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Conan Hits The Streets Of Tokyo

Conan Hits The Streets Of Tokyo

I’m in the eastern section of Tokyo. And people here love their vending machines. What is Pocari Sweat? It’s– That’s a terrible name for a drink. It little bit salty, like sweat. No. It’s not for me. Pocari Sweat. Would you like some? Pocari Sweat? It tastes just like what it sounds like. Oh, they’re running away. I made them run away into traffic. This is like a canned egg of some kind? Yeah. This is a bug. Wow. It’s an electric bug? There’s no rhyme or reason to any of this. Why? Hey, what’s going on here? Each one has different dirty message. Dirty message? It’s about adult video actor. Oh, an adult video actor. Yes, he “He’s not good”, it says. We have no idea what’s in this box. This is fascinating. It’s about a porno actor and it says he’s not good at what he does? Yeah, he can do only one time. Oh, he can only do it one time. What kind of box is this? This is insanity. Oh. What is this? Cookies. Cookies? Cookies? It’s for cookies for kids. Kid’s cookies. Why would anyone buy this? I’m in a neighborhood known as Harajuku, here in Tokyo. This is the center of something called ‘kawaii’ style. It means cute style. Think Hello Kitty. And I’m here with Sebastian, who’s gonna help me learn how to dress in this kawaii style. Do you think this, I can do it? Am I a good model? Yeah. Yeah, looks good. I look good right? This is kawaii style. This is the style.
Yes, yes. Just kawaii style. Yeah.
Yes. And they dress like this everyday, all the time. Everyday yeah. Oh, I think you both look amazing. But, feel like I just ate six pounds of Skittles and then took acid. Someone will translate that for you later on. Okay. And it still won’t make sense. Maybe it’s like this for him. Oh, like this?
Little bit simple. Oh you, that means.
Good. That’s good. Oh, that means you like it. What is she? That good, okay, you like that. Good, okay. This is a dog. That’s a dog, yeah. Harajuku dog. Yeah, okay. I knew that that was a dog. Yes. So. Oh, what do you think? So good. So good? Yes. Wow. Is there a law against me dressing like a 14-year-old girl? What about, what else? I’m 40 years old. You’re what? 48. You’re 48? Yes. You’re kidding. You look so, young. Maybe it’s the plastic bow tie, I don’t know. You look like a Pacific Rim, Jewish, Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka. Yeah, it won’t annoy you. Too many uppers. Gotta just, take it down. Yeah, that’s very. Yeah. Here we have,
Oh, it’s nice. A nice hat. Yeah. Yay. You’re frightening me. You really are frightening me. Sebastian, what’s going on here? What is this? This is a vinyl. Vinyl mask. Vinyl, it looks like a sex mask. For sex. Yeah, kind of. This is bondage. Yes, yes. You know. Oh yes, I know bondage. This might be too much. Gonna be honest with you. I don’t think this is gonna work for me. You know what I just realized we should do. We should all go rob a cute bank. Right? What color do you call that? For your hair? What color is that? Turquoise blue. Turquoise blue? Yes. Okay. I’m getting a plutonium. Tonium? Fa, plutonium. Plutonium. Plutonium Yeah, radioactive.
Plutonium. Oooh. Yeah, you have to be very– New name. No, no. Don’t cheer plutonium. It’s very dangerous set, She’s the most upbeat person I have met in my entire life. I don’t know if you’ve heard but I had to put down my cat. Cat. Well they say the meteor should strike earth sometime in the next day or two, and that’ll be the end of civilization as we know it. Tell him I’m sorry I made him cry. Well, I’ve been dressing this way for a long time. And it’s time for me to become kawaii, don’t you think? How are ya? Nice to see you. I was told everyone would be dressed like this. I’m the only one. She’ll be scarred for life. Hi. I’ll pay for her therapy.

100 thoughts on “Conan Hits The Streets Of Tokyo”

  1. haha. His cat would be destroyed ?????
    Comet would destroy over the world ?????
    "it's time for me to become kawaii ".??????

  2. These idiots look like a explosion at a paint factory. Japan really is the land of oddities surpassed by no other.

  3. I will pay for her therapy XD ?
    Everytime I try to watch Conan he is always strange for me.
    Who is the clapping girl with turquoise blue hair? If she is a YouTuber I wish watch her vids.
    And what the rainbow guy beside her has a gloomy facial expressions.

  4. If you guys have Netflix, there's Conan Without Borders. It's a conan travel show. Sadly there's only 6 episodes so far. I hope Netflix makes more.

  5. the guy loocks like a Rainbow goth … i think thats what a goth would loock like in the care bare world

  6. Pocari sweat is delicious it’s like a grapefruit gatorade. Plus it’s mostly natural ingredients even better than Gatorade. Lol this video is hilarious!

  7. Its cringy cause they dont what your saying but they are clapping and just seeing you like WTF and your ywlking to yourself



  9. Am I the only one who recognised the vending machines at the beginning from Saafiya Nygaards videos. She also got a shitty suprise package

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