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Crazy Basketball Dunk Contest! ? (w/ Surprise Mystery Guests!)

Crazy Basketball Dunk Contest! ? (w/ Surprise Mystery Guests!)

– [Oliver] Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba – [Finn] (screams) – [Missy] Oh my goodness,
good morning guys, we are getting ready this morning, – [Bryan] We have a surprise
for both of the boys. It’s not as bad as I thought. – It’s got a hole, and I think you can put the basketball in the hole. – [Bryan] Hey boys! Someone’s here to say hi, go, go, go! – Hi! (upbeat pop music) – [Missy] Three, two, one, good morning! – [Boys] Ba ba ba ba ba ba! – What are you doing?! – Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba (screams) – Oh my goodness, good morning guys. We are getting ready this morning for school in the boys’ bathroom. I’m attempting to brush his hair with one hand and focus my camera. – [Finn] Brush my hair! (water running) Good job! Brushing over, whew! All right, I think we look good. We are officially ready
for school and today is share day, I think
the letter is F, right? – Yeah and we’re bringing a frog. – [Missy] Because what is
the first letter of frog? – F. – [Missy] Yeah! – It’s too bad the babies can’t share. – [Missy] Yeah, Finn
doesn’t get any share days. (sad crying sound) Look at our shadows! – [Oliver] Hiccups. – [Missy] Oh no, hiccups,
ugh that’s the worst. We just dropped off Ollie and I thought that was so cute, he had a picture up from his hundred day party, and I love how his hands are like in his pocket. He’s just standing there, he’s so cute. Your turn to go to school, right? – Yeah! – [Missy] Okay, dropping it off, daily bumps sitting right there (laughs) Whenever I drop off Finn, he usually gets a little bit clingy, but the one thing that will make him let go and run off is anything that has to do with art. So they always are like,
“Finn you wanna come paint?” And he’s like, “Yeah! Bye mom!” We just had his parent teacher conference earlier this week with his teacher and she said he gets so excited whenever art gets pulled out or whenever it’s time to do art, he’s like
the one who’s just like trying to like hurry up
because he just cannot wait to do whatever they’re gonna do. – Good morning guys! What is going on? I am riding this Segway around the house. I’ve been loving this thing and I figured it could also act as like
a camera stabilization. Today is a super exciting day because we have a surprise for both of the boys, and if you guys want a little hint about what the surprise is,
I’ll have it linked up in the I Card, and it’s
gonna be at our house and I’m really excited, so I thought I would head outside
and check on the status of our basketball hoop because I know we got one when we bought the house but I’m not sure what it’s looking like so let’s go check it out. Okay so there’s our hoop,
it’s not as bad as I thought. – Yeah, its a little torn up. – It’s a little OG, oh we got a little torn net option that’s kind of cool. – Yeah.
– I think it’ll do, right? – I mean, it works, it’s got a hole, and I think you can put the
basketball in the hole. – With what we’re doing
with it today though, I’m just really happy
that it is shatter proof. So, thankfully this thing shouldn’t be breaking today, but
hit that thumbs up button if you guys are excited to see what we’re doing with the boys. I think they’re gonna
get a kick out of today because they both love
basketballs and playing outside and stuff so it’s gonna be so fun. Oh, it’s got water all over it. – [Missy] Water. – Been raining like crazy. – Yeah it has. It’s the first blue sky
day we’ve had in a while. – Yeah! All right, I feel like right here? (upbeat music) – Okay, what do you think? – It looks good. – Yeah, I like it. (boing sound effect) What if it just falls over? (deep drum sound) Might need some sand. (laughs) (relaxed music) We gotta go find a basketball. There it is, maybe we should clean it up. Feels good, it might be a little flat. – [Bryan] Oh. – Oh and it’s got a signature
on there, a little bit rubbed off, but I think
that one’s Firefly? – Yeah (chuckles) – Hopefully they just
bring their own, right? – Yeah! I think so. – [Missy] Look at the pups
just came out, (dogs bark) they’re like, “Let’s go play!” – [Bryan] Welcome home! Someone’s here to say hi, go, go, go! (boys scream) (sports air horn) – [Bryan] What?! – [Oliver] Wow! – [Female Basketball Player]
How you doing big man? – [Bryan] Say hey! – [Female Basketball
Player] Ooh you’re strong! Hey little guy! – [Male Basketball Player] How you doing? – [Missy] Can you say hi? – [Female Basketball Player]
Can I have a high five? Maybe later. – [Bryan] We have the Harlem Globetrotters in our house dude! (excitement) Do you see how tall he is? Look at this, whoa! – [Missy] Still a long ways to grow. – [Bryan] Give him a high five. (laughter) – [Female Basketball Player] So close. What’s your name buddy? – Um, Ollie. – Ollie, my name is Champ,
it’s nice to meet ya! – Do you wanna see Draco? – [Bryan] You gotta check
him out, you gotta see Draco. – [Champ] Hi Draco! – [Male Basketball Player] He is so nice. – [Missy] Do you want me
to get him out for you bud? – Yeah! – [Missy] Okay, come here Draco. – Come hang out with us. Do
you like Harry Potter too? Is that why his name’s Draco? – [Oliver] Yeah I like, my
dad is a fan of Harry Potter. (laughter) – [Champ] I like Harry Potter, too. He’s spikey. – [Male Basketball Player] He is so cute! – Can I pet him? – Yeah. – Oh he sticks onto you. You got a pretty cool spot here, is there anything else you wanna show us? – Hmm, my room? – [Male Basketball Player] Yeah let’s go! – [Missy] We can go check out your room. – [Bryan] Should we put this on? – [Oliver] Yeah. – If I had that as a kid, I
would never get out of it. (laughter) – [Bryan] You got two Harlem Globetrotters in your bedroom right now. (Ollie giggles) – [Male Basketball Player] Guess what I went to see this weekend? – [Bryan] What did you go see? – The big Sequoia trees right
there, the Big Red Woods. – [Bryan] Oh cool! – I got a chance to go up there even though with all the snow. They’re humongous, they
made me look little. (laughter) There you go. – [Champ] Nice.
– [Missy] Woooo! – [Male Basketball Player] Look at that! – [Champ] I think you can do it! – [Male Basketball Player] All by herself. – [Champ] Oh look! – [Bryan] Whoa! – [Missy] Okay, you
gonna try it, bud? Okay. – [Champ] This is your
spot, you’re the superstar. – With this one and the other one. – Just like that, one on each hand. – This is so cool you guys, Ollie’s getting a ball spinning lesson. – [Champ] Ready? – [Male Basketball
Player] Three, two, one. (Ollie laughs nervously) Oh nooo! – [Bryan] Nice! – [Male Basketball Player] And
one there, and the other one! (excited shouting) – That’s amazing! (laughter) Bro, give me five! – [Missy] You did so good! – [Champ] Can we do it on the shoe? – [Male Basketball Player] On the shoe? (excited screaming) – [Bryan] What?! That was cool, dude! – That was a good shoe spin! – Yeah! – [Male Basketball Player] You wanna go outside and play on the hoop? – [Ollie] Yeah. – Yeah? Ooh you like insects? – This is the King of Sting book. – King of Sting. – [Bryan] So when he’s not playing basketball, he’s catching critters. – [Male Basketball Player] Really? – [Female Basketball Player] What’s your favorite type of critter? – Uhh, the Scorpion. – Ooh, you’re brave! – You catch those? What! – But we only caught two. – That’s enough for me. – That’s two more than I’ve caught. – They were dead. – [Male Basketball Player] Oh phew. – [Champ] Oh okay. – [Bryan] Yeah that was a
little easier. (laughter) (upbeat music) (cheering) (cheering) – [Bryan] That was awesome! – Ahh I got you! – [Champ] Aye! – [Male Basketball Player]
(whistles) Nice! Yeah! – [Champ] Ready, catch it! (cheering, laughing) – [Male Basketball Player] This one! – This is El Gato from
the Harlem Globetrotters hanging out here, it’s a beautifull place. There’s Champ. – [Bryan] Come here, bro. – [El Gato] There’s Bryan right there. I’m not good with technology
at this point. Aha! – You’re a good vlogger man. – [El Gato] And three, two, one! (cheering) – [Bryan] Aye! Nice shot babe. She is really good at
horse, she’s actually really good at real horses too. – I’m pretty sure it was Dallas, the one I can beat at Chuck E. Cheese. – [Bryan] Nice. I don’t know,
I’ve been to a couple of Globetrotters games, it doesn’t seem like you guys care much about the rules. – We play by our own set of rules. – [Bryan] Yeah (laughs)
that’s what I love. – The fun rules. – You guys, smash that thumbs up button for these awesome basketball tricks. These guys rock it on the
court and clearly off, in our little make-shift driveway court. How bout this? All right, it is Finn’s turn. – [El Gato] Alright, Finn, you ready? Two, and one more! – [Champ] Dunk it! (cheering) Can I have a high five? Oh yeah! Good job! – [Bryan] Good job dude! It helps when you’ve got like a ten foot professional basketball player holding you, huh Finn? – [Finn] Mmhmm. – [El Gato] Mmhmm. (cheering) (upbeat music) – [Champ] Now, we all floss. (cheering) – [El Gato] Aye, there you go! That’s right, caught it. – [Champ] Oh yeah! Here you go, Gato, got it? Gato! – I’m here! Whoa! That’s Finn going through baby yeah, go this way, you can’t see a lot of this. We’re the Harlem Globetrotters! – Grab some tickets! Go to, come see us, it’s a big party every time we have a show, these guys know, it’s gonna be awesome. (crowd cheering) – Woooo! (laughing, cheering) – Thank you Harlem Globetrotters! – Yes thank you Harlem Globetrotters for coming out and playing with us. We’re so excited to see you guys on the court again, be sure to go get your tickets to the Harlem
Globetrotters, all the information’s down below
in the description. Let’s have some fun! – [El Gato] Yeah! – [Champ] Yeah we’re gonna play
some basketball. (cheering) – [Champ] Nice work. (relaxed upbeat music) – My dad’s getting a picture of my mom next to Gato from Harlem Globetrotters and there’s definitely
a difference in size. – [Bryan] Little bit of height difference. – [Missy] This is crazy! This is way more shocking than with Ollie ’cause Ollie’s a child. (laughter) – All right, we’ll see you
guys in our next video, bye! (pencil writing) – [Missy] Pink eye! This is the first time I’ve been down to the coop and there’s only one egg. There should be way more eggs in here. – Did something get in the coop? – [Missy] Yep. (cell phone answering machine) – I lost our camera, we
were there over the weekend. – Apparently there’s another
huge rainstorm coming, but honestly I’ve kind of lost all hope. (relaxed upbeat music)

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