86 thoughts on “Crowd Yells ‘Monkey Chants’ At Black Athlete – Coach Blames HIM!”

  1. If people all just fought when they were angry instead of trying to find the Most provocative words to say the world would be a better place

  2. Hahaha I love my Italian people hay black people are not Italians it not like England and America tha only want Italians on ther team

  3. Kean was born and raised in Italy. He's an Italian with Ivorian descent. He isn't "hailing from Ivory Coast."

  4. The impact of black civil rights leaders in America is greatly underrated. Europe and other parts of the world are still oblivious to the insidious nature and effects of racism.

  5. Fuck soccer ⚽️ and anybody who don’t like black people all racist came from one ☝? group of people and it’s not white ?? fuck em be mad big mad ? mfs can’t even sit in the sun for too long with out getting penalize ?? my opinion the universe don’t even fuck with y’all

  6. Truth is no sport can police there fans… So my suggestion would be to start our own leagues. Lavar Ball isnt crazy he is unsupported and unrealistic.. He has the blueprint to true change athletes playing in their on environment with like minded people. Until then seriously, shut up and dribble because you have no choice.

  7. Its pretty funny when an issue like this happens in America the comments section of tyt sports screams "stop talking about racism"….but when it happens in another country it mostly says "see it isnt just racist in America" smh fuck racist people

  8. Racist whites claimed that they are so intelligent. where is the logic hating someone just because a chemical in their skin lol. NAACP Black panther party black liberation and other black organizations it's a purpose why these groups were organized. racist whites know what they're doing 70 years ago they would be honest I hate Ns because I hate Ns story over and they will brutalize you physically and mentally. in today not so much physically abuse a lot more mental abuse they got butthurt because Colin Kaepernick taking a peaceful protest and they wonder why things develop like they do

  9. Every video you put out now is racially focused. I get it it's an issue but you literally have nothing better to report? Sad I use to love this show

  10. Bullying; a coward expressing hate to cover their own fear and insecurity! Mindless ignorant caveman mentality!

  11. The only league that respects blacks are the French and British leagues …everyone else can go to hell..blacks need to stop playing there … italian league is not like what it used to be shitty as league

  12. Simple…. Don't play for them…If your own team won't back you up, they just well stand with the crowd because they obviously feel the same…

  13. And they would be the same people begging him for a selfie and a autograph if they saw him out in public.

  14. Its funny how Racist people wanna be us. There is a music genre called Country Rap…really. they talk,dress and walk like us now. Imitation is the best form of flattery. They wish they were US. Thank you but NO. LOST ALREADY

  15. And Europeans are so self-righteous about America's history of racism. The only ones who see through their BS are non-Europeans.

  16. Racist pice of ???????they hate us because they ant us. !!! Every one wasn’t blessed enough to b born black !!!! I love the black skin I am in. These guys r black and rich. So that’s 2 reason the racist don’t like them !!!!

  17. Have you ever been in an Italian stadium? No than you don't get the point of Bonucci and Allegri. They said Kean shouldn't have celebrated to mock or provoke the home fans since it's like fucking war in those stadiums. Bonucci specifically said he heard the noises by the racist hecklers but also noted kean should focus on playing the game so because they are professionals and in a juve stadium there will never be this type of disrespectful behavior by fans.

  18. Unlike the people in the U.S., the rest of the world didn't lynch, enslave, chain, rape anyone after WW2, and they don't unfairly put them in prison, continuing the slavery, or kill them. Stop projecting the atrocities that you have been committing on to others.

  19. If Soccer ever ditched the overt racism and hooliganism maybe it will finally deserve " The Beautiful Game " nickname!

  20. Racism is part of the culture in imperialist societies. It is just covered. England, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium… are countries that invaded others, had slaves and they robbed and killed others because they thought they were a greater race and it was their divine right and they do it in the name of their God. None of those countries got rid of their colonial achievements. That code is still there. USA was built by these European imperialists who did the same there. They call it democracy. I remember what happened in England before the 1990s when I was there as a director of one company and (in a way) an ambassador of my country; black players were thrown bananas at and my black mates were scared to go at the stadium which I couldn't understand. And it is interesting that all those social anomalies are not public in these imperialist countries in the modern time but they happen in countries to which those things used to be foreign (when it comes to publicity). It is all turned around.

  21. Best footballer pele black
    Best country song lil nas black
    Best best dancer/singer Michael Jackson black
    Fastest man bolt black
    Strongest man mark henry black

    There are so many things we accomplished so y let this bullshit fans slow us down?

  22. this "man" just hates white people and uses youtube to do it using the black race card especially by a white man is disgusting.

  23. Sorry but here in Eastern and Southern Europe we are "racist", its true. But unlike Western Europeans and Americans at least we say it to the face of Africans. African Americans who talk big here about White people, you wouldnt last 2 minutes with your attitude in this part of the World … Americans are way to soft on you.

  24. Primates normally have those types of responses out of fear or aggression.
    What funny is I've never seen a person of African descent do any of those things only white people. Could it be possible that exhibiting those types of movements and behavior is actually indicative of white people because Nobody one else does that I mean we know that a lot of white people become fearful or aggressive at the sight of a person of color maybe it's an automatic response to the stimuli that is in this case a black man.

  25. Stay strong my black brothers and sisters, in this world we will always have to work twice as hard bcos of the constraints that this society has built. In a way it doesn't matter, that challenge just makes us stronger. I've had a white guy call me a "K" word while I was jogging, as soon as I ran up to his car he drove off like he saw a ghost. So cowards will always hide behind a crowd, behind a fake profile name…they'll never stand to face the music and finish what they start

  26. Italian football fans extremely racist, this has been happening for years and the Italian FA do nothing about it. Lukaku was racially abused after scoring against Cagliari. His own Inter Milan supporters said it wasn't racist, it was a sign of respect. How fucked up is that?! So that's why things will never change in Italian football.

  27. I am black and i am proud because God create us at his own image. No matter your skin colours, your hair styles or your size because our flesh contain only one colour of blood and it's red and will remain red forever generation..! Be proud of your image because God is in everyone!

  28. If a black or an arab says something, it is totaly fine, but if an white says something it is racist. Whites are against their own race and that is just stupid. Whites should stick together and shouldn‘t slag themselves down.. just stupid, these left fucks, or feminists who never worked in their life. I am white and proud and also proud of my germanic heritage, so fuck you starry-eyed ideals, keep europe white and fight against the left-wing

  29. All of this happens because those Africans just love playing for those white European countries. Nothing wrong with playing for your actual country. Raheem, Mario, Pogba, and every black player should play for their African countries. I’m saying this as an American ??

  30. I am extremely uncomfortable with a white man talking about racism. I would hear from a black man. No matter how liberal or wishy you are – you cannot know how it feels unless you are black / asian etc.

  31. Cringey seeing this white american hipster preach to me about racism…

    "Black people are oppressed in football"…

    …no, they're subject to racial abuse by fans.. being oppressed in a sport would be the white guys not passing to the black guy, the white coaches not picking the black guy, or vice versa!

  32. This guy is a complete tool. When some dorky white guy talks to me about racism I get a pit in my stomach that makes me want to throw up. This guy should go back to teaching liberal arts at his community college.

  33. all these racist comments are hilarious !! imagine being so upset over someone who's skin colour isnt the same as yours. ? people need to find better hobbies.

  34. Armenian Genocide! Armenian Genocide! Armenian Genocide!
    If this were not a leftist group, they would be censored by JewTube for hate speech like Red Ice TV was.
    But because the Young Turks preach liberalism, they can name themselves after the Armenian Genocide.
    One of the many things the Young Turks did was put the white people on holes up to their heads then come by and chop them off.

  35. But the Young Turks (Named after the White Christian Armenian Genocide) have no problems making racists remarks about white people. As a matter of fact, all they do is criticize white people. White People are Racists, Fascists, Nazis, Xenophobes (Notice how they don't condemn the genocide of white farmers in South Africa?) White Supremist!
    The Young Turks look the other way as blacks and leftist whites take to the streets and chant to kill the police, or Julius Malema of South Africa chanting to kill white people. The only courage the Young Turkeys have is criticizing white people..

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