Collin Hartman Proposes to Girlfriend on Senior Day | Indiana Hoosiers | Big Ten Men’s Basketball

all right here we go last but not least starting freshman
here I like to thing my girlfriend hailey we’ve had our ups and downs just
like every relationship has um she’s been through everything with me hi when
I when I tore my ACL she was in Chicago doing what was it st. Patrick’s Day so
she was choosing a good place with some friends and you know how that goes uh
but I’d text with her she’s the first person I texted I said hey I hurt my
knee I don’t know how bad it is and then I got the results and against my my
judgment she caught a bus and rode all the way
down to Indy down to Bloomington to come spend time with me and take care of me
and she’s done that through every injury and there’s been a lot so if you would
come up here and join me up here I’ll enjoy that can you stand over here it’s been a
crazy ride with this girl I I love her more than I can explain and if you thank you guys for everything I
appreciate everybody staying and I love you guys thank you

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