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Crossdressing Tutorial + TIPS.

Crossdressing Tutorial + TIPS.

Alright, welcome back from the break everyone
one. How was lunch? Is everyone full, everyone all set? Great, you got your nutrients, your energy. Fantastic. So we are going to go over the lesson for
today, which is where to shop online. Now I know that a lot of you have asked questions
on where I get my clothes, where I get my things, and I mostly shop online. And I know that’s going to work for you all
because I know a lot of you are a little bit discreet. And it gives you a lot more to chose from,
versus shopping out there in person. So, I’m going to share with you two websites
that I use and quite love. The first one, TBDress. And the second, SheIn. SheIn is a website that I actually purchased
the dress I wore two videos ago. And I’m going to share that dress with you
right now. This red velvet fantasy, I got from SheIn. I will include a link in the description box
below. Check it out, the price you cannot beat it. And I know a lot of you liked me wearing this
dress. You can check it out, again two videos ago
in my Ask a Crossdresser video. This is the dress that I wore. Very cheap, very nice. Description box below you can find this dress. So check it out. Now, really quickly I want to go over sizing. It’s going to be a little difficult if you
are going from M to F. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. When going from M to F, the most important
measurements are going to be, your hips, your waist and your bust. I’m going to show you how to get those measurements. Alright, let’s get started. So now we have our tape measure, don’t be
afraid to measure yourself, get a piece of paper and pen and be prepared to take down
your measurements. Let’s get started. So for the bust, you want to measure directly
beneath the bust line. So that’s usually going to be right underneath
the bra. You’re gonna bring it around, squeeze it real
tight and it looks like where am I? 31. Now the good thing about the bust is that
you can kind of play with it as a non biological woman. So I suggest you do that. So now we are going to grab our measuring
tape and go around the waste. Right at the center and it looks like I am
at a 29. If you aren’t satisfied with where you are
with the waist. You can always remove a few rips. I wouldn’t recommend the procedure. Now let’s do the hips, so you’re going to
find hips right here. Wrap it around, looks like my hips are at
a 37. Now the good things about hips as well as
the bust is that you can always play around with that. And that’s something I’ll go over in a different
lesson. How to expand your hips, and play with your
waist. So stay tuned for that video. So I hope you all found this lesson helpful,
if you have any questions please send them my way. Comments and likes are always appreciated. If you haven’t subscribed already… Again, what are you waiting for. Get to it if you want an A+ in my class, you’re
going to have to subscribe to my channel. As always, I am YoyaFabulosa, thank you for
watching. :*

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  1. everything ok? It's been awhile since you posted a video. You still look like a teacher I wouldn't mind being taught by. beautiful.

  2. Check out for beautiful dresses on the cheap. They are in Singapore, however, so they take a lot of time to arrive.

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