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Concussion Quiets Swampscott Cheerleader

Concussion Quiets Swampscott Cheerleader

>>Kristin: My name is Kristin. I am 16 and
I live in Swampscott. I am a cheerleader for football and basketball on the varsity team.
This happened the football season of 2010. We were stunting at a practice and it was
towards the beginning of the season where we were testing out new fliers and all that
stuff, and I am a back spot, so I am under the group.
It was two hard blows. One was from a basket toss which is when you just throw them up
and wait for them to come down and the other was when she was twisting out of a stunt.
So, I got hit twice that night at practice. I couldn’t take it anymore and I was like,
I’m done, and I started crying. The practice was over so I walked out and I put my hands
on my head and I was like I definitely have a concussion.
>>Joanne: When she told me, I said, oh that doesn’t sound good. So I left my meeting immediately
and I said to my teacher friends, I am off to Salem Hospital.
>>Kristin: Immediately I got a really bad headache which I knew that was a major sign
if you right away get one. And I felt really nauseous which was weird
to me and I just felt out of it which is definitely a different sensation for me. I am normally
with it and feel good after practice and I just felt really foggy and not myself.
>>Joanne: There was nothing you could see. There was no bruise, there was no blood, there
was no swelling, there was nothing. There was just the headache and the pain that
she really complained about.>>Kristin: They put me in touch with Dr. McAuliffe
who specializes in that and he was really helpful and real careful in diagnosing me
and made sure I was really careful about not doing anything.
I was out of cheering for 6 weeks which was a really big surprise, I thought it would
just be one and I would be okay and school was definitely really hard.
Actually, it happened 2 days before her PSATs and Dr. McAuliffe said there was no way.
So, now as we head into the college process, we don’t have that grade to quite no where
her SATs are going to be and that’s blamed onto a concussion.
>>Kristin: I know I learned so much through Dr. McAuliffe and the hospital and through
actually experiencing a concussion, I feel like you don’t actually learn about them until
you go through one.

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  1. shes one of my rlly good friends and i cant believe shes been though so much but got though with it so quickly im so proud of her

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