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Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – New Cycling Members and Basic Fitness Test (2015.06.23)

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – New Cycling Members and Basic Fitness Test (2015.06.23)

(Cool Kiz News) This is the Cool Kiz News. I’m Kang Hodong. I’m Jeong Hyeongdon. It’s a rainy day. Kang Hodong and Jeong Hyeongdon are doing the opening by themselves. It’s the least members ever. Two members are doing the opening. That is the news we have for you. The fact that only two members are doing this means they were all swept away. Like cherry blossoms falling. They all fell. Something extraordinary is happening. No matter what daily sport we have to face, Kang Hodong and Jeong Hyeongdon promise to be passionate despite our lacking skills. What should we do now? It is a season when trees turn green. What an elegant expression. It’s romantic and literary. It’s an outdoor sport. Take a look for yourselves. Shouldn’t something come out? When trees turn green. What a romantic expression. Something should appear. (They’re not in sync?) A new sport after foot volleyball. (All alone) (What is this?) (He appears in full cycling gear) (Who is this somewhat lame rider?) (Ju Jonghyeon, youngest director) A new sport after foot volleyball. (They spot the youngest director) That’s amazing. Did he just reveal the next sport? I didn’t think of that. It’s embarrassing. He doesn’t look that great. It was a bit sloppy. He looks very familiar. The familiar person… He’s the youngest director of the show. He probably didn’t start working for KBS with a great ambition to do the opening dressed like that. He passed again. He passed once again. He looks like a pro. He’s already a pro. The next sport… (One with the body) (A globally loved sport, cycling) (For over a century since 1903) (The sport had the most spectators) (Cycling is rising in popularity in Korea, too) (As if to reflect that popularity) (Korea’s greatest and East Asia’s top cycling cycling competition is being held) (With that passion) (The Cool Kiz challenge a short-term project) (Cycling) (Under the sun on a bright spring day) (They race amidst beautiful nature) (A new challenge that goes beyond their limits) Did you every cycle before? No. (No experience at all) – But… / – But? It’s a very appropriate sport. It’s a season when trees turn green. If you go to Yeouido Park or Hangang Park, it’s really amazing. It’s amazing. This is the best season of the year to ride. It’s the best month. There’s no need to explain. When else would we ever cycle? Will the members pass, too? You have to finish riding a long distance. We prepared a flyer with a wish for you to choose members who you can understand and be in sync with. (A flyer?) Is it an ad for a night club? (Conquer the world with cycling) (Kang Hodong and Jeong Hyeongdon guarantee 5 meals a day) (A forced diet to lose weight even if you eat five meals a day) Recruiting cycling members. Kang Hodong and Jeong Hyeongdon guarantee 5 meals a day. I know… Oh! As we started to talk, a person who loves KBS entertainment… As we started to talk, a person who loves KBS entertainment… (Park Myeongsu appears) Myeongsu, cycling… Excuse me. My friend. It’s nice to see you. My friend. We were friends before. What was that? My friend? Myeongsu. Have a seat. As we started to talk, he passed our news booth. A person who loves KBS entertainment. He got a free ride. He improved Korean entertainment. He’s an elite in Korean entertainment. Park Myeongsu, a cycling members, is joining us. Personally… Is it alright to do this without a mic? There’s a boom mic. I have an uncomfortable relationship with Myeongsu. I don’t know about you, but Myeongsu just treated you like a friend. It took him a lot of courage. On programs I know or during personal gatherings, he never treated you like a friend. He treated you with respect. Hodongnim. He calls you with respect or calls you Hodongnim. I’ll tell you right away. I won’t cycle. You ride! I saw Hodong fight 24 years ago. Some hoodlums came into a restaurant. They gave us a hard time. Hodong told us to wait outside and not to worry. There was a crash, bang and boom. He left by himself? He told us to come back in. The three of them just ate their meals. It’s alright. Come in. He has loyalty. It’s not true. It’s not. It’s really not true. He can’t stand injustice. He improved Korean entertainment indeed. He made up a story as if it was real. What are you talking about? It was when we did “This is a Good Day”! You told us to leave and took care of them. I remember seeing him hold a chair with one hand. As a performance. He really can’t stand to see injustice. I’m saying this because we really would have been in trouble if he wasn’t there. I’m just thankful. When we did comedy at MBC, Myeongsu had good ideas. We did comedy acts together. You did? There was a segment called ‘Gangbakgwannyeom’. Kang and Park. Do you think that suits you? It’s cute. This happened because of you! You might be ugly, but you should speak properly. What? It was cancelled after 3 weeks. Let’s create another legend this time. Gangmyeongdon? How should we call you? We can do anything in front of the camera. It’s encouraging. Myeongsu. Hodong. We do that. Myeongsu, pinch my cheeks. Pinch my cheeks. Myeongsu, pinch my cheeks. Pinch my cheeks. Let’s start. One, two, three. They’re nice to pinch. They’re going to change the tape. I’ll buy you a drink. I’m sorry. Since we’re friends now… I can’t ride a bike for over 100km. It hurts here. It’s not easy. Physical fitness is a problem. If I ride over 100km, I lose my mind. I’ll talk to them. His body isn’t in good condition. I’ll satisfy you. What? I’ll satisfy you. Myeongsu doesn’t care about that. I’ll get you $50 more. Is that possible? I’ll get you $50 more. Well… This will work for him. It’s not easy. It’s not easy. It’s too stingy here. He said it’s stingy here. See? He wants more. He wants more. Just give him $50 more than usual. Just give him $50 more. He said I’m not wrong. Just give him $50 more. I’m an FA at KBS. May is a 30% discount period. May is a 30% discount period. Get him now. Or KBS will lose you, right? Anyway, take a flyer. Take one. I have a live radio show starting at 11. We seek fun more than emotions. It’s really fun. It’s not touching at all. I’ll get going then. It’s live. We became friends now. Let’s cycle together. Let’s work hard until our thighs burst. Okay. I’ll think about it. I’ll call you. Let’s be happy. The three of us can cycle together. I’ll think about it. (Hodong, let’s be close now) I’ll get going. Sorry. I’ll be fired if I don’t go. Bye. Bye. I’ll call you. Sincerely. Myeongsu is funny. Hodong. I’m not very good at that. I blushed. It was funny when he pinched my cheeks. Hodong. He couldn’t do that before. It really took him a lot of courage. Sean! He rides, too. There was an article. He cycled and made donations. It was a hot issue. Jongmin, too. He’s a cycling teacher. Jongmin is sincere when he rides. Oh, Minjun. I did a program with him once. Who? The screen actor, Kim Minjun. Are you hurting? So am I. The man with a lot of hair. He’s probably a wrestling junior of mine. Really? I think we did a show together. Then these people… Sean, Minjun, Jongmin. They’re all men. Kong Hyojin! Wasn’t she seen riding at Hangang Park? We can get a chroma. I love her. He won’t take a picture of us, will he? If he does, what would he do with it? (Oh! The person next to him is?) (The offensive player for foot volleyball) (Chanaldo, Cha Taehyun) I got a checkup yesterday! Once again, Cool Kiz! “Two Days and One Night”. Let’s go to meet them. We’re recruiting female members, too. The search is over. It’s over. It’s over. We’re the only ones who don’t know. Right? We’re the only ones who don’t know. Where are we? Didn’t you put YG in your navigation system? Hello. We’re here to see Sean. You have to sign in. It’s me. I did a duet with GD. I’m sorry. Kang Hodong. You’re here to see executive Sean? Yes. He’s an executive? We’re here to see the executive. This is the recording room. Is it the executive’s office? Executive Sean. I did a recording here. Oh, there he is! Hello. Hello. What night is tonight? Jinusean night. (He is enjoying a second heyday) (He’s famous for making donations) (Sean of Jinusean!) It’s “Cool Kiz on the Block”. Say hello. What night is tonight? Jinusean night. I’m back after 11 years. I’m Sean of Jinusean. I watch “Cool Kiz” once in a while. You do triathlons and like sports. I heard you’re interested in daily sports. Yes. Let me be direct. If you do triathlons, you have to swim, run and cycle well. Right. I like “Cool Kiz”. Are you doing a triathlon? This isn’t a flyer for a night club. I’m not promoting your new song. Before we tell you the sport, what does cycling mean to you? Me? You just told him the sport. Oh, it’s cycling this time. You just told him the sport. Oh, it’s cycling this time. (Good job) It’s a one-month special project. I saw an article. You made donations by riding. It was for a good cause. Busan and back in 24 hours. 430km. (Sean rode for 24 hours for the construction of a children’s rehabilitation hospital) How hard was it? I was sitting on my butt the whole time. Your skin peels. Your butt? Yes. It rubbed for 18 hours. The weak area of the butt? Yes. You have to apply Vaseline to the entire body. But I didn’t know that. It all peeled. That lasts a long time. It rubbed for 18 hours. You have to apply Vaseline? You have to apply it all over your butt. Apply it like this? Yes. I have a pretty butt. Apple hips? I have apple hips. He doesn’t have a pretty butt. I have a really pretty butt. Pretty butt. Do you want to see? Hey, pretty butt. Stop saying that. My parents didn’t name me butt. His heart. Hyeongdon. What is this? He has a kind heart. (Sean looks at the flyer) Oh! This is me. The question mark? Yes, it’s me. Just a minute. These muscles. That’s me. This? These arms? Do you know what I was going to do? I was doing this. It won’t work. Go back to 2G. Conquer the world with cycling. It’s a month. Yes. How much could we achieve? Leaving from KBS in Yeouido. From the main lobby. Passing through Hangang Park. How about turning at ‘Meeting Square’? What? ‘Meeting Square’. What about Yumyeongsan? Be quiet. End it in Jamsil. It’s serious! It’s sacred ground for people who cycle. Going to Yumyeongsan. Where is Yumyeongsan? All the way along the river. Starting from where? From Banpodaegyo Bridge. It’s about 140km for the roundtrip. (Laughing in vain) Are you kidding? Stop it. People leave at 6a.m. on Saturday to do that. People who cycle go to Yumyeongsan. Then they go to Taebaeksan. Taebaeksan? Gangwon-do? Yes, they ride to Gangwon-do. They go to Gangwon-do by bike? Let’s go. We got him. We’re doing it to be healthy and happy. What if we lose our souls? No. That’s not good. You probably won’t ride like that. We came to invite you, but it feels like we’re being invited. We don’t seem to be compatible with cycling. Does it suit you? It doesn’t suit me. Really. It’s been decided. The two of you will ride. You’ve been invited. We’ll ride together. We’ll ride together. I suddenly feel dizzy. We’ll ride. I’ll help you. You’ll be fine. As a condition of inviting us, don’t make any suggestions. Just do as we say. You can’t suggest any ideas. If you will just quietly follow along, we will have you appear. You came to invite me. Don’t. Don’t. I’m sorry. Just a minute. We need a picture. This might be the last time we see each other. Let’s take a picture of this moment. (Commemorating their last meeting?) Let’s go. Let’s go. We won’t see each other. We have different paths. Let’s… Sit down. We have different paths to take. Different paths. I’ll embrace you like a son. It will be possible? Yes. I’ll show you the impossible. Make it possible. I’ll show you it will be impossible. That’s a good idea, right? Will it be possible or not? Life doesn’t always go your way. Let’s go. Let’s go. Get some rest. Thank you for the interview. Thank you. What night is tonight? Jinusean night. (They go to meet the next member) Where are we going now? I spoke to the production crew. We need someone who doesn’t know anything about cycling. Someone like us. We should invite someone like that. We’re going to meet someone like that. Someone like that, but still hot. Someone with ties to “Cool Kiz”. The woman of the living room for KBS. I’m sure you can guess who it is. People with no sense will think Kim Soohyun. IU? No! We’re going to see Cha Taehyun. Even if Taehyun does this, it’s still all men. Can’t we get Sim Eunha? Who? Sim Eunha. Why are you mentioning her to me? You said you were close with her. You said it would only take one call. Eunha… I haven’t seen her in a while. I think Kim Hyesu would do it, too. Don’t you think so? She’s healthy and likes sports. She was in my heart since I was in school. It would be nice to ride with her. She was amazing. I really want to see Song Hyegyo. How is Jeon Jihyeon in person? She was wearing sunglasses and a mask. It’s really amazing. We never saw her in person. Taehyun acted with her. Taehyun is amazing. He’s great. Taehyun acted with Song Hyegyo, too. He’s really something. Taehyun! That makes him seem really special. He’s not the person who came and missed kicks. He called me 2 weeks ago after drinking. Why did we think of him? He has a strong lower body. Right. He has a fighting spirit, too. He’ll come with us. Let’s just go and see. Yes, let’s. Let’s go. We’re seeing him here? Yes. I can’t believe he agreed. He’s so nice. Taehyun is the best. He’s a busy person. If he agrees, tell him he doesn’t have to come every week. Film him on a bike when he does a drama. He can just come for the last mission. He’s here. He’s here. (It’s been two months since they saw Chanaldo) You must be busy. You didn’t have to come. You came so far. You didn’t have to. Aren’t you filming a drama? We’re here. This is an unfamiliar place. Is this where you’re filming the drama? The drama and everything. It’s not unfamiliar. Why do you keep agreeing? What are you going to do? You must be busy filming “Producer”. I’m busy. You don’t look tired at all though. You’re an actor. I’m tired. I’m tired. You did a movie with Jeon Jihyeon. Listen to me. I’m tired. You did a movie with Song Hyegyo, too. That was long ago. Before I got married. Jeon Jihyeon… That was 13 years ago. Ha Jiwon… That was 10 years ago, too. That’s amazing. We were talking about screen actors. You’re really amazing. We treated you too recklessly. We never saw Jeon Jihyeon. Why are you suddenly talking about her? We talked about it on the way here. That you were amazing. I’m filming with Kong Hyojin. We talked about her, too. Is there something she can do on “Cool Kiz”? It’s not that. We just talked about her. We imagined have her as a member. When is the filming over? When is the filming over? Until “Cool Kiz” is over. You have to open up to a conversation. Nothing is impossible. We did broadcasts. We know how you feel. We’re not asking you to make time once a week. You don’t have to. You don’t have to do that. Just carry on with your life. Don’t you sleep at home? I do. You sleep at home. That’s good. Just make a little time to pedal a bit. You just have to pedal a bit. Oh, it’s cycling. It’s cycling. You’re talking about pedaling. This is a composite of you. We already have a picture. I never rode a cycle like this. Add your face. Get a composite. Unbelievable. It’s not bad, is it? We’ll make it short. If you sit, someone will push from behind. Yeah? With Sean. Sean will pull and Kim Minjun will push. You just have to sit there. You filmed with Jeon Jihyeon, Song Hyegyo and Ha Jiwon. We should give you special service. You’re a VIP, very important person. We’ll treat you like a VIP. We’ll bring you a cycle when you have time. Just pedal. You can do it lying down. Watch. Lying down like this. What is that? You don’t have to ride. You can cycle like this. Exercise. Just do the gestures a few times. Just give us one day in the end. Think of it as getting some spring air with us. We talked with Sean. We said we’d treat you like a producer. (A high appearance fee) It’s a one-month project. Just make time on the last day. Just pedal for 2-3 minutes here and there. You’ll get this. Just the last day? Say you succeeded on the last day. Like the marathon? Like the marathon? No. We can’t do that. From Yeouido to Jamsil. 3-4 people should injure their hamstrings. I can just see it. I can see it. We need images like that. Falling around 1km to move people. Injuring the hamstring around 2km. Arms around the shoulder. That’s it. Carrying the cycle. Crossing the finishing line together. Do you know why we want you? You’re famous. You’re a nationwide star. But you look ordinary. You don’t seem that great. What day? Where? The last day. We’ll have to adjust that. We’ll adjust it to your schedule. KBS Entertainment does dramas. It does “Cool Kiz”, too. Cycling will be over in June? It’s not long. Do you know what’s surprising? I don’t have anything in the last week of June. Oh, boy. What will I do? I’m thinking of my schedule. The last week is empty. What about the last week of May? I can’t do that. Not May and June. The end of May. I’m doing a drama. Just once. Then… We’ll adjust the schedule. Let’s make a deal. We’ll let you do it in the end of June. Bring three people including Kim Soohyun. One for three? One for three? (Are you going to deal like that?) Call! Got it. The deal is done. What? We’ll appear on “Producer”. Okay. With no pay. It will be completely free. No pay. Taehyun. We’re good at being managers. It’s unbelievable. We’ll do it like this. That’s like a loan shark. A loan shark. Take good care of IU. Have a drink. Thank you. Is it your first time here? Yes. You’re good. He can act. What? Really? Good, good. Since when were you a star? Since when were you a star? You have no warmth. A little more. A little more. You have no warmth. A little more. A little more. I’ll do it if you can cry. Hurry up and cry. Don’t cry by laughing. Don’t cry like that. (I’ll give it a try) (It’s you now?) I… He’s getting tears. He has tears. Don’t. Don’t. (What a burdensome sight) Hyeongdon, I’ll wait in the basement. Come to the basement, okay? That’s old. Good timing. Hyeongdon. Good timing. Really. That’s an old act. Good timing. We’re going this far. Okay. We’re not physically fit. How many? You must have a lot left. You’ll have to meet a lot of people after me. It’s not that. I think you’ve been rejected by a few people. No, no. You’re the first person we came to see. Let’s take off. Let’s go. Bye. Thanks. Thank you. See you at the recording. Let’s go down. Come on. Taehyun, come on. I Have to go for a recording. I have to go this way. I’ll go this way. Thanks, Taehyun. I’ll call you. (It starts to rain) (It’s quiet and raining at Hangang Park) (Someone is unique) – Hyeongdon. / – Yes. This is Hangang Park. Yes. Kim Minjun is coming over here? His place is near here. We couldn’t go to his place. He had us come here. (Nobody is coming) (They’re tired of waiting and discovers a toy) (He seems possessed and gets a massage) (He’s sad he has such long legs) Where is he? Hi! Hello. It’s so nice to see you. (He’s macho, but his eyes are always moist) (Great actor, Kim Minjun) Say hello. This is “Cool Kiz”. Begin. Cue. Hello, I’m actor, Kim Minjun. I was told to appear on “Cool Kiz”. But I’m not sure why. You spoke with Hyeongdon. We did a fashion program together before. All fashion people know him. He’s famous. Fashion people. We met once on an entertainment program. We wrestled. You said you respected me the most. That’s right. Will we be wrestling? I thought I should appear for wrestling. I thought I should appear. Grab me. It’s been a while. Wrestling. We can just tell. Is he alive? Grab me. Is he still alive? This posture is… (Hodong’s leg digs in) Is it wrestling? How does it feel? You can pressure the opponent. (So, will we be wrestling?) What is the sport? – What? / – The sport? Take a look. (They give him a flyer) Cycling. It’s cycling, but you can’t join us just because you want to. We didn’t come to ask you. Is that so? We came to test you to see if you qualify. We don’t want someone who is too good or who will try to lead us aggressively. Okay. We want someone normal. We met Sean of Jinusean. He has too much passion. He’s hard core. He rode from Busan to Seoul in a day. I saw him the day he left. In Busan? No, he left in Seoul near my place. I told him to come back alive. You know Sean? Yes, I run into him often in the neighborhood. This is a small world. Famous people know each other. He’s an expert. He rides too well. You, too? Not me. I… My daily cycling is a bit different. It’s not like cycling. Daily cycling. He likes saying things like that. We should point that out. Thank you. I thought you wouldn’t notice. He likes to play around with words. When did you start cycling? Since I was little. I rode a bike. I was a bit more diligent in the late 20’s. Professional cycling. Yes. You went on the road, too. Yes, I did. – MTB, too? / – Yes. Let’s see how passionate you are. Show us the posture. Get ready. You have to hold the top like this. He has good posture. Use about 10% of the weight of the upper body. And pedal like this. A bit more. He’s just like Sean. Change gears. Uphill, uphill. Dancing, dancing. Downhill, downhill. Pull your butt back like this. You have the posture. You said dancing. It’s like dancing? It’s similar. Press down at 1 o’clock and 3 o’clock with the upper body weight. Go uphill fast. It looks like this from behind. Without the seat. This side, this side, press. It looks like dancing. Let’s accept him. Congratulations! (Hodong and Hyeongdon are satisfied) Me, too. Congratulations. Cool Kiz! (They’re in sync) Thank you. That was quick. (Will Minjun be able to join them?) She appeared once for a cheerleader special. Park Giryang came. Should we go there? There’s a game against Lotte in Mok-dong. Giryang is with the Busan Gulls. The symbol of Lotte. (We can see Giryang at the stadium) Let’s go if there’s a game. Shall we go? It’s peak season. I wonder if she has time. (Mok-dong Baseball Stadium before the game) (They arrive outside the cheerleaders’ room) Hello. Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Cool Kiz! (The reason Korea loves pro baseball) (Powerful gestures that lead cheering) Park Giryang! Park Giryang! (The flower of the stadium, Park Giryang) Where does the culture of cheering come from? Busan. The Busan Gulls. What is the source of that cheering? The cheerleaders. The Busan Gulls! Right! Everybody, scream! You’re strange. Everybody, scream! You’re looking at me a lot when you talk. I’m not good at this. We came to watch the game, watch you cheer and invite you. Three birds with one stone. But it rained. It’s too bad. No, it’s not. You can show us here. (Cheerleading by the goddesses in the small waiting room) (“Up & Down” / EXID) (Fancy choreography that calls for cheering) (Sexy and cute) (Embarrassed) (With a bright smile) (Up, down, up, up, down) The part without music. (They still do it, up, down, up, up, down) (They’re professionals) Add a song. It will be embarrassing without music. (They’re all embarrassed) How long did you cycle? It’s been four months now. Cycling? Yes. I cycle before working out. I cycle for an hour. How many kilometers in an hour? About 15-20km. It’s amazing to sit on a cycle for an hour. My butt hurt a bit. It hurts. It hurts. You can’t feel it after a long time. You get calluses. I thought it hurt because I didn’t have any fat. It hurts for everyone in the beginning. Even if you have a fat butt. (She realizes after seeing Hodong) Be sure to call. Thank you. You have to do this. (They eat something before going on) (The leisure to eat a bowl of ramen) (They empty their bowls just like that) (They head out to find team members again) Huh? Do you know who that is? (They see someone popular) (Rapper Jessi) I really wanted to meet you. (Debuted in 2005 with an uptown single album. (Charismatic rapper in hip hop, Jessi) It’s so nice to meet you. Jessi. I’m a huge fan. Why didn’t you call me? What were you doing here? I was done with an interview. Are you good at sports? Sports… I really liked boxing before. Boxing? What about cycling or running? Why don’t you ask me to cycle? You’re really busy these days, aren’t you? Yes. You have too many interviews, right? Yes. People have a lot of interest in you. Yes. There’s a process to being a star. Right. You’re a star. You want to become a superstar, right? How? You have to be physically fit. Cycle. Cycle. Many people become big stars by cycling. – Bicycle. / – Okay. Just ride? You just have to ride. Ride? A victory on Tuesday nights. A victory on Tuesday nights. Who are we? Cool Kiz. Sports is rice. The Cool Kiz special spring project, cycling! We’ll be cycling. – Hyeongdon. / – Yes. The only member who survived foot volleyball. Seo Jisuk! Thank you. What a powerful life. Call me a phoenix from now on. The phoenix of the Cool Kiz. Phoenix. There is a reason you stuck. I’ll work hard. Okay. We went to invite people. I wonder how many of them will participate. Never mind that. Sean shouldn’t come. He shouldn’t cycle with us. What’s the France… Tour le something… Tour de… Tour de… (While Hyeongdon shows off the little he knows) (A mysterious man appears on a cycle) (Who is this man who looks like a pro?) Huh? What’s that? What’s that? (What is this feeling?) (It’s strong) You can’t pass in front of us while we’re recording. (Round and round) Why is he doing that in front of the camera? Go over there. Go over there. Please introduce yourself. What is tonight? Jinusean night! Hello, I’m Sean of Jinusean. Take off your sunglasses. Hello. Where did you come from? Were you standing by here? No. I came from Banpodaegyo Bridge. Olympic Road is nice. Why did you come that way? (An hour ago, Hannam-dong) Yeah, Cool Kiz! (He cycled for 30 minutes) (He crossed Banpodaegyo Bridge and arrived) (Thumbs up) Just promise one thing. What is it? The production crew… Don’t meet them separately. Don’t suggest a cycling course to them. Don’t make any suggestions for the course. Don’t suggest a national tour. Just pedal. If I just pedal, will you follow? No, you can’t do that. You’re my dad. A dad doesn’t ride in front. A parent supports from behind. Be careful. Be careful. A lion pushes its cub off a cliff. Not on “Animal Kingdom”. You’re already full of a fighting spirit. Such a mind disqualifies you from the team. You’re too clean. This is a Cool Kiz project. It’s a special spring project. Something passed again! Something passed again! Something keeps passing in front of the camera. What’s up? Who is it? Hello. (In a daze) Hello. Who are you? Hello! Who are you? I’m Julian from Belgium. Julian. (With Sam on “Unofficial Summit”) (He’s popular for his talks) (The pride of Belgium, Julian) We didn’t invite you. No, but Sam said you were riding. Belgium is famous for riding. My neighborhood has the most famous courses. Tour de France passes right by my place. It has nothing to do with me, but I love bikes. I just came to ride. The France cycling tour is famous? Yes, it’s the most famous in the world. It’s the most famous in the world. Yes. The famous legendary cyclist is from Belgium, too. I thought I had to come. Not all Belgians cycle just because they love bikes. What’s important is how well you ride. That’s important. Did you ride a lot? Pretty much. The way he talks is like us. He’s at our level. I think he’ll be a huge hole. (A man who confuses them appears) (He’s riding the mood) Now what? That’s going overboard. Isn’t he going overboard? That’s excessive. The concept. It’s too much. Minjun. What is that? Even Sean is embarrassed. You’re wearing a jacket. It’s charming. Stand next to him. I never saw someone this pretentious. Hello, I was born in 1976. My sign is the dragon. I’m forty now. But my body is in the 20’s. It’s nice to meet you. What is the meaning of that outfit? Everyone else is dressed to work out. You’re not going to work out? That’s not it. Did you come to have fun? No. We have to see how fit everyone is. See what? You have to look and see. You look nice. Riding with charm. It’s nice that he can dress up like that. I heard bikes can look nice with equipment. That’s right. His outfit suits his bike. Those are called bib shorts. It’s embarrassing when you stand away from the bike. If you go to a cafe… (Then…) If you go to a cafe… (Cover it) It doesn’t matter when you’re on the bike. Just a minute. Step away. I always have to carry the bike. (The next rider appears) (He takes off his glasses) Sangjin. Hello, it’s my first time on the show. I’m Oh Sangjin. It’s nice to meet you. I’m the MC of season 2, Oh Sangjin. (Love for cycling) Hyunmu is active on MBC. Sangjin is active on KBS. How is the air at KBS? It’s clear. It feels public. It’s a public broadcast. My main goal for coming here is cycling. But I also have to give him a sedative every time he gets excited. He can’t stand to see injustice. (He should volunteer with me) I’m 100% sure the next person will be a woman. Yeah. If it’s another man… Just play foot volleyball. (Oh…) It’s the same as foot volleyball. Come on out. The last member. (Excited and with expectations) (Smooth legs! Is it a woman?) (Is it Jessi? Giryang?) (Imposing) Just tell him to keep going. A very blunt person is appearing. Move. (Ignored as soon as he appears) It’s really upsetting, isn’t it? Take off your glasses and say hello. (Pretty actor, Kim Hyeseong) – Hyeseong. / – Yes. (On “High Kick without Hesitation”) (He was the cute oldest son) (He even entered an international competition) (He’s famous for loving cycling) What brings you here? I was filming in Busan. I heard you were cycling, so I came. Did you get a call? I just came to visit. You rode all the way from Busan? No, I brought it in the car. No, I brought it in the car. Boast about cycling. How good are you? I rode around the nation in 4 days. In 4 days? Yes, 130km a day. Really? You rode around the nation? Yes, on bike paths. How many kilometers is that? 550km. We should recognize him. Wait. 550km in 4 days! 420km in one day. 19 hours. He’s better. He’s super cyclist. Not yet. Nothing has been decided yet. The Cool Kiz special spring project, cycling. The ace hasn’t been decided yet. When we’re all together, we thought the ace would be decided. Hyeseong, Julian, Minjun, Sangjin and Sean! I didn’t cycle with Sean, but we ran a marathon together. You ran a marathon together? I ran 10km and he ran 20km. Even in the 10km sector, I couldn’t keep up with him. You were in track and field. Even so. I’m sure he’ll be the ace. Julian, who do you think is better? To be honest. Minjun didn’t show everything because that would give away he is the ace. He came looking funny like that on purpose. He chose to be a fool on his own. Right. Because he’s an expert. When a dad and son wrestles, the dad loses. Right. The better person loses on purpose. I’m the dad. I’m the dad. You’re dad, but… What do you think, Minjun? I don’t have a record. I never measured it. I just like to ride. I’m not sure how well I’ll ride. I don’t know my limits. I’m just challenging. You have no limits? You have no limits? You have no limits? I have two. I have two. (What sense) You don’t have one. You have two. He’ll keep making such jokes. Hyeongdon, he doesn’t have one. He has two. That’s easy. In perfectly normal clothes. Was that planned, too? I’ll try to test my limits. Director. The special spring project, cycling. All 8 members are here, right? Some of you cycle like pros and some of you are beginners. We have an expert who will set goals that suit your levels. Come on out. Our teacher! Come on out. (A muscular body of steel) (He’s charming even to a man’s eyes) (They stir at his gestures) (A smooth turn) (Just with his riding) (He surprised everyone, who is he?) Hello, I was on the national team before. I’m Park Seongbaek. I won the 2007 Tour de Korea and the 2012 Tour de Korea. Tell us about Tour de Korea. I’ll tell you about Tour de Korea. Europe has Tour de France. It’s a globally famous cycling festival. Tour de Korea is an Asian version and is sponsored by Korea. It is held every year and is the greatest in Asia. How many kilometers do you have to ride to win? About 1,200-1,300km in 8 days. 1,200-1,300km in 8 days? (All they can do is laugh and sigh) We need training and goals. What is our goal? Setting a 2-day course from Tour de Korea and finishing it. That’s the goal. What is the course you have to finish? It starts in Yeosu. It starts in Yeosu. Yeosu with the ocean? That’s right. Pass Jogyesan and Boseong. Then go to Gangjin. There is a mountain area. It’s a tough course. The goal is to finish that course. In your opinion, is this something possible for Hyeongdon, Hodong and Jisuk who never rode before? Do you think it’s possible? I think it’s possible. However it turns out, we’ll give it a shot. But if we’re injured or if there’s an accident, our journey will be meaningless. You have to know your enemy and yourself. We have to know our conditions. We’ll have our fitness tested. I said that well, right? It was easy to understand, wasn’t it? Come over here. This way. We’re indoors now. What is this place? It’s a place to measure basic fitness before cycling fitness. We have to know how fit we are to make the appropriate challenge. Sean and Minjun. It’s important to watch. (There is only one fitness king!) A lion pushes its cub. (I run, so Sean exists) We have to see how fit we are. (His fitness goes beyond his body) (There’s no stepping back) I’ll measure muscular strength. (Choi Hongyeol) Start with the left hand. I’ll measure your left and right grip strength. Like this? Stand straight. Here goes. If you’re ready, begin. Tight! (He focuses all strength in his hands) Stop. Sideways. It’s 32.8kg. Is that high? It’s not that high. Too bad. I’ll show you how strong you are. (Be sure to show me) Begin. Tight! My throat hurts. The level of his sound is 70. 42.2kg. It’s as much as your yell. Men don’t want to lose in strength, huh? (Hodong is really strong) Is he going to break it? He might break it. (I’m seeing a legendary wrestler) Get ready. Begin. Tight! (This is Hodong’s power) Wow. 53.8kg. 53.8kg. (Hodong is 1st place) (Seon feels a lot of pressure) Is it better to yell? Sure. Really? Get ready. Begin. Tight! (The power of a hip hop strong man) – Okay. / – 50kg. 42.4kg. The balance is just right. (Ambitious Minjun appears) The ace could be decided here. The fight to be the ace. (He warms up first) Like this? (Slightly depressed from being 3rd place) Okay? Get ready. Begin. Tight! Just a minute. I didn’t hold it right. Just a minute. I didn’t hold it right. It slipped. Look at his heartbeat. 71%. My hands are big. (His heartbeat is at a limit even before he starts) This is fun. Minjun, this is an order. Begin. Tight! 60. 60. Stop. (Well?) 54.2kg. That’s amazing. He beat Hodong. His left hand beat Hodong. He has a strong grip. (Minjun is 1st place for grip with 54.2kg) (Grip test : 1st place, Minjun, 54.2kg) (Next, sit-ups) (A test of muscular endurance) 30 seconds left. (Doni focuses, too) 30 seconds left? I can lie down for 15 seconds then. (Men want to win) (The old ace, Jisuk) A little more. Okay. 56. (Jisuk is 1st place so far) You waited for this. The Cool Kiz special spring project. Sit-ups. Ironman. The hero of the triathlon. Sean will be challenging now. (The fans cheer) Will he set a new world record? The world is watching him. (The countdown begins) (His pride was hurt because of grip power) (He will regain it with sit-ups) (He can’t let Minjun be the ace) (Start) (Calm in the beginning) (Stable like a man of steel) He has muscular endurance. He lost to Minjun for grip power. He’s a bit upset right now. He’s already getting tired. He’s getting tired. (He gets tired too soon) It must have nothing to do with cycling. He seems really tired. 10 seconds left. He’s cold. He’s just resting. He’s no good except for cycling. Okay. (He was slow and constant, what is his record?) (Is there a surprise?) Okay. 37. That’s a surprise. Really. 37. It must have nothing to do with cycling. (Minjun approaches) He’s touching the equipment. He knows. He has long legs. (Maybe I shouldn’t have come) Get ready. Begin. (Minjun starts) He just has to beat Sean. How many seconds left? 30 seconds left. He even asks questions. How many seconds left? It’s coming. No, no. (Jisuk is 1st place with 56) How many did I do? 48. 10 seconds left. 51. 52. 53. 56 is the highest. 55. (Aaaaagh!) (I’m the ace here) 56 is the highest. 54. 55. It’s over. Oh, 55… 55. They’re nothing. They’re all just boasting in vain. Jisuk is 1st place for sit-ups. (Jisuk is 1st place for sit-ups with 56) In the friendly fight between Minjun and Sean, Jisuk suddenly interfered. It’s a fight between three people now. Sean is failing quickly. He’s falling behind. Next? Next is agility. You’ll do the long jump. (The higher of two attempts) 234cm. (Doni jumps next) 225cm. His body is heavy. (Sangjin is next) 239cm. (1st place so far) You have to do it properly. Are you ready? Jump. It’s not working. (Hop) It’s not working. (Ha ha ha ha ha) (Too much gravity) 179cm. That’s sad. It looks really far. If you’re ready, jump. If you’re ready, jump. (He jumped with a fighting spirit) (But the man of steel kneels) (He didn’t look that great) (Oh, no) My legs gave in. (Oh, father) (Take care of your joints) Hyeongdon, we have to take care of him. Don’t take a step. Jump at once. At once. He’s really greedy. I think he would be good. We made him out to be too good. If you’re ready, you can jump. (He clenches his teeth) 225cm. It’s hard. (Good job. We’re tied) (The candidate for 1st place goes next) Go easy. (Listen) (Thin) Go. 225cm. Oh, that’s 225cm. 225cm. Oh, that’s 225cm. (What?) (A sound that hurts his pride?) He measured it. Sean did his best. Sean did his best. Okay. Get ready. Begin. He stepped on the line. The line! The line! The line! Do it again. It’s hard. Get it right. Don’t foul. (He jumps pretty far) 236cm. Wow, he’s 1st place. (When it comes to jumping, ‘air’ Jisuk is great) If you’re ready, go ahead. (What a jump) He could reach the mat. 258cm. (Just like that) Track and field. The pride of an old member. I know it’s not easy to join the Cool Kiz. (Jisuk is 1st place for the long jump with 258cm) When will we ride the cycle? We have to save energy to ride. Heart and lung endurance. There’s a sensor. There’s a sensor here and there. There’s a sound. Start again when you hear it. It’s called the ‘whistle of terror’. It’s a shuttle run of 20m. Cha Duri made 151 runs. He became the fitness king. (Cha Duri?) Sean really… (As of today) (Who will be the cycling ace?) (Lane 1, man of steel) (Lane 2, old devil) (Lane 3, new devil) Go. Cha Duri, are you watching? Come on, Cha Duri. You fail if you can’t control the time. (7 seconds after 15 and 6 seconds after 39) That’s amazing. I feel the energy. Experts. A mental fight and… Already. The air is cold. Viewer ratings will be the highest. Who will be 1st place? Ironman? Amazing. Minjun. Sean. Jisuk. Jisuk, show them this isn’t easy. But you look tired already. He’s good for short distances. It’s 7 seconds now. Agh, agh, agh. He’s tired. It will be reduced to 6 seconds. It’s a death game until one person collapses. 50. It’s 50. There wasn’t anyone who did 99 runs at this center. Will there be someone from the Cool Kiz? I think so. They are heading for 60 now. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. (Minjun and Jisuk went over the time limit) Jisuk’s balance was ruined. Sean indeed. It’s a lonely fight. Good luck. Sean isn’t shaky at all. We don’t know what will happen. He has great endurance. Go, Sean. 5 seconds. 5 seconds. You got a warning. Faster. Faster. 70. 70. Full speed. It’s over. You didn’t get to that side. You didn’t go all the way. The machine is precise. (Great endurance) You still did 68 runs. (You are the best) (The man of steel maintained his pride and smiles) I’ll tell you who 8th place is. Go on. What are you doing? We don’t know yet. Isn’t Julian 1st place? 8th place is Hyeongdon. (As long as it’s not me) Yes, come on! It’s Jeong Hyeongdon. Hyeongdon. Not Jeon Hyeongdon. Jeong Hyeongdon. I’m lacking for heart and lung endurance. I’m not flexible either. I’m a corpse. (Hyeongdon, 8th place, 225, participation prize) (7th place, Julian, 230, participation prize) (6th place, Hodong, 240, participation prize) (5th place, Hyeseong, 295, participation prize) (4th place, Sangjin, 305, participation prize) We only have the top three left. Here is 3rd place. Who is 3rd place? 3rd place is Jisuk. Jisuk? (Why?) I receive a participation prize, too. He wasn’t that flexible. I was last place for flexibility. I don’t have a graph for flexibility. (He didn’t even touch the board) Sean and Minjun. Minjun and Sean. Who is the fitness king of the Cool Kiz cycling? Just a minute. I have something to tell you. Only 4 out of 100 get this. It’s a gold prize. 1st place? It’s a gold prize. The fitness king of the Cool Kiz cycling team. The gold prize. Who is it? Minjun. Minjun. (Gold prize) Gold prize. Wrestling. Wrestling. (The pride of wrestlers) (Everyone gets goose bumps) (Minjun, 485, diamond balance) 2st place is Sean, the bronze prize. Only 20 out of 100 get that. Let’s take a picture holding this. The cycling team has been established. Will we complete 175km in a month without anyone failing? We have to finish to show anyone can do it. We will show the beauty and fun of cycling. We will show you hard work. Yeah for the Cool Kiz cycling team! Yeah! (Next week…) They finally take the first step. This a majestic place. It’s really big. Should we yell? One, two, three! (Challenge with passion and young spirit!) Yeah! You have to focus and practice. Only then will you finish. (8 members on the cycling team) He could go to Yeosu right away. Why is he so good? Why is he so good? As soon as we started. (And…) (Even a lacking member) (They all become one and ride) (On a thrilling slope down) (On an uphill that makes you run out of breath) (They pedal constantly) Cool Kiz! (“Awesome” / N.Flying)

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