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Crossdressing Award Winning Film “Stray Shadows” – A crossdress themed short music video film

Crossdressing Award Winning Film “Stray Shadows” – A crossdress themed short music video film

The Crossdressing / Cross dressing themed short film begins. A husband watches his wife, a dress fitter, fit a dress onto a woman in their home. The husband appears to be admiring the woman, taking particular interest as she puts on lipstick. He is evidently a crossdresser. The husband starts going through his wife’s clothes looking for the perfect dress to crossdress in. The husband spots the dress the woman was wearing earlier and realizes it is the perfect dress to go crossdressing in. He begins cross dressing by putting on the dress. Some neighbourhood kids spot him crossdressing in the window and he falls down tearing the dress in the process. He hears his wife coming back home and runs to hide because he does not want her to know that he is a cross dresser. To his amazement his wife beings to crossdress in his clothes. He come out of his hiding spot and they both realize that they are crossdressers. The men to women transformations has been completed!

99 thoughts on “Crossdressing Award Winning Film “Stray Shadows” – A crossdress themed short music video film”

  1. Absolutely love this short film.
    Such an incredible view of gender bending!
    And not to mention, it was hilarious!

    Will be sharing this on my website,
    This is similar to my wife and I but not quite, hehe.

  2. I'm a female to male cross dresser and I'm pretty open about what I do. I've met so many guys online that cross dress that are afraid to come out about it. People will laugh, they will ridicule, they will be mean and nasty, but you have to live your truth. You'll meet amazing people in the process. The emotional liberation is the best part.

  3. When you get to wear what you want the way you want it, you feel free. At first it's sorta awkward cause people don't know what you're doing, but the freedom is exhilirating.

  4. Well I'm a man and I don't do the entire cross dressing thing the only things I do wear that are considered feminine is keep my toes polished (I own all colors) and rock my ballet flats (all styles and designs except for pointy toes) because they hurt my feet. I'm also asexual so I'm not interested in men or women. I'm free and I wear whatever I want whenever I want wherever I want.

  5. I really appreciated this. Thanks for posting! Feeling ready to get back in the studio! 💛❣️💓😯

  6. Clothes having a gender is a massive lie…
    Well, no. It's more of a misguidance led by lying people that believe something they read in a book. A BOOK.

    Need I say more? Apparently, those who would have people like myself, a gender non-conforming person who also does not conform to heterosexuality, erased from existence with arbitrary laws, need to not just hear me, they also need to be punished at the extreme level. That said, being yourself is not misconduct (or a sin if you believe in those words of mortal-made religious debauchery), but infringing on the Free Will of others is (being yourself is never an infringement on anyone's Free Will regardless of what anyone else says).

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