a ton and this is
the most corner kicks compared to last game that I’ve seen him to been able to
take advantage of Riverside finishing third the tiebreaker though sees them
get that second seed four wins to defeat someone draw level on points with the
Gauchos of UCSB in the regular season what a season it’s been out here in the
Big West Davis you’re spinning three points behind the Highlanders in that
regular season and long ball and this could be the moment at get a trying to
set it up steel at giving and held this time by and Lapsley
just couldn’t wrap this foot around it but what an effort those are those would
be the moments that are that are the difference makers can use spring
somebody like Aguirre caseinate here early to take advantage of their speed
and their and their technical ability going to go it seems to me Davis right now looking
on the attack and a fourth for three three two holding with Mickelson the
lone attacking they were in a 4-2-3-1 earlier but
there I think they’re going for it there they’re pressing higher forcing our
backs the backs of UCR to be under pressure in possession so here comes
this good spell now can they capitalize corner coming up now it will be a DNA on
the supply line trying to rock the Aggies on their back foot and it’s a get
a belt sit in Lapsley punches referee spotting something in the area so it
will be a goal and a free kick now for UC Davis good response though once again
there’s that punch yeah you see are being a lot more dangerous on their set
pieces than they were in the first half for sure about that athletic header
there that time from Kevin Gucci I think with this formation change you’re seeing
three high there’s there’s a gap between the back line of UCR are actually the
back line of UC Davis and the front line so that gap that soft spot underneath
the back line of Davis is where Castaneda nagira taking advantage
I think that’s why we’ve seen some corner kicks so throw down that far side
72nd minute barring her down good turn he’s been at spark hasn’t he trying to
link up up talk with Tipton who’s been relatively quiet for the last five or
six minutes and it’s Boateng just wrestling down the likes the UCR attack
who’s Garcia was brought to ground that’s too physical for the referees
liking by the Aggie captain and this has put them in a spot of bother a little
bit of peril you could say you had two guys two big guys two athletic guys
battling for the same ball I think that’s that’s a good choice by Tim to be
able to put somebody physical up against Boateng because that’s a what this is
dangerous real dangerous looking at about 126 27 yards out yep and then you
got two guys on the ball that it can go either one you can have the lefty headed
or the righty and both of them are gonna be a problem for Lapsley it’s the two
danger men number 17 I can’t custody to the numbered Santa
it’s a giving going for glory but well hi a little disappointing by his own
lofty standards but opportunities like that don’t come along too often they
might have seen something on film we’re lap sees cheats a little bit but to the
to the wall side and maybe he was trying to go for power to the goalkeepers side
UC Riverside they wanted to stay true to themselves they felt their head coach
Tim capella that was the key to that dramatic come-from-behind win against
Cal State Fullerton last weekend feel the momentum changing a little bit here
for UC Riverside yeah it ebbs it flows Garcia links up with a
get a good movement down the left hand side by bonito flag he’s down to wait
for some support and Medina arrives good switch of the attack as ponse makes his
way forward from his right back roll this is what they want they want
Castaneda on the ball 1v1 but it’s gonna be ketchup making some inroads Castaneda
wide on the right now closed down by Schirrmacher
Castaneda slips past the defender but aided and supported nicely by Haupt
corner kick coming up now for the Highlanders Harrison loop if the referee
is gonna go back to the foul earlier in that play the man marking system now from the
Aggies one of the near what at the far referee is gonna have a word here as you
saw that was the play that was earlier in that sequence caseinate is so good
1v1 as you can see he can just skin players for fun so we await the corner kick here on the
74th costanera sends it in and keep her Corral’s it I’m not sure why the referee
would call a foul I know maybe it was a foul but he had in his hands it’s this
is this to me isn’t an advantage for the goalkeeper another look Constantina gets
that left foot in there nice thrust this time it’s a get it on this right hand
side he switches the flanks good play for a poem say confirmation that it was
Velazquez who was given the yellow card I think you see ours definitely taken
advantage of Davis’s more aggressive formation with four three three
Constantine has shoved at the back my Schirrmacher referees assistant right on
top of it there let him play on mejia this is where the Aggies need to
settle it does take some of the sting out of this Highlander approach as it
goes out it’ll be a you cor throw it’s a difficult thing to do when you’re under
pressure on your heels defending so much it is hard to turn gears here oh there’s
one view ad I don’t know either way we’ll shove it in the back Boateng no
robbing you see our possession here comes UCD berenguer brought down from
behind so the shove in the back not called on Schirrmacher but this time
working in the Aggies favor and a yellow the extra yellow as well
fourth booking of the evening that doesn’t surprise me with how physical
it’s been it’s gonna go against Garcia smart play by the by UC Davis player
there to slow down and get that contact strikers challenge as they say so
Boateng on the restart Kaman go cheap big player good with his
feet though Mickelson wide on the right haven’t heard much out of him lately
runs into a buzzsaw and defender this defenders on that left-hand side whether
it’s Medina or Hernandez have really held their own email to hold Mickelson
at bay and this one it’s gonna be a dangerous piece of play they give it
Gary’s aren’t already on it yellow he needs to be careful yeah he really does
you see I can’t afford to lose him he’s been the best player on the pitch
tonight that’s for sure instrumental to their approach Velasquez who was just
booked a moment ago himself feels the brunt to that one sell out tonight you
heard the announcer 880 on hand that’s in the stands paid
you got all these people behind the goal there’s probably close to a thousand
twelve hundred here hey it’s not Wembley but I tell you what it’s got every bit
of the excitement over the hand it just went off a bonito didn’t it it did and
it’s gonna be a corner kick its first time that Davis has been this deep in in
this half and it’s already there’s only there’s a challenge this was the foul
just a kick in the back silly challenge that time for Megiddo so
Mejia meanwhile delivers on the Aggies corner Schirrmacher underneath and
headed on not enough power though good effort some head tennis for Miko
applying that last head to it yeah Davis serving serving back post so everybody
turns their head and then head it right back across makes it difficult for the
goalkeeper to deal with they are undaunted aren’t they the Highlanders
the thrust on that left from Hernandez supported nabi medina that calm cool
presence here’s ketchup trying to send it forward for the speed steer again a
to no avail Davis dropping off down to 35 40 yards
from their own goal and that’s really the only option UCR has if they get be a
little bit more purposeful with those serves it’s it’s gonna be a problem
because as they pack it in it’s gonna be tough to break them down through the
middle so good choice is just the executions a little off so leuco see who
comes back on takes up that number nine role wearing
the number eight it does have that three pronged approach with constant you know
white on the right the key on the left Garcia will go off for the time being
and it will be Neto rising on the Highlanders behalf but Tipton wins it
back and forth we go la cosa who gets his first touch off the bench wide now
for Aguirre did really well to keep it in he’s gotten in behind the right back
but it’s a decent recovery that time a lot of last game ever yes
recovery run was really well done he’s gonna be a good one Velasquez well
dealing with the Giri all night lots of experience he’s getting tonight here’s
Doosan catch ah playing a little bit more advanced here forward from his
center back role we saw earlier this season Medina though sits up nicely on
his right foot slend it through flag is down Kosta Nader wraps that left foot
around ATLA kosu with his back to goal closed down by Kevin Gucci man here’s
Tipton dropping into his own half for the Aggies Wow gillich there go in the directory with
the kosu in there trying to utilize these big strong presence it’s not a bad
choice especially with the wide players playing so high there’s gonna be space
to find still keeping with a get a left-hand side benito pulls it back just
behind look go suit and it drops fortuitously here for me says I’ll take
it you know now you were talking about how there we were talking about there
going direct how important it is for a team to change and vary their approach
going forward I think it’s important I mean Davis Davis saw something changed
there 4-2-3-1 to a 4-3-3 and now there’s more more room to play for Riverside
against their backline and UCR’s side playing more direct to get the ball into
those spots earlier Medina pokes catcher now locates bonito got some space in
front Aguirre with his back to goal good hold
up play is the other Serbian elections in support left hand side for Yossi mod
Hernandez and look at the flare from Hernandez undaunted shoves and throws
behringer to the deck left hand side again a goes for goal takes a deflection
once again right place at the right time for Luna Robbie Mejia head tennis Schirrmacher can’t get it
Constantinus says thank you very much polls say on the overlap trying to romp
hook Schirrmacher he’s not having it did it go off of Schirrmacher no so it’ll be
a goal kick for the Aggies in Castaneda giving the referees assistant a piece of
his mind once again that temperature hot seven don’t be fooled by the score line
it’s been a real entertaining stuff so much on the line both of these two
looking for their first ever conference titles so Lapsley gives it a ride I get it
is this good spell continues Aguirre trying to erase past the likes of
Velazquez stride for stride though I’ll credit to that right fullback Velazquez
he’s done well for you CD Benito going up he’s the president’s the aerial
presence now for UCR in the midfield and knocked his head they’ve got it we’ve
gotta check him yeah Benito will be checked out here by the head athletic
trainer Jillian Christian coming on to the scene now for the Highlanders just
want to take every necessary precaution especially with the concussion protocol
now so closely followed so this is really well done by UCR if they’ve a
couple times they’ve gotten in line they just miss loco su probably a couple
minutes ago I think once if they get deep enough now it’s you see hours job
to be able to kind of find where the gaps are so that there’s a there’s a
passing lane for them to have an easy finish right now everybody’s just
running the goal and they’re just trying to get it in front of the goal hopefully
hope for the best si Alcantara had some limited minutes in
the first half coming on for Benito we’ll see how this will change the
complexion now for Tim Capello said his team stayed true held to their own
character against Fullerton they’re gonna need it tonight they’ve got a
stern test in this final eight minutes or so remember in college soccer to
10-minute overtime periods apply it’s golden goal meaning the first goal wins
if we are still tied after those twenty minutes we will be heading to the
penalty kick shootout which of course UC Davis found themselves involved in just
one week ago edging out UC Irvine six to five against at that point I you got to
believe UCR has the advantage with with film and that kind of thing knowing
where these players go always a crapshoot you never know and
that’s the way it is Quintero trying to play me here takes
his job that time for both say he has been a good surprise for Davis he’s
caused some trouble too you see ours right side of the defense Medina
just tell that time by Tipton you see our 1/4 of the 11 between these two at
UCR soccer stadium back to the other and
Luco suit it’s got some space look Oh sue fires and he’ll want that one back
ball just got stuck under him he was trying to create power and got
underneath it a little bit too much you’re seeing the multi-dimensional
aspects of the superstar I get a facing up defenders but good with his back to
goal as well because he’s got to do that on target work the goalkeeper we’ll see
what happens it’s final six and a half or so it’s not
a knife edges Lapsley sends it forward again a four loko suit and kosu such a hard worker and he
created that just by it work great so a half-dozen corners on the evening now
will be a sixth time lucky here for the Highlanders the gear day to deliver Ilic
comes forward from his centre back roll and again and right into the heart and
sure-handed that time for blaps lee has it much to do lately laps leave it
looking very assured nonetheless well everything he has to deal with has been
been on crosses and set pieces which at 6’5 he’s gonna gobble up a lot of those
things the turn from Quintero has been quiet tonight trying to set it for Baron
do a race to the byline it crosses over goal kick here for Edwin Gutierrez and a
UC Riverside Highlanders hopefully Edward Benitez okay cuz that that
presence in in the midfield with his heading ability is it was something that
you see I was taking advantage of he play it direct and those flicks able to
get him behind Riverside out shooting the Aggies four
to three so far chances really haven’t come with abandon but not at a premium
either it’ll go forward now for Gutierrez to be using his own Ryan
here’s Loco suit always done well just couldn’t get ahold of it in the end
the substitute he’s come in number 16 Alcantara the senior from Costa Mesa
trying to link up with the attack just knit the midfield to the forwards but
it’s the Aggies who come away with it down the right so Tipton will go off
so Jacob Rudolph will come on lead the line now for a Connor Tipton in that
Agee frontline route off a sophomore from Clovis up there near the Fresno
area we’ll see what’s in store right now throw in far side 87th minute for the
Aggies of UC Davis are hoping it’s a third time lucky here as far as a big
west trip to the final is concerned having lost in 2012 and back in just
2017 on home soil against Fullerton I had her there from bolognese fans wanted
a foul but the Aggies able to win it back before it sent forward by Haupt
bolding just underneath it and referee didn’t like what he saw those niggling
challenges is pushing and shoving a little extra elbow in there or that
would they call the chicken wing these days yeah Rudolph was when up didn’t
even look at the ball that’s that was the biggest biggest issue with that call
a cold crisp night here in Southern California’s Inland Empire happy to have
you along and Riverside TV bringing you this live stream on Big West dot TV
Christian miles alongside nakid solace we’re in for a finale here it looks as
though overtime is gonna be on the books unless something changes here in two and
a half minutes trying to push the throw for Rudolph
into the corner it goes and back either way for Riverside no one wants to make
the mistake no one wants to blinks first in this championship staring contest
listen now two minutes left you’re looking at Davis they brought in some
subs they already think maybe this is gonna go to overtime so they they gave
their you know Tipton went off he is still on but those two subs came out on
the first half have been been very productive down the left-hand side four
loko soup how about the defending at Boateng that is class it’s giving away
and distribution not so good again a rather medina supported by a get a so
much down this left-hand side for the Highlanders too much time on that cross
is blocked and it’s thumped away by Velasquez rising is passe to win the
header to the feet of Castaneda oh and he’s chopped down from behind by
Mejia these fans do not like it right for the referees assistant he may have a
case here Castaneda got up pretty quick I think think he’s alright but it did
look harsh that challenge pulsing through two defenders and not a third
before Quintero wins it and trying to send it forward now Mickelson good first
touch plays it directly could this be their moment no says Ilic as he’s done
all day long shutting the door 30 seconds left in this Big West men’s
soccer championship in regular time and twisting and turning here they come it’s
ketchup right through that midfield sliding to ground no free kick awarded
and finally the referee will stop this and a player down for the Aggies
what a run it was from catching what a lovely piece of skill wasn’t it yeah he
he had another gear and thought he should have gotten the foul Velasquez is
taking his lumps tonight it’s tough to see if this was a foul or not I think he
was leaning I think he was hoping not much in that 15 seconds left here in
regular time remember we could be heading into overtime that’s gonna be
the case unless someone conjures up some magic the flick he is there and danger
averted so 90 minutes are up and we are heading to overtime
the Aggies and the Highlanders trading blows pretty even Stevens a match that
has been a seesaw battle here knack and sauce how did you see the 90 and what do
you expect me to see coming up at overtime this second 45 I thought UCR
probably had about 20 25 minutes middle part of that half I thought for sure
they’re gonna get one and then then Davis came back and and put pressure on
UCR’s possession which then kind of evened out I don’t know how dangerous
they were but it definitely evened out the the half yeah interesting tweak of
the attack we saw the shape change just a bit here and at times this Aggie team
outplayed certainly Riverside on top of them it spells but bending and not
breaking things looking good back there and really sure defending from the
Aggies yeah I think that has a lot to do with them then pressing their are back
you see ours back line forcing more direct play which is not what they do
and even it out alright we’ll see what happens we’re going to take a quick
break but keeping it right here on Riverside TV and our stream here on Big
West dot TV we’ll be right back with the first period of overtime from you see
our soccer stadium next it’s the final match of the season in
both of these two really putting in ninety minutes of great soccer it’s the
Big West men’s championship final here from UC Riverside the Highlanders in the
Aggies through ninety minutes no goals happy to have you along here on
Riverside TV bringing you this live stream on Big West TV he’s neck is
awesome Christian miles it’s getting chilly but the temperature rising on the
pitch some good chances here we look at this you see our attack certainly a lot
of it was predicated down the left hand side and a good second half for McGee
neck yeah I think I think Aguirre as good as a Giri was I think they got to
balance out their attacks yeah Castaneda every time Cassidy got the ball he was a
problem i I just think if Davis continues to press our backline you see
ours back line and forces them to be direct I think it’ll conceal continue to
see what you saw in the in that second half all too often in these situations
as we get set for these two periods of overtime remember it’s a Golden Goal
affair meaning that fourteen that scores first does win this game if we are level
after the to overtime ten minute periods we will be heading the penalty kick
shootout here but so often you see matches can become closed off in
overtime is this perhaps a time to go against that tradition maybe just go for
it I don’t know I think I think it’s the way this game is gonna go is gonna be
based off how Davis comes out if they do what they did at the end of the half
pressing the back line I think it’s gonna get closed off I think if they
drop off in two blocks of four then I think Riverside enjoys that and they’ll
be able to have the ball a little bit better in deeper spots well let’s look
at UC Davis who didn’t really offer much going forward in the final 20 minutes or
so a lot of that due to the tweaks and adjustments talking about from UCR but
we look at his Aggies outfit they’ve been there they’re battle tested they
gutted it out last week against the number one seed in the regular season
champions you see I do you change anything here if you’re head coach Duane
Schaeffer I don’t know I I I don’t think so I think I think them evening out the
game is is one step now in the end the overtime can they take another step and
be more potent on the attack get more corner kicks like they did in the first
half tipped and Mejia were a good addition when they
came off the bench I’d be surprised if they didn’t play the rest of the
overtime period we’ll see of course Tipton was given a little bit of a
breather as Rudolf came in to lead the line but it will be tipped in coming
back in in that center of that Aggie attack Tipton of course we’re in the
number 23 the sophomore coming in there trying to provide the freshmen that are
trying to provide the magic store UCR has been focused on Mickelson and I
think Mejia and Tipton had an opportunity to show themselves over time
underway here in the Inland Empire outcomes Lapsley and a little bit of a
defensive miscommunication on the edge of the box and once again is poor Andy
Velasquez and continues to take his lumps tonight I’m not sure what happened
it was it was on the kickoff and he was limping for about 20 yards and you know
if he pulled something or rolled an ankle but very odd really also running
into his big strong teammate Roy Boateng well that doesn’t help
we’ll see remember in this defense only yielding 29 goals Riverside only scoring
23 but good enough for fifth in the Big West but you know this is a Riverside
team here and that we look at it you see it weekend and week out they turn it on
lay you look at the stats here 23 goals okay not that too impressive but 10
goals while those 23 scored the 75th minute or later so they can turn it on
and elevate their game la that comes down to the fitness we’ll see but we
certainly hope Velasquez can’t continue it looks as though they’re gonna make a
switch here at right fullback as we take another look at it I have just knocked his knee there as
well yeah he was uh when that balls in there he was he was trying to gather
himself the whole time so I’m not sure exactly hopefully he’s able to come back
somebody from eco Formica we’ll check back in it right back number 15 in
whites and it will be elapsed late well with the roof face there I think Gary’s
needs to take advantage of that change there cuz Vasquez was doing a good job
against them Alaskans did have the pace able to match
it with again it not many people can say they can do that you’ll see as Lapsley
sends it forward good flick from Tipton and then behringer’s touch a little
heavy keeps it in it’s good to see Ben Edward bonito back on the field shaking
off the cobwebs after that knock he took earlier Schirrmacher just serves it in
for Tipton meant by the robust challenge uh village
bérenger trying to wrap his left foot around it no says Jose pulls a and
finally cleared away by Bouldin tell you what the tenacity of UCR’s backline is
has been amazing tonight dealing with these bigger quicker guys sometimes
they’re fighters that’s for sure here’s Medina sets the table wide on the
right cost Anita look Oh suit closed down by Boateng squares it out in front
good play from Luke Oh sue no one there to meet it throwing that late run into
the box Nagila the closest Highlander to it and now barring her back the other
way his tipton flares out wide on the right
hand side mejia he’s been a real positive addition
off the bench today his Mickelson tracks it down trying to work his way past pond
say to no avail they’ve watched some tape on Mickelson that’s for sure he
hasn’t been he’s usual menace Boateng now for Kaiba Gucci seen two nicely by
the Highlanders in here Oh sillies before I get a is dropped by Tipton and
he’s going to be booked for it the fifth yellow card of the evening that was a
really good read by illage to step in at entry ball and then back back to Luke Oh
Suze opportunity earlier that is what they need to do more often I think UCR
needs to understand if they get in line they got to get good two good spots in
the box for easy tappings just a little bit of the clumsy challenge of Tipton
again me putting on the brakes first yellow card the season for the
freshman from Sonora California so the free kick and easily taken from Lapsley
those high balls have been no problem whatsoever for the big six-foot-five
keeper yeah you see ours got to definitely keep him away he’s gonna
start higher off his line he’s going to just gobble up anything inside the 18
we’ve loaded at the best of distribution but dealt with by form ago and sends it
forward for his teammate Tipton Ilic does well to come across in support of
his left back real impressed with the reading of the game for the big Serbian
yeah he was very good he’s been very good what you want out of a good
old-fashioned sent her back here is Tipton though brought to Graham by
Hernandez throw in now for the Aggies just the third minute of overtime and it
will be the throw from me here and this is pretty much a free-kick we can call
it yeah this thing’s gonna land middle middle e18 very difficult for
goalkeepers deal especially since there’s no offsides on throw-ins he’s
shortened stat wood he’s got a big throw the 5/6 Mejia puts it right into the
danger area and once again able to come away unscathed there are the Highlanders
of UC Riverside on what is such a proud night for them first ever Big West final trying to make history the number 2 seed
against the number five seed ketchup again a first-time hit four loko sue off
the chest good control great hold up play from
Luke Oh sue it’s all you need from your center forward get it down lay it off
let your midfielders get after it once again the familiar face of Aguirre
supported by Yosi man Hernandez from his left fullback role locates Benito space
bonito slide it through Lucas ooh deny by Lana slave a brilliant move
the best of the night from the UCR Highlanders that is exactly what you see
ours good at they’re gonna get balls and slip balls with their with their weak
side runs it’s not to do that against the team that packs it in he’s got two
lines of poor but they’re able to stretch them out there here we go nice
little slip past the outside of the foot keeper comes out big so we’ll be a giddy
to take it brilliant save all credit to Lapsley who cut down the angle slick
movement though from the Highlanders at their best
so the crafty duo agita in Costantino perhaps to take it short we shall see yeah it’ll be costanera once again and
plucking it out of the air this is the flawless Lapsley flaps he’s done a
really good job on the shot stopping and controlling his box he’s very calm very
cool done a good job tonight this he has referee doing a good job Christopher
Calderon actually had a chance to catch him in action yesterday at the
University of Southern California refereeing the NCAA first round women’s
game between the Trojans and the Long Beach State 49ers busy man knocked back
by Quintero Boateng mopping up high pressure now as
the Highlanders come out of their shell Quintero looking to break those lines
back to Roy Boateng he’ll go direct for with here but Ilic having none of that
bonito misjudges it recovers well but Haupt is there ketchup just reversing
course and I know I said this couple times but UCR and the run have played
their backline their two center backs have done a really good job
eginning shoved off of it Boateng clears here’s Tipton dropping into his own half
good feet from the Aggie striker Capon go cheap not the best of balls in the
center of the park from Nam became in Gucci game started to stretch out a
little bit gonna I believe that’s gonna benefit UCR who wants it more
they like that expansive approach don’t they Tipton no good hold up play as he
rounds his way past Alcantara Berenguer links up with Tipton if that’s enjoy
them that left hand sign as well here’s Quintero now for the Aggies Mejia
operating centrally but that touch not enough for Mickelson and a shake of the
head those two not on the same page well Bouldin and and Ilic both can be
together for another year with Ilic being a junior and bold and only a
freshman so I got to believe they’re gonna be the pairing of the future I
mean you like to have that familiarity with center-backs like that and how
about the take down two big boys going at it and gave a Gucci as well as look
cool suit greco-roman style watch this yeah soccer is not a contact sport is it
no not at all Co su is some serious upper body same out of that take town may he misjudges it how guitars done
well remember deputizing off the bench tonight
Alcantara the senior from Costa Mesa wants to make his last game count as a
Highlander hippy Nieto had some injury problems in the FIR earlier he’s gonna
have to come off here he got hit in the face on this Boateng though he’s he’s formidable in
the air yeah he definitely looks the part Boateng six-foot-two first name on
the team sheet no doubt for manager and head coach Duane Schaeffer steer this
program a success for UC Davis remember they weren’t a Division one
program until 2007 the Aggies he’s been in charge before
that time yeah he’s had success through the whole 22 years he’s been there and
to touch the transition from d2 to d1 is difficult he’s done a good job within
five years they got to Big West final yeah I’m seeing it actually heading the
NCAA tournament is the first two seasons in the top division as this one is sit
forward for Aguirre flag stay down outcomes Lapsley eighth consecutive
appearance in this Big West Tournament for the Aggies so the clock ticks down
final moment of the first period of the overtime remember the clock stops
there’s no stoppage time in college soccer
unlike the pro game here’s Berenguer reversing course is just a little over
20 seconds left here ponse no high challenge now dangerous play for Benito
and then down goes Lakota fit for the challenge of gaben Gucci
so theatrics and the play will be stopped with nine seconds left in the
first overtime period you can go both ways
you see our kickball away and then the physical play of Davis Kate Micucci in
the thick of it once again look Oh soon he’s that shy about the physical
dimension is he this this is like this is like a true set piece because the
aunt clock stopped they get everybody up and they only got nine seconds so
there’s no danger of any counter this could be dangerous so it’s Mejia when
all the tall timber comes forward now for the Aggies he’s got a pretty sweet
left foot on it Nia drives it in the header down from Kalin Gucci who rose
magnificently at that far post and hearts aflutter here in Riverside I’m
not sure you’re gonna see this on on replay but he was by himself
nobody marking him he was waving his hands great service unfortunately
couldn’t finish it so pretty entertaining first ten minutes of
overtime here but no gold skull between the Aggies and the Highlanders here but
not the closed off affair that we feared pretty entertaining ten minutes yeah I’m
not sure what that is due to that I mean with with considering got subs shouldn’t
be fatigued but it definitely stretched out back to front it was a 40 yard
distance from back to front it became 50 60 yards which benefited UCR which is
why you saw some of the slip passes behind their back line and Davis well still one more 10-minute period
remaining who’s it going to be here we’ve seen all kinds of tweaks we’ve
seen the dimensions change the Aggies have had the better of it at times so UC
Riverside really putting together a good run you go all the way back to the end
of the second half perhaps around this 70 minute mark we shall see we’re gonna
take a quick break here keep it right here on Riverside TV and our live stream
on Big West TV the second overtime period coming up next stay with us Amy
welcome me back to UC our soccer stadium happy to have you along NAT Gonzalez has
been with me every kick of the game Christian miles bringing you all the
action from the Big West men’s soccer championship hey look it’s a goal to
score line but we see this time and time in the soccer world anything but boring
here despite not having a goal yeah I mean usually it’s 1818 nobody’s getting
shots but there’s 14 corner kicks goalkeepers happen to make saves I think
laughs he’s been the busier of the two it’s been it’s been very physical
actually more physical as the games wore on which which you wouldn’t see because
usually people are tiring and the possession becomes more of what you see
versus the physicality hey you you were telling me at the end of 90 minutes you
wanted to see more variation from the UCR attack perhaps a little bit more
balanced because it might have been getting a little one-dimensional with a
giddy on that left-hand side what did you see out of this you see our approach
in that first period of overtime well they definitely evened it out Castaneda
got on the ball a little bit more Aguirre was was forced to defend in the
midfield a little bit more so that he didn’t get the ball as much but no
matter who was going on against they’re right back they were they were being a
problem to Davis no we look at the Davis perspective right now you’re head coach
Dwayne Shaffer he’s been there done that what are you thinking do you make any
adjustments do you make any tweaks or do you continue as is heading into what
could be is going to be the final 10 minutes of this season yeah I think I
think if I were if I was Dwayne I probably would would keep the pressure
on the back line of UCR forced them to play uncomfortable being a little bit
more direct which would suit Davis’s size and ball winning ability alright
here we go folks it’s the end of the Odyssey the entire 2018 season will come
down to the final 10 min it’s second period of over time it has
been a classic and we are underway and it will be the Aggies going from right
to left across your screen looking for the game’s first goal and what would be
the biggest goal of the season remember golden goal rule applies meaning the
team that scores first wins the conference title white on the left good
approach play as it trickles over the byline and it will come out for a goal
kick so everything on the line here yes and I’m not sure our piy is but when you
talk about NCAA selection you’ve got UC Riverside below 500 yeah here we go oh
maybe he was looking for a foul there but they’re below 500 so you see our to
get into the big dances they call it needs to win and whereas Davis has got a
very good record and who knows where they sit RPI well RPI whether sitting at
number 37 so it looks as though there to be good enough to head to the Big Dance
regardless of what happens tonight so we’ll see they came in definitely as the
favorites they took the long road to get here trying to become the first big west
team to win all three of their games away from home that’s impressive
7 wins 2 draws are 2 defeats and 3 drawers in there 12 games away from
aggie soccer field up north you got to give you CR some credit you know to get
in this position to be able to host and be the 2 seed you there it had to be
some consistency even though at the beginning of the year there wasn’t they
found they found their form and this is where they’re at hosting the final they
are hosting but the Aggies haven’t lost it over time this year one win at 4
draws down goes came in Gucci crowd didn’t like it it’s been a slog times came Iguchi more
times than not see involved in the middle of it he is gonna be serving this
he’s got a deadly left foot oh they’re going short so we’ll be bearing good mejia setting up far post I was there
for the taking a great chance for the Aggies to lining up I believe it was
Mickelson along with Tipton closing in yeah they were both sitting on the back
post again Mejia played the initial ball short but like I said he is unbelievable
his left foots very accurate here’s the replay here good first time bending away
from the goal unfortunately Mickelson saw it late cuz Tipton was going up for
the header not sure exactly what’s going on bérenger here is down yeah not
feeling too good Baron Guzman a speedster hard working player both ends
two-way player getting some attention to that right side and that right leg
excuse me the athletic trainer tending to things for Davis Melissa Hughes out
there certainly in good hands Chancellor these are taking a little bit of a
breather crowd has been great tonight 880 on hand that counts as a sellout
small stadium but I like to call it mighty I’ve been a lot of fun it’s
intimate that’s for sure they a good good word for it here and you know I
know you’re part of the women’s program here but you got to be very pleased a
new surface coming in for you guys next year
yes we’re excited about that for sure this is uh has been here it’s as they
say no pun intended or nowt it’s welcomed we’ll see good times here for
UC Riverside likewise for the Aggies putting together
a great season don’t have the north/south divide like we did in years
past this year it’s come down as a consolidated table looks like
Barringer’s walking slowly the way they were working on him I think he was just
cramping up which is rare with it with the temperatures being as low as it is
probably hydration and obviously again the accumulation of fatigue happened to
play three games UCR has played one lesson this 7 7 8 day span the dog days
of summer temperatures well over 100 degrees it gets even hotter on that
artificial surface now 53 degrees very crisp in the Inland Empire here in
Southern California wherever you may be it’s put a treat every bit a final as
you would expect and these temperatures you can run all day for sure this is
Pacific Northwest weather my friends – the rain no rain thumped away now that right inside for
MCOs come in for Velasquez haven’t seen him since he went off it wasn’t a parent
injury it was so well at rightful back and his hands full all night with the
speedster AG eating so it’ll be Hernandez on the throw now for the
Highlanders he’s gonna defer this time to the aforementioned Aggie Lane he’s
got a pretty good toss in his own right not a bad-looking one at that but
pharmaco perfectly positioned and here they come Mickelson right back onto the
scene now for the Aggies he’s got Tipton with him here tries to square it in
front but asking too much of Connor Tipton good footwork there from
Gutierrez the junior goalkeeper yeah sometimes those going across the goal
1215 yards out sometimes you see him die but he’s quick was able to get it
standing I thought for sure standing up he was gonna do a quick counter but he
decided to let everybody settle Kate Micucci Mickelson
roll Hernandez to no avail it’ll go over the bylines to five and a half minutes
of overtime left remember we will head to penalty kicks five penalties the best
of five if they’re level after five it’s the first one to miss loses and we have
a new Big West champion we’re gonna have a new Big West champion regardless
either one of these schools have won it before well that’s the Big West Big West
there’s so much parody on both sides of man and woman’s side that to have a new
champion doesn’t doesn’t surprise me some great programs in it a super
conference out here well extra elbow that time for Robbie Mejia you seen a
lot of that tonight but that’s what comes with a final a championship on the
line and every blade of turf counts every touch every slip Mejia you see are
doing a good job doubling down forces for some pressure on out on a bad pass
here we go along throw again this this serves for them just like a corner kick
and even worse because there’s no offsides on the initial throw this time
it’s gonna be Jacob Rudolph with the long throw and he heaves one to that
near post good response but didn’t come off a defender yes so it’s gonna be the
corner kick coming up for Robbie Mejia and the Aggies of UC Davis so mejia heavy marking at that near post
Gutierrez comes 40 was infringed upon the thump that time from Boateng who
could have won the title with one kick and sends it high yeah that was I was
well done with with Davis they set up high they set up all the runners on the
18 which gave him a direct run to the goalkeeper a lot of times you get that
foul called on the goalkeeper Lapsley in the first half got that foul called and
we talked about it not being potentially a foul sick he has the ad in his hands
and this one they let it run he’ll see get down to the nitty-gritty we’ll see
what’s in store now penalty kicks come on and this is where the coaches start
to think about that do you make those changes and hey look we saw it last
weekend from UC Davis they brought in Laughlin brought off Lapsley for penalty
kicks it paid dividends it got him into finally may see that change great crowd
on hand happy to have you log on Riverside TV at our live stream on Big
West TV what a night this is inviting super exciting for UCR to be all the
hosts well-deserved thing consistent I want coming a little too close for
comfort I had you no problem last last two-and-a-half minutes here
you see our and Davis both being a little bit more direct
here’s Castaneda trying to provide that balance you see I should just get the
ball on the floor and do what they do well they’ve got they’ve got good
ability to break down defenses here’s ketchup and thumped away by
Rudolph Alcantara loses out to Mickelson dangerous play that time from Alcantara
it’s a high challenge easy call for the referee Rudolph now here they come it’s
getting down to the nitty-gritty Mejia cuts it in from that left hand side
slips past two good markers squares it across men are opening in the back side
Formica met headstrong by Hernandez and wins it and quick the other way we go
and here comes the counter-attack time of the essence now they want to win the
championship in regular time bonito down the left Hernandez on the supporting
side early cross plated and Lapsley gobbles it up ever riverside being a little
conservative on the attack just sending three forward so we’ll see what’s in
store trying to slip it through not this time
says Bolden gaben Guccione nilly slipped it through for Mickelson
but it’s Ilic timing in timeout thirty seconds left here it let’s on a run and
here comes the big Serbian food och plays it wide to the left its last
chance saloon right now is Garcia on the overlap Agee they arrived twenty seconds
left and it’s a key their head and it’s held this time by Lapsley
he held that well it looks did a great job intercepting creating that whole
attack that’s gonna do it the Big West final is heading to a penalty kick
shootout no goals after a hundred and ten minutes of entertaining soccer here
at UCR a soccer stadium and right now at Gonzales it’s anybody’s ballgame yep I
think I think at this point you’ve got penalty kicks you see ours got some film
they’ve seen where they went it’ll be interesting to see what Davis
does how they counter counter what information you see I might have yes
indeed and what changes will come in they can make those substitutes here but
you want your best out there and one thinks if you’re first up for UCR Agia
has to be first name on the team sheet you want that confidence delivered early
on to get things going don’t want to start with a Miss now I just think you
you you pick your best five your best shooters towards the front just to give
you that cushion but at this point I mean both teams got quality goalkeepers
both teams got quality attackers all right well it’s been a great hundred
and ten minutes of soccer here it’s so glad we could bring it to you our big
thanks and a shout out to our friends at Riverside TV bringing you this live
stream on Big West dot TV the Highlanders and quite a crowd they want
to make history tonight it’s the first time they’ve ever hosted the final on
the other side of the coin the Aggies trying to do what they failed to do last
year they fell out the last hurdle losing at home to Cal State Fullerton
after a disappointing into 2017 they’re back in the promised land and right now
we’ll see what happens John Laughlin came in against UCI and
replaced a very capable goalkeeper Lapsley and if you want to get inside
the psyche here of their head coach Lapsley had a great game tonight do you
make that change again or do you go with the proven commodity in Laughlin it was
so successful last week I don’t know I mean I’ve seen a couple couple schools
in my time but do this where they switch out their starter put in put in what on
the team sheets at number two but there’s something about them that
they’ve got a presence maybe maybe the unknown yeah it’s a little little fear
in the shooter I don’t know it’s it’s an interesting strategy that’s for sure
sometimes it’s just a gut decision who knows alright we’re gonna take a quick
break here you see our soccer stadium keep it right here wouldn’t you return a
champion will be crowned penalty shootout coming up next stay
with us you see our soccer stadium the stage and what a finale it has been to
the Big West men’s soccer season it’s the final and it’s going to come down to
penalty kicks for all the marbles here certainly it’s not the best way to
decide a champion but something’s got to be done because you look at this on the
balance of the 110 minutes between these two schools it really didn’t expect to
be here and it’s been pretty even Stephens absolutely both teams have had
their opportunities both teams defended like champs you see are upping their
attack in the second half and overtime periods to even out if the corner kicks
you see corner kicks as a statin you don’t think much of except for the fact
that you’re being dangerous in their area and they even that out so that for
sure this is where it’s boiled down to yes indeed and even there as a coach for
the women’s here you come into a format like this where hey you know
knowing what happened last year knowing it happened last week for UC Davis they
could very well come down to penalties is this something that you practice in
the weeks leading up to this oh absolutely I think especially on the
guys side it’s it’s it’s bragging rights for until the next practice you know
they separate in teams and and have fun with it but obviously the pressure
there’s something on the line there’s there’s Fitness online there’s something
on the line that that tries to mimic the best you can in situations like this
yeah it’s tough to mimic that in training because penalty kicks let’s be
honest it’s all about pressure holding your nerve is job one who’s going to
blink first and of course you need some great goal keeping absolutely
goalkeepers all you need is one oh yeah at this in this at any level all you
need is one and and goalkeepers are reading hips they’re reading approaches
and obviously you see are having the advantage and have getting some film
alright just to keep you abreast to the rules the best-of-five here after that
if they’re level the first team to miss well the first team to capitalize after
that will win the Big West title this is where it gets really juicy and really
interesting it’ll be Gutierrez against Haupt to
start things off here now and it’s going to be hop to takes it and hits it
advantage to the Aggies that was odd goods here as with the right direction
but it looked like I don’t know if he slipped or if he just went to a knee but
so here’s the big change that we talked about John Laughlin who was the hero he
stopped a bunch of penalties for one big penalty last week well he played 49
minutes this season the big six six redshirt senior from San Jose to take
who we thought it was going to be a GMA and the pressure now on a gimmick the
first piece of action for Laughlin this evening against the Highlanders best
player and it’s a give a and it’s one one
oh it went under um guess right at six six keys it’s a long way down it just
snuck under him so even Stephens after round one of the penalty kicks and
Robert Mejia will step forward so we’ll see Mejia the long run up here with his
left foot this is you don’t see this too often this is where you need Gutierrez
and it’s but hehe sky’s it a big miss for Robert Mejia has been brilliant
tonight for the Aggies you couldn’t you call it that long round up you doesn’t
usually go well just because there’s a whole lot of time to think I’m 40 got
under it good for UCR so Riverside in the
driver’s seat right now uphill step Roberto Garcia and he will
go against Laughlin we’ll see what’s in store from Garcia to give the
Highlanders the advantage Garcia and it’s good pure power on the number nine
that’s gutsy going right up the middle hoping open Laughlin picks aside and he
did 2-1 after two rounds here advantage to UC are closing in on their first ever
Big West men’s soccer title and it’s going to be Matt berenguer against Edwin
Gutierrez to start off around 3:00 and it’s behringer the redshirt sophomore
hasn’t scored this season he’ll step up and say and what a save it was a junior
keeper Oh using his legs he went one way I don’t know if he went up the middle or
if he just went off center but that’s the trail like ended up making the save
huge so a Miss and a save and all the pressure in the world right now
on Laughlin stepping up it’ll be ISA Battaglia the freshman from Riverside
whose sister plays for Long Beach State the local product with his first piece
of action and a big one he’s got a good right foot and he hits it and scores it
3-1 to UCR gutsy gutsy stuff especially from a freshman and a guy who didn’t
play all game stepping up and finishing it that way so clean so calm that
Laughlin saved Carlos Contreras last week at UCI we’ll see what his counterpart Gutierrez
can do this is a must hit right now for Emmanuel Doherty for the Aggies and it
will to it but it goes in good Sierra’s did well with that
well well finished by Dougherty Tidwell Dougherty not a lot of playing time bit
did his best comes up this to win it so Costin ate it everyone
on their feet for the Big West Channel it’s Danny
Castaneda’s over are the Big West ship it’s unbelievable
unbelievable this is huge what a moment what a season and what a program the
Highlanders are the kings of the Big West this is so fun to watch on this
field that’s that’s incredible it’s incredible that I mean they came on
strong late in the season had enough consistently to host hosting hosting in
tournaments like this is a huge advantage it’s like winning the World
Cup for this school their first ever trip to the final and they win it and
heartbreak for the second straight season on penalty kicks in the final for
the Aggies who fell short at this stage the very same scoreline last year but a
tip of the hat to Dwayne Shaffer and this Aggies outfit they were magnificent
all season to get to this point it came down to penalty kicks and it was put
away is Kosta Naida did it the misses from the hit as well this is huge look
at the emotion none of these players probably seniors this is what they came
here for and they got it done happy moments euphoria here at UCR soccer
stadium their first ever Big West championship delivered and a team that
didn’t win a game until the ninth game of the season they had lost seven of
their first eight you throw in a draw in there and then they go on a Rouen streak
or a run that sees them take seven wins in their last 10 only losing twice in
that span who would have thought this would have been the case back in August
at Gonzales that’s for sure I mean when you when you go off to get a couple of I
mean to be fair they had a really tough schedule to start off they were a knack
in Michigan State and they figured out what they were about
early and and got it organized got it organized late and I mean their
consistency at the end is is obviously prevalent and not only did it win a
championship but now they’re going to the in situ a tournament and and I got
to believe UC Davis with their record an RPI they should they’ve got to be in the
mix as well alright well right now we got to bring
Wes Malott back into the scene he’s standing by with the UC Riverside head
coach Tim Capello who has to be over the moon right now less with coach Tim
capela coach Big West champions what does this feel like right now just look
around alright look around look what it means to this University this community
all our alums I can’t even put in words it’s amazing I’m so proud of these guys
they were tough all season all postseason to have the nerve to win in a
moment like that and the shootouts not easy I don’t know what else to say you
persevered all the way through what did you tell the guys going into the second
half when they came out to keep the intensity up this was clearly a tough
physical match start to finish as you went into second half what did you tell
the guys to keep him going you know we had to be a little bit sharper you know
we were good in the first half to make a difference we had to be a little bit
sharper but you know we really had to focus in on the transition moment
because that’s where they were dangerous and if we limited the transition moments
then we knew we had a chance you talked about mindset all year we talked a lot
about the early season schedule the tough non-conference schedule you
persevered all the way through what does it take to get to a team to this point
knowing that early next week you’re going to learn your fate as far as where
we had four NCAA’s what does that moment like and what did
what do the guys do to build to this point it’s all about mental strength all
right when we were challenged earlier in the year you know we had to be mentally
strong to overcome that we’ve been talking about it for a couple years this
isn’t just this season we’ve been doing this for year in and year out for the
past 3-4 years talking about our culture what our core values really mean and how
we had to live those day-to-day and this is the fruits of the labor with
amazing it’s exciting it’s awesome coach I’m gonna let you go celebrate with your
team Thank You Christian in that I’m with a very very excited coach Tim
capella this is awesome coach congratulations Big West Conference
champions first time way to go thank you and what a moment
here for the Big West what a moment for UC Riverside congratulations to Kim Tim
Capello and his staff and you know it’s hard to argue for their performance how
they gutted it out but this is college soccer it doesn’t matter how you start
nagging solace is how you finish absolutely I mean you want to be
consistent but so proud of these guys that hold it together when it counted
the most and and you’ve got you got penalty kicks where at the end of the
day that they’re leaking goals at the beginning they solve that and that at
the end of the day it was a 0-0 game and that’s what got him got him to this
championship your coach you’ve been there as a player you’ve been there at
UCLA and later on in your career how do you hold you nerve and those penalty
kicks it is so so difficult I was Gold keeper that was easy well Sam he came down to goalkeeping and
how about that safe room good Yanis huge the huge his trail leg being able
to make that save and and the guys I forget who it was but shot it right up
the middle that was nerve to be able to assume that that Lofton was gonna pick a
side yeah it was Garcia really came up brought strong strong stuff and you
could tell this is a well-oiled machine here is UC Riverside able to soak it in
but they looked flawless they held their nerve and they had a lot of confidence
every time they step to the spot yep and I don’t want to go on to next year
already because there’s still more games to win here but that backline and those
two center backs gonna be the other next year and talk about the organization
figuring out what that pairing was going to look like is going to bode well for
the future unbelievable stuff here so there’s the final four to two after
goalless play through a hundred and ten minutes and what a night it was here
for UC Riverside a program that really isn’t vaunted neither one of these two
of the traditional heavyweight the powers you think of Cal State Fullerton
you think of CSUN you don’t think of Riverside Highlanders well let me tell
you folks there’s a new sheriff in town and the Highlanders are in the mix and
this is not a team that did it on a fluke they change their shape but the
mentality and the way they turned it around I know you’re on the women’s side
of the program but you have a beat on the men’s side after that eight games I
mean heads were down storm clouds are gathering how did they turn that around
how as a team and as a coach do you change the mindset and go on such a
great run well I think I think Tim hit on it in his interview with Wes was that
it was a it’s a culture it’s this is three four years in the making it that
doesn’t happen overnight even though success looks like it’s an
overnight success but it’s them holding true them holding true to their to their
values and the culture of the team is what got them through there it’s it’s
not as much as weird as it sounds it’s not about changing it’s about continuing
to do the right things even though the results may not be coming right away
well doing the right things what the Aggies have done it and let’s tip our
hat to the team from Northern California hey they made it back to the Big West
final for the second consecutive season Dewayne Shafer and we talked about him
he’s been the only coach for this team that just joined Division one twelve
seasons ago back in 2007 and what can you say about their season because it
certainly was just one chapter short of a fairy tale story yeah I mean with that
record that RPI I you know you hope for them and and for the Big West that
there’s a to bid it’s a two bit conference that’ll be interesting to see
on Monday but congratulations to Dwayne and his staff as well to be able to get
here and talk about consistency getting here twice in two years that you know
the way they’re playing they’re gonna get one soon well we saw a get a come in
and take some strong performances and really hit it off first
the NVP of course number 17 then again it and man-of-the-match stuff from him
so things looking good and they’re soaking it in it feels like the World
Cup final here in the Inland Empire we take a quick
break keep it right here on our live stream
brought to you by Riverside TV airing on Big West dot TV will have more
post-match coverage and we’ll check in with some of the coaches but the
Highlanders win the Big West title on penalty kicks 42

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