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Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – National Volleyball Tournament, part2 [ENG/2016.07.12]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – National Volleyball Tournament, part2 [ENG/2016.07.12]

100 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – National Volleyball Tournament, part2 [ENG/2016.07.12]”

  1. Yup okay. Bawled my eyes out lol. Such a GREAT TEAM, great emotions, truly a wonderful series. I’m so sad. I hate when a sport ends especially when it’s one of my favorites. I don’t understand why they cancelled this show. BRING IT BACK KBS!!! Hodong as the MC and sogeun too and my boy Jota wants to come back as an actor so bring him too!! I kinda just want this whole team to come back lol. They just were perfect together oh man….

  2. I know im super late. I spend 3 days watching all the episodes day and night. I never know volleyball bring so much joy. I swear to god, this is one of the best teamwork I ever see in such a short time. In 5 months, they become this great. Its unbelieveable for some of them who never play volley before but end up to become this skilfull. Congrats coach Kim for creating champions! 💪🏻 Im gonna miss each of them a lotzzz 😭 please do a comeback 💯💯💯

  3. This was just a variety show but it showed how they're friendship and teamwork paid off. They valued each and every game and learned from all their losses. The amount of emotion shown here make me want to cry too.

  4. What a nice ending to this series. There were a lot of losses and my heart could not take it so I even skipped some parts lmao but all ends well.

    Ryohei is such a great leader and an all around player he deserved more recognition imo. Manseok, all those digs despite the bruises must have been painful. Gyoik, your smile always made my day. hihi. And of course our Hakjin, he is truly the ace. My heart hurts that this ended but wishing all the members more success so we can see them on tv often. Cool kiz saranghae!!! next stop Swimming ♥️♥️♥️

  5. listening 2 the song is more touchin.. i keep cry with them. winning is not s0mething that you can achieve as easy as you can say. you had to sacrified your time, and more just to get one title A CHAMPION. one you learn to trust your teammates you can win.. not only in volleyball but all sports. ITS MAY BE HARD and you may had to face MORE LOSING THAN WINNING but like the say.. you root what you give.. so never give up and try till you died. congrats cool kiz volleyball teamm
    better together than alone. with that you learn what the meaning of sportshipman and teamwork..

    what important.. teamwork*wonderpets song*

  6. Just finish the volleyball series.. i cried a lot, and i become Hakjin and Gyoik fan.. Ryohei is always great. I will miss them.

  7. I just finished this series and this is the best by far that I watched. Seeing a team battle physical and mental exhaustion, I feel like I’ve share a piece of their burden as a volleyball player myself. The last 2 games, I can already feel their fatigue and they battled through it. I’m proud of this team just sucks that it’s just now that I was able to watch it.

  8. back watching this whole thing in 2018, I love how they went from losing to freaking blowing everyone's expectations, even themselves and not only making it to the finals but WINNING! It was like a movie.

  9. Ryohei needs to get a good credit like Hakjin do. If only I could go through my screen and hug Ryohei for being such a good player, I will

  10. I watched this almost a year ago (I think) but I came back coz I recently started watching Haikyuu and I remember reading comments before comparing Ryohei to Kageyama (his skills) and damn they're right. He's an awesome setter with a powerful jump serve. It fits exactly.

  11. I hope that they will upload the uncut episode of the match that cool kiz win. I really enjoy watching this volleyball concept and i just found this show recently upto this final epi.

  12. This is definitely the best sport that they featured! Not only did they improve their skills greatly, they were even able to bag a championshiop trophy. Sadly, there was no farewell whatsoever, just the short vtr 😥. And i definitely cried with them.
    Next favorite is Judo and then Swimming!

  13. The show ended up long ago, but the volley ball episodes is what I enjoyed most after the swimming episodes. Good job everyone – well done !! 🙂

  14. Gyoik is a really versatile player and I don’t think he gets enough praise for how good he is! It was really exciting to see him in the setter position even though they haven’t practiced it before.

  15. Hakjin was the star. But let's be honest, it was Manseok, Jota and Ryohei who made him look great. Their great receives, digs and sets let Hakjin attack uninhibited.

    Let me just take this moment to express how much I enjoyed their season. They grew and learned. More importantly, they learned to work as a single unit. Coach Kim is a great coach as well. He always encourages his playera.

  16. It's Hakjin, Ryohei, Gyoik and Manseok for me. They were all MVPs for me, because they were all unexpendable. With any one of them missing, they would have certainly lost somewhere along the way.

    I was so worried that the finals would end before Hakjin recovered from the fatigue and injury enough to get another good spike in. It might've felt less complete for him, as the member who's always been called the ace, if he failed to score until the end, even if they'd won nonetheless. I'm so happy he was able to make that one last push to win the 14th point. It was such a neat spike in such a crucial point. I started watching this volleyball series because his spike in one of the early episodes caught my eyes when I was just watching random YouTube videos, so it made me so happy that things had ended very beautifully for him.

    I'm two years late to this, but I'm going to miss them so much. They've become such a real team in a few months. I hope they still reunite sometimes, even if it's just to hang out and get a few drinks.

  17. I couldn't see right at the end cause my eyes filled up with tears 🙁 I need this for a second season bring them back!!!

  18. 2019 and this is my first time watching them from the very first ep of volleyball game! It was such a touching moment when they didn't even realize that they gonna win this game! btw I'm here because of Jota and he was incredibely good in everything I'm shook!!!

  19. I like this team. They support each other and complement each other's strength and weaknesses. Ryohei made a huge difference and it can't be executed if they didn't have their team chemistry. Hakjin and Gyoik is hot lol. I also want to appreciate the Coach and Hodong, they never forget to uplift the spirit of the team.

  20. This game felt more exciting because of how it was edited. I also admired how cohesive this time is despite their disadvantage in some fundamental skills. They try to lift up each other especially during those times wherein they commit errors.

  21. this episode is the most memorable episode for me (alongside with Judo episode) coz they played for 9/10 consecutive sets and they are all exhausted but they endured it all for the sake of the team and pride 💕💕 they barely even win when they have a match during their National Tour. That trophy paid all their loses and the hard works they did for the team 💛💛 Y'ALL DID WELL GUYS!! this episode made me emotional coz THEY DID SO WELL IN THIS GAME!! and they didn't get some good sleep (only Sleepy does). I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GUYS 💖 Kim Sejin Coach-nim, thank you for always believing on them ♥♥

  22. the cool kiz team become zero to hero. you have to work hard to achieve your dream. Yet, I love you ryohei <3

  23. This was such a journey, and gave me so much encouragement to try to play a sport. It was such an incredible journey with every single member being so nice and not belittling one another. In all, this team was so great. 🙂

  24. CHAMPIONS🏐🏆 best season ever! CONGRATULATIONS! this will always be the dramatic WIN ever! thank you!

  25. Although many years has passed I watched this so many times, its really emotional. I felt their emotions they cried i cried even more great team work. Congratulation official WINNERS OF COOL KIZ ON THE BLOCK..My grand daughter wants to play volley ball

  26. I felt the same thing when won on our school volleyball championship. This teamwork was so great thou. I hope for a second volleball leage.

  27. This series had two of my favourite things. 1. A Korean variety show. 2. Volleyball. Great choice of sport and excellent choice for celebrity players.

  28. Waaaaah. Walay closure??? I need to see the team complete and celebrating their championship while reminiscing about their experiences. I'm way too attached to this group of amazing individuals. Good Health and God Bless to everyone. All the best 😘😘😘😘😘

  29. Ryohei is an all around member and his serves are jang! I'm sad volleyball team had ended. This is my second time watching this series of cool kiz. Hoping for a season 2. Fighting!

  30. Awww I feel sorry the most for hakjin, even though his arm is getting hurt but he always try his best for the team. Cool kiz all the way fighting!

  31. I was a little mad at 43:24 when the other team said: ryohei's better than hakjin I don't agree with that since they are both good!!

  32. Its been three years but i still watch it over and over again, its one of a program you will not get tired of watching.. I love cool kiz volleyball, badminton, judo and swimming segment.. Saranghamnida cool kiz

    Rohee- setter, blocker, serve spiker, spiker, defence and blocker
    Hakjin- left spiker, serve spiker, blocker, and defence
    Gyoik- spiker, center, setter and blocker
    Jaeyoon- center, blocker and defence
    Donghyuck- blocker, spiker and center
    Manseok- ace on dig, defense
    Kangnam, Hodong, Sleepy and Jota are good on defense too
    I truly love this segment on cool kiz, they are all cool and athletic, though i'm not a player nor sporty i love watching this kind of progrm, i am just so proud of them all to go through all those hardship and win..

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