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Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – New Cycling Members and Basic Fitness Test (2015.06.23)

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – New Cycling Members and Basic Fitness Test (2015.06.23)

89 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – New Cycling Members and Basic Fitness Test (2015.06.23)”

  1. I was hoping taehyun and Jessi really join the member for this time, but I guess their schedule is not possible T_T

  2. Wow so many good looking oppas kekeke…but I think they will definitely succeed this one. I like this episode.

  3. Uwaa, sean and jisuk. Nice to see sean in this sport. And long time no see jisuk. Finally, new sport. Huhu.

    Btw malaysia also have tour de langkawi. Even course at malaysia not big or not long, but i love to see them cycle here.

    They always passed at my neighbour.

  4. omona!!! It's been a while KIM HYESEONG!!! wowot! soooo happy to see you! Reminds me of Jenny and Juno.
    I love all the members they are all good looking hahaha (hodong&hyeongdeon? hhhmmm maybe!? wahahaha) JULIAN, SEAN, JISUK, SANGJIN, MINJUN and my lovely HYESEONG wooaahhhh go for the gold! Fighting!

  5. Yaay cha taehyun is ganna me on again ^^, he's my favourite actor and I love seeing him on 2 days, 1 nightmaand therr shows he guests on ^^, im excited for this sport ^^

  6. Congratulations to the Top 3 guys Who scored Best in the Fitness Test. Kim MinJin Not only Gorgeous but Fit winning Gold Prize #1, Sean #2 & JiSuk #3 the Phoenix Wow, Great Job guys! Looks like it's going to be a Great season of Cycling. I'm glad to see Julian. Nice cast of guys!

  7. can someone fix the subs??… it's not working, bad translations and it's not corresponding with the talking…please and thank you…

  8. The recruit parts were fun but what are they going to show next for a whole month except for training?  Cycling seems boring esp since it's a sport that would go on for hours with just riding a bike.

  9. don't mind me… i'll just be over here replaying that clip of jisuk doing situps over and over and over… no reason… >_>

  10. Finally, foot volleyball is out. It was really boring. They kept losing and got really arrogant when they win and the lineup of the members weren't good. They didn't get along that well with one another. I hope this sports does well.

  11. i hav no idea why they chose 2 mc who are not fit at all to be mcs in this sports variety show. do they fancy laugh over sports? damnnn its kinda stupid coz they are always the hole of the team.

  12. Loving cycling… Should be fun to watch. Wld be better if they cld hv Song Il Kook n Cha Tae Hyun… Best combi.

  13. Yay! A new sport. Ive always wanted to cycle so itll be good to see how kang hodong, jeong hyundon and seo jiseok go. Cool Kiz Fighting!!

  14. As always, Jisuk on the Top 3 best members! xD, I'm glad he could continue with the program. 
    OMG, Kim Hyesung! I saw him in "Jenny and Juno" but after that never see him again. He is still cute, hope he do a drama later!

  15. I had to stop and comment at 41min! Seo Jisuk!! I was afraid he won't be in this sport and I was a little sad, but he's here!!! >..< I'm so happy! 😀 Thank you!!!!^..^

  16. can someone tell me how to download this video with sub in it? usually it's already hard sub, really love this show

  17. Kim Hyeseong though, his baby face is so cute T3T~ This is my first time seeing him and my heart just skipped a beat..

  18. 28:31 ~ Why Jang Hyungdon always wear short's look ugly with that..should choose long pants like Cha Taehyun & Kang Hodong..yaaa! them did cool beautiful fashion..i'm your fans Jang Hyungdon… .. .

  19. OMG Seo Jisuk is here again woot woot and also Julian kyaaaaa….Hot bod and hot men I'm gonna love watching this special project of COOL KIZ hwaiting…

  20. oh.. I love this squad already.  This is seems to be basketball 2.0 , when they recruited people who have some basic skills in the field, so they dont have to learn from the scratch.

  21. If you guys like this topic, please watch Yowamushi Pedal and Over Drive. Both shows made me want to ride my bike 🙂

  22. Giryang's abs doe. Wow. Girl Idols usually never have such defined abs but her being a Cheerleader, she actually does hardcore workouts. WOW.

  23. OMG YESS MINJUN FROM SEONAM GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL INVESTIGATOR AND HIDDEN IDENTITYYYY!! and Seannnn~~ Sean is awesome, with four kids and still going a triathlon xD Omg I love the cast this time around!!Wow it's been a while since I've seen Kim Hyeseong~ I hope they all get more air time ^^

  24. so Tae Hyun is not going to do it? Awww, I wish he could have. Love seeing him on more shows apart from 2D1N. Miss him bunch.

  25. I love Sean. He's so humble. I didn't like the cockines i saw in one of them. SEAN WILL ALWAYS BE THE ACE! ^^

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