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Gary what’s up? Oh, not much just
driving around… seen you out here figured I’d stop by, see how things are
coming along Oh hey, thanks for coming by man Yeah, I love the new place you know it’s beautiful, and… such a nice neighborhood too you know I think I could really see myself setting some roots here well that’s great I like it when a tenant says they’re gonna stick around keeping things consistent I always sleep so much better at night I gotta tell you this is exactly the kind of change I needed Well that’s great I’m not gonna keep you from getting settled in you take care, Lane alright hey listen thanks for coming back Alright, see ya [TV plays in the background] [deep breath] [ringing] (Hey, it’s Chrissy, leave a message.) Hey Chrissy it’s a… it’s Lane… ugh again hey listen uh… I just wanted to let you know that uh… I moved into a new apartment outside of town and uh… hey it’s really nice here I know you’d love it um… and listen I know that you don’t want to forgive me for what I’ve done okay but… but I miss you all right so just give me a call whenever you get this message and… and I’ll talk to you real soon okay, bye [intense music plays] you kidding me? [evil laugh] [goofy laugh] hmm hmm… [goofy laugh] [jolting music] [creepy laughter] [knocking] Hey hello there – Come on in Gary
– How are ya? Good! Hey uh… is there anything wrong with the place? I’m not gonna lie… when you called I was a little bit concerned uh… [laughter] this might sound crazy, Gary. But uh… have any of the other tenants ever mentioned anything about hearing or seeing anything strange in the apartment? well no… not that I can recall I mean the family that lived here before you they loved the place they just out grew it, that’s all… um…. didn’t have a few too many drinks last night, did you? no no just you know just a couple um… I’m probably just hearing things man just forget I even brought it up you’re not gonna be having a problem here are we Lane? No of course not, um you know I was probably you know just needing a good night’s rest so… sorry to have bothered you yeah no problem just remember these old places you know they have a – language of their own.
– yeah once you get used to the creeks and the echoes you won’t even hear a thing anymore yeah yeah you’re right you’re right hey hey listen sorry to have bothered you No problem, just remember don’t let your
mind play tricks on you there’s always an explanation for everything yeah… of course – so long
– alright so long, Gary [loud creak] [TV plays in background] [chewing] [loud chewing] [demonic whispers] [intense music plays] [sighs] so you’re saying you think your house is
haunted? [laughter] you got a call a paranormal investigator eradicate your clown problem, Lane Ghost clowns, that’s creepy Guys …. I know I’m seeing something
all right I don’t know what it is I can’t explain it, I just know it’s there
and I know it’s real okay? yeah I bet Hey Justin you want another beer? yeah, why not? I think Lane’s cut off hey I’m the only one who gets to say when
I’ve had enough, alright? God, I knew I should have told you guys anything Alright chill out man it’s just your
imagination sorry dude just overreacting I’m sorry hey Freddie yo? What’s going on with those hotdogs, man? We’re all starving over here. they’re getting there, don’t rush perfection, alright? so you hear from Chrissy lately? she keeps ignoring my calls Don’t get me started on that bitch,
You’re better off without her, Lane. Dude, don’t talk about her that way, Justin. Nick, why’d you have to bring that shit up? Curious, sorry please change the subject Hey I love the new place oh hey thanks, Penny sure beats the city right? it most certainly does You can stop right there. Whatever you’re hinting at forget about it I got to be within walking distance of everything I need what are you talking about there’s a bar and there’s 15 pizza places and they’re all walking distance dude they haven’t even upgraded to using
credit cards around here I’d be dead in a week you’re over-exaggerating come on who’s ready to eat? [indistinct chatter] You alright? yeah yeah let’s… let’s eat, let’s eat (Hey it’s Chrissy leave a message) Hey this is Lane… uh… again um… I know you don’t want to talk to me I’m sorry for what I did, okay? I know I messed up I just wish that you’d give me a chance to explain everything I wish you’d explain some things Clown: Chrissy can’t come to the phone right now she’s a little… under the weather or under the ground… I don’t remember [goofy laughter] this isn’t happening… this isn’t happening [phone rings] Nick, thank God man Nick: What is everything okay? I’m losing my mind here man I keep seeing things that aren’t real That’s what I called you about man. I’m starting to believe everything you were saying. Go on I go online and I start looking up old articles
from the town you live in. Lane: Yeah? Well suddenly I come across this story about this carny and he lived in YOUR house. what? One day he gets home early because he
got fired from his job at the carnival for being drunk. Get this… he’s dressed as a CLOWN and he walks in on his woman cheating on him. Well… anyways he goes into the kitchen, he gets a knife, stabs the bitch and her lover then he kills himself. what? Lane: Chrissy? what? Lane, please let’s sit and talk about this what are you doing home already? Lane: What’s going on? Did you lose another job? Nick: Lane I’m worried about you Chrissy: Who gets fired from being a clown? Nick: Lane, I’m worried about you. Chrissy isn’t worth what you’re doing to yourself. Lane: No no no this isn’t happening
Nick: I don’t want to see you do something crazy… you are a drunk Lane you’re drunk piece of shit you can’t even get it up half the time Nick: Lane… Lane? [Sexual moaning from the bedroom] Honey, I’m home Chrissy… you better come out of there before I kick… Let’s just sit down and talk about this Lane… You wanna talk? I don’t wanna hear anything you have to say, Justin! What are you doing home already? Did you lose another job? They fired me… You’re a cheating whore who the fuck gets fired from being a clown Lane? what kind of a cheating whore sleeps with
her lover’s best friend? you are drunk all the time you’re a drunk you worthless prick You can’t even get it up half the time. Better yet, what kind of a guy sleeps
with his best friends girl? huh? Just relax, I can explain yeah I can explain too – okay. Your friends don’t give a shit about you I don’t give a shit about you anymore I miss you Chrissy No way you miss me When did things get so bad? when I realized what a pathetic bum you were okay, ease up on him alright Chrissy: Are you kidding me? Oh that’s… that’s great… yeah go in there and get something to clean this up Hey… he had a rough day, can’t you tell? [stabbing] [stabbing] Chrissy you look beautiful You don’t look too good, Justin You two break my heart [stabbing] you

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