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Counter Punching and Timing in Boxing | When to Counter? | हिंदी उपशीर्षक

Counter Punching and Timing in Boxing | When to Counter? | हिंदी उपशीर्षक

all right everyone today here I am again with Nate Bower and after this on his channel we’re going to be doing a little bit of a fitness challenge video so I’ll leave a link to that video in the description below so go check that out check out other stuff we’re doing on native Channel but one question you guys have been asking about is counter punching and counter punching rhythm specifically when do I counter punch and it’s not really an easy question to answer so there are four basic rhythms that you will counter punch with these are just specific examples but with the general rhythm you can counter punch using these rhythms in any type of scenarios depending on what your opponent does depending on what you do so we’re going to go over those four basic rhythms right now using specific examples but once you understand these different types of rhythms you can fit them and work them into your boxing with almost any combination or anything that’s thrown at you okay so let’s get started okay the first rhythm is the stop hit or the simultaneous counter punch basically as soon as your opponent goes you go now this is the most risky of all the types of counter punching but also one of the most effective it’s basically when you Bruce leaves to talk about Jeet Kune Do the way of the intercepting fist when they go you go and there’s a few different examples that you can work with that so in this one we’re going to start with the jab as soon as I throw the jab Nathan catch that jab he’s gonna stop and throw his he’s going to stop it with the jab simultaneous is I go he goes via see how nate is catching that river masu they make move fun he’s going to time you now with boxing it’s not always easy to stop that first punch it works with the jab stopping a straight right hand may be easier to slip it so you can also work out the slip as soon as the opponent attack to believe of the right hand you slip in your throw it’s the most risky it’s the hardest but it’s one of the most effective so I’m going to throw the right hand native to the flip heat that throw the right hand it would go over you to my chin but we’re going to go to my chest just for the demonstration all right so you see that first rhythm guys as soon as I go Nate’s going to go again this is the safest it is more risky but if you can time it set up it’s very effective some people can’t handle this type of simultaneous timing is really a great way to disrupt the rhythm especially if they love the back-and-forth type this is one way to really disrupt them alright the next rhythm is in between punches especially in your opponent’s committee to live longer combo now sometime between this one and the one after you’ll see you won’t necessarily know how many punches your point is going to throw but you’re going to wait until they give you one or two to take a little bit of steam off their initial attack and then you’re going to throw so for example if I just roll one two three blocks of one two and then beat me to the punch before I get off my three so this type of rhythm is punching between punches so in this example I’m gonna throw the jab he’s going to catch I’m gonna throw the right hand now as I’m throwing my left hook boom he’s going to beat me to that punch and then he’s actually going to continue with another punch with the left hook coming through we got block blocks on bump bones in between my combo beat me to my punch as I’m throwing so slowly he’s going to go catch block counter sole right here now again to break it down slowly if I was really boxing with Nate I would be coming in and even block and I’d be going back and he would be beating me that shot he goes to the chin slow motion just to show you Bombo pram and there he is beating yet beating me to that shot so this is another type of rhythm that’s very effective let the opponent come a little bit you make him a little bit of ground create an angle move but you hold your spot two three punches and then you open up in between you have to be able to catch the timing your eyes in your mind has to understand the rhythm this is something that you got to work on before you can really pull it up alright next rhythm is one that you’ll understand a little bit better you want to wait to the opponent’s attack and complete most of the time in a combination either about the fourth or fifth punch that’s when you see the power circuit dip so you’re starting fresh with your first one you’re going to be much higher up on the power curve than your opponent who’s already thrown three or four punches and is on their way down so it’s very effective for a specific sample I guess throwing nades one two three two three he’s going to cover hold his ground or maybe give a little bit as soon as he feels that I’m done it could be instinctive or he just knows what I’m throwing he’s going right away so we’ll start without medium speed I go and he peppers me right away he does not wait he might goober adjust to different a little bit but it is almost like we’re working on a continuous Brumby rhythm I go he wasted my power curve drop and am bomb bomb bomb bomb he starts working me again another one in medium there nice pick it up you all right nice this is one of the most effective especially if you want to just give a little bit of ground or if you want to hang on the inside it’s also very safe you cover give a little bit of distance not too much and right away boom you start to go with your counter-attack alright the next rhythm it might not be seen so much as counterpunching but it is a little bit different from initiating the attack similar to what we just did he’s going to almost let me complete last pack and then quit on the idea of attacking so I throw my attack he’s going to get away there’ll be like a half seconds beat in between and then once he sees that I quit on my attacker that I’m looking for a new attack then he’s going to launch hey this is not the same as him coming and facing the trying to set his own initiative this is a counter with a half beat delay in between so either I’m packing and I’m done and I split on it or I’m attacking and I’m done looking for more but I’m not in the position to do it and he’s going to jump on that moment so again prospective combo in this case I’m going to get him to move back a bit it would be one two three two three just to keep it simple he goes back and there’s a little bit of a delay there he’s going to move a little bit around to really make it hard for you to get that and then he comes back at me after I sort of realize that it’s really not going to be easy he’s not going to be there for me so we go again all right guys there you have it when the counter punch specific combos you see here are just examples it could be off of anything as long as you understand the rhythms understand what you can do in a situation so that’s coming up to dig deep visualize and figure out for yourself somebody doesn’t go you go at the same time you stop hit you intercept somebody’s going to go you may give a little bit of ground block before their combos complete punch between punches that’s another risky challenging one but very effective on the safer side you block all the shots maybe shift and create an angle but you don’t get out too far as soon as they’re done BAM you’re there to pepper them with a combo that serve us as in flow back and forth prism and the final one is sort of delayed where you’re going to make them quit on their attack move away make them think it’s done how good of a half beat and then you go in with yours with your attack so work that visualize the different scenarios working in your shadow boxing bring it to your bag work sparring and your fights and I think that’s going to give you a big edge in counter punching and boxing and remember to check out his name channels next video coming up I leave a link in the video description below some workout challenges thanks for watching guys peace

100 thoughts on “Counter Punching and Timing in Boxing | When to Counter? | हिंदी उपशीर्षक”

  1. I appreciate your work! You do not only take boxing stuff, you observe everything, that's what i like about your channel!

  2. im a big fan of the parry jab with a straight right counter thrown straight after you've parried to try and beat the jab hand back to the chin….

  3. That guy has a bad habit of lowering his left hand while moving in his rhythm. That can be used to then opponents advantage and catch him off guard.

  4. Awesome! A lot of people probably thought boxing was just some DUMB sport. Strange how they would start thinking something like that.

  5. I'm a big fan of your content and when I could afford a boxing gym membership it really helped me a lot.. I'm sorry to spam your channel but I need help to buy my mother a wheelchair for her multiple sclerosis, we're very poor and I can't afford it.. Here's the link, thanks everyone in advance

  6. Working on movement, staying on toes, I have cones to practice these techniques…I use the heavy bag at the local workout gym, and just started practicing the speed bag. All my workouts are conaiat or mobility, calisthenics, Running, jump rope, etc.. Thanks for the video.

  7. Love those combos! Especially the right straight and left hook after the opponent threw the 1-2!!!
    Dropping everything and going to the gym right now to try it out! LOL!

  8. 2:20–2:40 when you throw your hand targeting his face, he should block it with left as he throws his right hand to your chest➡️⬅️

  9. How can this work if u dont no what the opponent is going to throw. This seems to be all patterns. Im confused

  10. Neither of you are boxers. Choreography isn't boxing. These set pieces only work in use. If you've never had a fight this is a hypothesis as far you pair are concerned. Nate Bower = no boxing record.

  11. The counterpunch i find easiest is to throw my punch at the same time my oponent while moving out if the way at the same time… They throw a hit to the head, i slip while throwing whatever punch i can land while slipping… They throw to the body i step arround while throwing whatever punch i can land… Still ill have to practice the others just in case…

  12. The second one where he slips to the left and throws the cross is very effective. I’ve used it countless times. I use it even when I’m not actually slipping a punch because it almost gives the false impression of loading the left hand and it puts you out of a position to get countered. I learned this from pacquiao.

  13. I love the counter for the 123! Perry the 1, Block the 2, and beat his 3 with your counter cross. Brilliant!

  14. Counter strikes are not for everyone, it takes a type of awareness and ridiculous well timing to land a perfect counter.

  15. You guys are great !.. like to check out Nates channel too….I am definatly stuck on this channel !

  16. In boxing they don't block punch they Dodge punch only. I think block punch give you better chance to corner punch because you don't need step back or bend your body. If u Dodge a punch u have to step back or bend your back, you will be too far to corner

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